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Friday, November 23, 2018

Who Is In Charge??

Well, another year without Michael has come and gone. I celebrated the way I usually do, by watching his videos and surrounding myself with his pics. And kissing every one of them. LOL! I love and miss my Michael so much!! Well, now I am ready for Christmas and I already put up my tree. It's simply a little artificial tree and the decorations are some that my sis gave me a couple years ago. But they work just fine! I've got some other decorations that I need to try and find. And I want to go to the local store and look for an ornament to represent this year, like I have every year. Last year's ornament was a hand-made one I got from my home teachers. The year before that I got an ornament of a border collie lying next to a package. I might hand-make this year's ornament. I'm going to get me a wood burning machine. Once I get it, I'm going to make some of my own decorative crafts. I was thinking of making a special ornament for Katrina with a picture of Chris Cornell that says "Merry Chris-mas". LMAO!! She will LOVE it!! I'll make some for my sis and my mom and stepfather too. IF I get the machine in time!! I can hand those out this year instead of Christmas cards.

Well, last night on Quora, I got into a little bit of a scuffle with someone, I think was a catfag. Someone asked the question "Why do people call their cats Mister (something) and not their dogs?" I answered "Because cat people are delusional!" Actually, I have seen people call their dogs "Mister" or "Ms". I once knew of someone who had a dog named "Little Miss". My sis Eva had a cat named "Mister Muffles". A big old gray, hairy cat. Not a tabby!! Just gray. Well, someone commented on my answer and said "Cat people are actually less delusional than dog people. We know our cats are in charge of the house and we have accepted it." I told her "Nah! That's a mental disorder if you believe that shit! The cat doesn't pay the rent or mortgage. The cat doesn't pay the bills. The cat can't even pay for it's own food or shitbox." Seriously! Cat people are fricken retarded if they believe their dumb cats are in charge!! That's like saying the 35-year old child that moved back home and refuses to work is the one in charge of the house.

Well, she responded with "The cat gets food, lodging, entertainment and doesn't have to lift a paw. While everyone else works. What does that tell you about who is in charge?" I told her "Nothing. It tells me you have some problems. My dog gets the same treatment and I don't say she is in charge. When she brings in some money, THEN she will be in charge." Honestly! You understand now why I find cat people so fricken annoying!!! Sometimes I feel I'm beginning to sound like Catsredrum. Ah but Catsredrum was probably a catfag too. With a name like that, there's very little doubt in my mind about that! Plus, I believe she was a liberal. Not so much an SJW. But definitely a liberal. Well, she was from Portland. That says enough. To this day, I truly believe she did behind closed doors, exactly the shit she made fun of other fans doing out in public.

I haven't spoke of Catsredrum in a long time. LOL! Well there's no point in it now. That forum she monitored is down now. I remember how she used to just go on and on and on about me, griping about me almost daily. Even after I left there and said nothing about her for months. Most of it was just plain hysterical bullshit. The only thing said on her forum that truly pissed me off was when one of her stupid-ass friends implied that I let my Groucho die just so I could attend a concert!! That made me madder than ANYTHING!!! It was after that that I finally just said "This has got to stop now!!" I did not want them spreading bullshit like that around anywhere. What if one of my breeder friends read that and believed it?? You know how people are! They'll believe any negativity someone says about another person. As long as they say it loud enough! So, I gave Catsredrum the same shit she'd given me for the previous 5 months. I don't think she liked that either. LOL!! Pretty soon, she and the people on that forum were referring to me as "the stalker". LOL!! I loved that. My mission had been accomplished with that! That was the same thing as them admitting they were stalking me and other fans because what I did to them was no different than what they did.

I did nothing more. Absolutely nothing that they didn't do to me. That's how you teach people like that to respect! You give them the same shit they do to you. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is what I did! And you see how much they like it. LOL! I did the same thing to Hobofart. I taught him respect! Notice he hasn't bothered me since I showed that video to his friend. The one that showed he was the one who tattled on her. Of course Hobofart tried to get even with me by reporting my blog to the people at the complex in Bozeman. LOL! That was "the best" shit he had on me. But I showed him! I stood my ground! I did not back down. Nor was I going to. Fuck Hobofart! I hope that taught him he can not overtake the TimmyHutchFan!!! hehehehe!!

Actually, it's very hard to insult me. I have a lot of tolerance. I was only weak for a bit after my father died. That was all. Like I told a friend today, I think I am back to my old self. But I am a little bit more wary. I deleted some INXS fans from my friends on Facebook. I just don't want too many of them. Besides, I have Mya. She helps me a lot! She helped get me back on my feet after my pa died. She picked me up where everyone else brought me down. She makes me happy again! In that respect, I guess she has earned her keep. Just by being here. No catfag can ever say that and mean it. Unless it's their mental illness talking.

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