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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wow This Year Is Different!

Ya know, usually I think of something special to do for this day. Every year I think of something special. Last year I released the INXS compilation book on UMG Productions. Since then, I've given a few away. Well, one is still on hold. Mostly to my real INXS buddies. Not the phonies. The REAL ones. LOL! Well, I don't have contact with the phony ones anymore. I've blocked all of those. They may purchase a copy if they want to, I can't stop them from doing that. But I'll never give them a copy. Well, funny thing, I noticed Rosanda is not on my list of blocked people anymore. She must have deleted her account. May even be on Facebook under another account. Believe me, I didn't unblock her! I would never do that! LOL! Oh well. As long as I don't have to see her again, I could care less what name she's now under. And I do NOT go in that Statue For Michael group at all. I have no interest anymore. I was told I'm not blocked from that group. Well, I say I blocked myself from that group. I truly and seriously have zero interest in going in there.

Like I said, I'm keeping all contact with INXS fans WAY down. I actually like it better this way. I like celebrating Michael my way. I don't want other fans tarnishing that view. I'm free to just be me and remember Michael the way I want to. Yeah I know I am more of a loner. I'd rather do things either by myself or with family. I also have some close friends I do things with and I enjoy that. Friends that I actually know offline. Regardless of what others may think, I do have friends in real life. Mya being only one of them. Though she is my bestest friend in the world! I even think I'm beginning to get too many Facebook people on my friends list who are INXS fans. I'm going to delete some soon. One thing I am not accepting this time around, I'm no longer accepting people who do not speak english. The main reason is because they are always posting these memes that I cannot have translated. So, I have no way of knowing what they really say. That gets shitty after a while. I've got nothing personal against those people, but I like to laugh with my friends. If they post something funny and it's not something that can be translated, then I'm not going to enjoy it like they do.

Well, I'm always getting friend requests from people who hide everything on their page. Most of the time I accept just to see what they got on their page. Then I find out everything posted on their page is in some language I do not understand. I'm going to start accepting those less and less. I want to know if the person I am accepting can actually communicate with me or not. That's my proposal for the new year. Things are going to be changing even more with me.

I just recently found the Facebook page for someone from my church that I've taken quite a shining to. She brought some cupcakes to the last meeting for the business course, and let me tell you, she makes the most AWESOME chocolate cupcakes I've ever tasted!!!!! She makes them from scratch, and they are GOOD!!!!! I told her I've never had chocolate cupcakes like those before. They had so much flavor in them! She gets most of her ingredients online, so they are good quality ingredients. She's going to this business class to learn how to run her own cake/cupcake business. She'll make it! If she keeps on making cupcakes the way she does!! I've got to say, I love what I had last Sunday!

Well, usually I do something special for Michael's day. Last year, I completed the compilation, even offered a discount, I offered a discount on videobooks. The year before that I offered free ebooks. I've made videos about this day and offered them for viewing. Well, this year I decided to do nothing. LOL! I just couldn't think of anything original this year. Besides, it's not like this year is that special. The only thing special about it is it still feels like it all happened yesterday. I can still hear that MTV news broadcast today as clear as it was then. I can still feel my reaction to hearing it. And of course, I still feel sad about losing Michael. I still miss him like everything! It's just hard to believe it's been 21 years. Well, next year it will be 22 years since he's been gone. And 22 was his number I believe. So, that should be celebrated. Maybe I'll offer a discount on videos on my site again.

I remember when my father died, Kathy went back to Washington to have a little get together with friends and family. I couldn't go because I didn't have a car. But I did tell Kathy to have fun. I remember right then Stephanie chimed in with her usual snarky attitude, "'Have fun'? What do you mean 'have fun'? Tell me how are we supposed to 'have fun' when a loved one is gone?" I maintained my calm, even though inside I was burning and really did not want to talk to Stephanie at all. But for Kathy's sake I told her what I meant. I said "Have fun celebrating his LIFE. Don't you think his life is worth celebrating?" She never responded. She was just being a dumb ass, like always. But that is also how I look at this day. I celebrate Michael's life. Not his death. I celebrate a life that had big accomplishments in such a brief period. I celebrate a man who paved the way for the music industry in the 1980s. I celebrate a man who had such sensual, sexy moves he made the women in the audience swoon!

I still defend Michael viciously. I get mad when people compare him to a feline. Shit the only thing "feline" about Michael was he could make a feline jealous with his moves!!! Fuck felines!!! Michael moved more like a fox!! With the agility of a monkey. LOL! I know animals better than the other fans. I'd never compare Michael to a feline. I know better! I've been studying animals for 40 years now. The best way I can describe Michael's moves (if I was going to compare him to an animal at all) is he moves like a fox!

I have several stories inspired by INXS, and especially Michael Hutchence. I've mentioned them here before. Some of them mention INXS, some of it is just symbolic. But no matter what, those stories are indeed inspired by Michael in some way. Those were the stories I put the most feeling into. My personal favorite is Gracie's Odyssey. The story where Gracie is living in a zoo and has babies. One of which she becomes deeply attached to. That story was began within days after Michael died. It was inspired by how sad I felt after Michael died. Cairo and I started the story in 1997, and I have written and re-written that story until today it is perfect. It has become one of my favorite stories. A true masterpiece! One of these days I'm going to turn it into an actual movie. Not accidentally, Gracie also appears in the INXS Goes to Mount St Helens story, this was long before she has Davy, so he's not in that story. And she takes to Michael like a dog takes to it's master. LOL! That's something more like I would do. It kinda symbolizes how I instantly fell in love with Michael when I first saw him.

Gracie's Odyssey actually has 2 versions. The original (which Cairo started in 1997) begins in 2015 and Davy is taken away from Gracie as a one month old baby to live in a small private zoo in Sydney, and the next time he is seen he is 6 months old and in a cage in the zoo, greeting guests. In that one, he is not reunited with his mom, Gracie, at all. Instead, he is sent to a group home for wayward wild animals and he fits right in with them. He even has a bit of excitement when he saves Kathy, the kangaroo, from a bobcat attack. That one I did not make available because of how fast he goes from being a teeny 1-month old baby to being a 6-month old sub-adult. It's a little too fast for the reader to keep up with. So, I went with the second version that I actually thought up a year later. When he goes to live with Lisa and her father, who live in a house close to the zoo in Sydney. In that one, Davy is kept little for a while longer, and is reunited with his mom twice. Once while he is still a tiny baby. The next time when he is about a 6-month old adolescent. The first time, he wants his mom to stay. But Lisa refuses to give Davy up. The next time they are reunited, Davy refuses to go with Gracie and goes back to Lisa instead.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. There is no real reason for having 2 versions of the same story. It's just I was not satisfied with the first one, so in 1999 I did the second version and made that one available on the site. It's OK with Cairo. He didn't mind me changing it a bit. I still give him credit for it because even in the 2nd version, I still use a lot of the scenes he started with. They were his ideas, so I still keep his name in the credits.

Well, this year, Michael's day happens to fall on our Thanksgiving day. So I will be having all the usual things for dinner; turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies. It'll be traditional. But I'd rather celebrate Michael than anything else.

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