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Thursday, November 1, 2018

If You Don't Love It, Leave It

Yesterday on Quora, I was reading a topic about people who have moved out of the USA. Someone was wondering if people moved out because of the current president of the USA. One would think so. Trump has done some good, but there are some things about him that I just don't like. He's such a big baby! He points and calls people names that don't agree with him. I thought only teenagers do that. Not men who are into their 70s. But then again, there's always Andy, from Bozeman. He called me and my sis names all the time. Of course I didn't care. He called me a cow. Well, I like cows! I think cows are beautiful animals. I remember one time Karen, our friend, mentioned how Andy doesn't call any other fat woman in the building a cow. Just me and my sis. My response to that was "Maybe he doesn't think they're cute enough!" LMAO!!

Honestly, if someone is going to use an animal to insult me, they're going to have to do a LOT worse than that!!! It's not easy though. Most of the animals people associate with being fat are animals that I love; whales, elephants, pigs, cows, hippos, etc. Pick an animal I don't like, and see what happens. I'll tear your lungs out! LOL!

Anyway, back to the subject. Sometimes I feel like getting on Twitter and acting the way Trump's mama should have; telling him it's not mature to call people childish names like he does. Even I am trying to cut down on that. It doesn't stop me from telling the truth though. But the truth can be told without name-calling. Actually, I really do not call people names that much! Once in a while, I may have a little slip-up, but nothing like what Trump does!! He could make Joan Rivers blush.

Anyways, there's a lot of people who moved out of the USA, and it's not because of Trump. In fact, only one person who commented on that post admitted to moving out because of Trump. Most others moved out before Trump was even considered for the presidency. They are the ones that moved out for more legitimate reasons. If I left because of the presidency, I would have moved out when Obama took office! If I had known what the country was going to become because of Obama, I would have! Well, I did know in fact! I did know Obama hated the USA, and that he was going to divide the country. I knew that back in 2008. The libtards don't see it that way. They think Trump is the one who divided this country. But no, this divide predates Trump's election. It started with Obama.

Well, I haven't moved out yet, though I have been considering it. Most of the people who moved out of the USA did so because of the current health care system. Doctors are more interested in getting their money than they are if their patient lives or dies. That's true! They also moved out because of the current education system. It's too expensive to go to school here in the USA, and there is no guarantee once you graduate that you're going to get a job in that field. About 100% of the people who left the USA did so for those reasons. The second most popular reason I saw was because Americans these days are too easily offended. About 50% of the people said that. That's another one that I agree with 100%. But then some of the people who said that also moved to Australia. I don't think it's any better there. In Australia, they don't have free speech rights. And very few people I've seen from there actually do have a sense of humor. Most people though moved to Europe or the UK.

Well, I've met some Europeans I like, and I like a few people from the UK. Though I don't think the UK has free speech rights either. And the majority of people who now live there are muslims. I can only think of what England did to my Michael. But that was because of Piers Morgan. Ben Shapiro put him in his place, and I like that!! LMAO!! I don't like the health care system here either. That's what I truly believe killed my father. He had a chance to go somewhere and get better, but his insurance would not pay for it because it wasn't FDA approved. UGH!! I don't like the education system here either. It seems now they are making useless subjects more important, like gender studies. I don't fricken care for gender studies!!!!! GOD made only 2 genders. That's all anyone needs to know about!! Save the mental health classes for people who want to become psychologists.

Well, I don't want to move to the UK, and I sure as Hell don't want to move to a communist country like Australia! But if I were going to leave the USA, I think I'd probably want to move to Japan. The people there are smart, and their technology is more advanced than ours is here. They also have unusual animals available as pets. That would be a fun place to open up a pet store!! I don't speak the language, but my sis does. Sort-of! She's getting better at it. She can do the translating for me. I would move to northern Japan, where it's cooler. I still don't like heat.

Well, that's if I wanted to move north. If I were to move south, the place that most attracts me is New Zealand. I have several friends there. It seems like a nice, peaceful place, surrounded by the ocean and mountains. And Antarctica is not that far away. I might see some penguins, or even leopard seals, which are some of my favorite animals. However, if I were to move out of the country, I'd have to wait until my mom was gone. I can't move there now. I'd never see her again. One person talked about getting her citizenship in another country, and they told her she had to turn in her passport. She could never live in the USA again once she is a citizen in the country she moved to. I thought that was kinda sad! Especially since that person still has family in the USA. But if that's the norm, then I think I'd better wait. But it may happen someday. Maybe.

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