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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Nice Surprise

Well, I probably should not say this but I got a very nice Christmas gift for Katrina. I'm having it sent to her since she won't be here for Christmas. I don't want to give the surprise away, but really I don't think she'll be here between now and Christmas. She doesn't get online very often. And when she does, her visits are far between. Unless she has a day off from work. That girl is a hard worker. If she's not at work, she's working on the ranch or with her kids and husband. But this surprise might make her slow down a bit. LOL! Trust me, Katrina--if you're reading. You're gonna LOVE it!!! Anyway, I can't wait till she gets it and calls me (as I hope she does) and says "Did you give me this???!!!" hehehe! I know she'll love it!

Well, I know I don't like California, but I have been praying for those caught in these wildfires. A friend of mine told me the cause was a campfire that got out of hand. Seriously, California is going through a drought!! Who the hell in their right mind would build a fire in a place where there is a drought??!! People can be so fricken stupid sometimes. And I heard 50 people have lost their lives due to these fires. Oh boy! I sure hope my (former) friends there are OK. I know, we're not friends anymore, but still. I think about them. One of them did give me an INXS t-shirt, and I love it. I don't know if she or her family have been affected by this. I hope not. Besides, friends or not, in GOD's eyes, we are still brothers and sisters. So, I am thinking about them and praying for them.

Yeah I know I'm the most hated INXS fan now on Facebook. LOL! I know a lot of other fans hate my guts. Even some of my former friends have blocked me on Facebook. But that's OK. I do not blame them at all. Afterall, I'm not trying to be liked on Facebook anymore. I do not want to make friends with INXS fans again. I truly don't. I have a few, the most loyal of friends, and I'm trying to keep my affiliation with INXS fans WAY down. Down to a bare-bones minimum. You notice the INXS groups I am on on Facebook, I don't visit very often. When I do, I never share any of my pics publicly. I don't want 400 or so INXS friends this time around. Especially since the majority of them are going to be fake "friends".

So true. And like snakes in the grass, you never know when they'll strike until it's too late. No matter how nice you are to them. Of course, I think Tess Obrien didn't like me because I don't like Claire Aisha. I told her in a PM to watch out for Claire after Tess told me she doesn't like Paula Yates. I warned her that Claire was a Yatesfag. Of course as weak as Tess Obrien was, Claire probably talked her out of those feelings she had about Paula. Shoot! That's why Claire Aisha doesn't like me, is because I am not a Paula Yates fan, and she could not change my mind. Once my mind is made up that I don't like something, I don't like it. Until I find a reason to change my mind. But someone as dumb as Claire Aisha is not going to be capable of making me change my point of view. Only I can do that. And I would rather take advice from someone I trust 100%.

I still don't like Paula Yates. I don't even consider her the mother of Michael's child. Just the woman who gave birth to her. That is all. Though I think Paula liked dogs, I think she wanted dogs more than she wanted kids. But she taught her kids to love dogs. That's one thing I can give her good credit for. But so far, that is all. I cannot unwrap my head around the idea that she abandoned Michael's child. Just when Michael was counting on her to be there and take care of her. Instead she overdoses on drugs and leaves Michael's child to be raised by Bob Geldof, the one person Michael did not want to raise his daughter. Nope, I have NO sympathy for Paula Yates! When I hear someone talking about how sad it is that Paula Yates is gone, I say "Who cares?!" Because I sure don't!

Now, VH1 redid that documentary about Michael and added Paula's story to it. I still say who gives a fuck?! Bring back the old version of that documentary. At the end when their manager talks about when she got the call Michael was dead, and she is crying, then I start crying. It's heartbreaking. Then now they start talking about Paula Yates taking her life and I stop crying and I am like "WHO CARES!?!?!?!" I don't watch a documentary about Michael to hear about Paula Yates!!! I could care less! I don't want to see her! I want to see my Michael! I don't even care to hear about Bob Geldof! Fuck him! And to this day, I still believe Bob Geldof had some immediate connection with Michael's death. It just cannot be proven now because Michael was cremated. Sadly. I wish he hadn't have been cremated. I wish they had just buried him. I heard his ashes are not even at that big memorial in Sydney. That's really sad. That's why the idea of visiting that memorial no longer appeals to me. After I heard that I was thinking "then what is the point in going there?" To sit there and talk to a rock??? Admittedly a highly-adorned rock, but still nothing but a rock! It's not the same thing.

Well, I have my own way of celebrating Michael. And I've been doing it all month. I love that man more than anything in this world! I'll always celebrate his life. I still say if I had married Michael he'd still be here. I should have when I had the chance! Instead of that just being a jest to relay to friends in fun.

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