Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Viral Lily Bud

Ya know I got this article today that was sent to me by a friend, and it was about a picture I have seen of Lily, Michael's daughter. There is a picture of her going around where she is standing in skimpy shorts and a t-shirt. And another of her that has her in a bikini on the beach. I've seen both of these pics. And you know where I saw them? On the MH and His Life Fan Page on Facebook. Ya know I never approved of them posting those pics. My first thought was "What if someone from Anonymous sees these pics?" You know what they do to kids posing half-naked on the internet! They trash them relentlessly. Another thing that came to mind was "What would Michael be thinking of pictures like this of his daughter going viral like they have?" I think he'd be furious! I know for sure if Lily was my child, I wouldn't like a picture like that circulating the internet!

Well, I remember when the MH And His Life group posted those pics, I did not approve of it, but when I said something about it, I was accused of being "negative". GOD I hate liberals! I didn't approve of those pics being posted then and I have not changed my mind today! See, this is why I hate the MH and His Life page on Facebook. They are, to INXS fans, what puppymillers are in the dog breeding world. They're disreputable, and they're doing everything for all the wrong reasons! They hide behind the guise of being "respectful". But they are far from being respectful. At least where Lily is concerned. I haven't posted those pics here, nor do I want to. I won't! I don't want to play any part of spreading any pics of Lily that should only stay among herself, friends and family.

The problem is you never really know who is in your group. A picture of Lily half-naked should never be posted in a group of more than 3000 members, unless you actually KNOW each and every person in the group. I'm keeping my group small. Of course it's uncensored. Those liberals would never want to join my group! LOL! At least not for long. But that's a good thing. Paula probably would not care if those pics were posted (we're talking about a woman who did celebrity interviews in her underwear!) But if I were Michael, I wouldn't want my daughter's half-naked body displayed to GOD only knows who on the internet!! When Lily is 25 years old, she can post all she wants to. But she was only 17 when that picture was taken. She's still a child! Or she was still a child.

Even if they had Lily's permission to crosspost those pics, it still doesn't make it right. Like I said, Lily was just a child. Even at 18, you cannot completely anticipate what is going to happen when you post a picture like that online. Not even a smart person like Lily can fully anticipate what will happen. You NEVER know what kind of people are in those groups. Especially a group of over 3000 members! And as we've seen this past year, there's even bad people among INXS fans. Many of them are also hiding behind friendly words and a sickening redundance of positivity! One can be too positive! Just like one can be too negative.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Creep Just Won THIS?! SERIOUSLY?! | Rob Thoughts

OMG!! This is the same exact thing that happened between me and the INXS SJWs and radicals. They were all so loudly positive that I was making fun of Kelly P. being diagnosed with cancer, that they did the exact thing Rob Dyke explains in this video! And they had absolutely NO proof of whether or not I even was talking about Kelly! Absolutely NONE! All they had to guide their verdict with was their own personal feelings. They naturally assumed I was an evil person. And I know exactly what they based that on. They based it on the fact that I speak my mind! I say exactly what I feel. SJWs HATE people like me, who tell it like it is! And I am one of those types. But I love being the one who speaks her mind. Someone's gotta do it!

The SJWs probably went into their little secret clique and said "Dee is such a horrible, nasty person and I hope she gets struck down dead for what she wrote about Kelly on her blog!" In fact, I am almost positive they did just that exact thing. Without a single shred of doubt in my mind, they did that! I'd bet my life on it. If you ask me, the only bad person in this whole scenario is the one who started the rumor. I think it was Tess Obrien. But it could have also been Kelly Poulter herself. But is anyone going to call them bad people for starting this rumor, and spreading it against a totally innocent person? No. They're not. They're going to demonize the person they don't like as much, ME. Just because I speak my mind and I am honest in my opinions. I find it hysterically funny that Rosanda told me before that one of the things she liked about me was that I have spunk and fire and I am totally honest. But yet, she was one of the first people that turned on me. Yes, she contacted me about my blog post, but it was to accuse me. Not to ask me if it was true or who or what I was thinking about when I wrote that post.

But then really, you can't go by Rosanda! Like I said before, I think she was really just angry because I don't like her friend Vincent Lamaro. I still don't! Like Katrina would say, fuck him! Those two deserve each other. They're both dumb as dirt!

Even Rob Dyke indirectly called those people dumb, because it is true they were all followers. Only a few people asked me what I was thinking about when I wrote that post, and I can tell you exactly who they were. Well, it is true, they are dumb! If they went along with what the accuser said and didn't drill me themselves for the facts. That makes them total morons. That's why I say they're dumb as dirt. Dumbest of all are those who knew I had just lost my father to cancer, and still thought I was making fun of someone else having the disease! Those people are so dumb, it's laughable! The funny part is, they're so dumb, they probably don't even know they're dumb.

Well, I am still on that one INXS group. Though I rarely post. I'm sure some of them have figured out who I am. Or maybe they still think Katrina is me. Who knows really? Only they know. But like I said, to Katrina, it doesn't matter. I haven't seen her post in that group for a while. I don't even know if she is still in there. But that's how she is with groups, she joins, and then almost never posts. Even when I had her on my own group! It was uncommon for her to post in the group. Though whether she lurks in or not, is a different thing.

Well, I am working up to posting more often, though I don't think I'll ever accept any INXS buds anymore. My sis said anytime you have people who worship bands or movie stars, they're almost always going to be liberals. So, I want to stay away from that! They can think I'm a rotten horrible person all they want to if it makes them feel good. I'm not really going to worry about it until they've actually met me and spent some time getting to know me. THEN, if they still believe I am a rotten, horrible person, only then will I allow it to shatter me as a person. But I can tell you, I've met NONE of those people yet. I came frightfully close to meeting one of them, but I invited her to visit me here. Whoopee. LOL! It was when she came to this state to pick up her own sweet puppy. But she never came here. And really, I never expected her to show up. That's one of the reasons why I said I would discuss attending her little INXS gathering when she gets here. I knew she wasn't going to show up. And really, I can't attend that gathering. I'm glad I never even made the commitment. I got too many other things in the works this year! Things that mean more to me than going to a gathering to listen to mindless, senseless gabble by a bunch of liberals and SJWs!

Ah well. I really wish no harm to these people. I don't like liberals and SJWs, and I still believe those people are dumb as dirt. Hopefully they will see the err of their ways the next time they encounter someone like me, who speaks their mind. We are not always bad people.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl is getting so big!! I can't wait to bring her home!!!

She's beginning to look like the breed she's supposed to. All dogs look the same when they are born, but my girl is starting to look like an individual here. She looks GOOD!!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ma's Arrival

Well, my ma arrived here on Saturday night, and she says she is here for maybe 3 weeks (at the most). Oh goodie!! This is going to be loads of fun!! Got plans all planned. All those things that I couldn't do before because I didn't have a car, now I can do them. The only problem I have with this is that when she leaves back for home, I'm going to feel very sad. No more fun! No more company. Since ma arrived, I've had so much fun with her, I've actually not even thought about any troubles I've had in the past. A lot of the sadness I've felt since my pa died, is mostly gone. I've been laughing again. One of the reasons is because my ma has been telling me about this little friend of her's from work, named Lisa. She sounds like a character! She sounds like ME!!!! LOL! She's one of those people who speaks her mind and doesn't give a care. I remember when I was like that! LOL! Before my pa even got stricken down with cancer. I think I would really like ma's friend Lisa. Not many people like her either, because she's always speaking her mind, and she's a no-bullshit kind of person. Just like me! I hope to get back to that point in my life again.

I know not a lot of people like me, and that doesn't bother me either. If everyone likes you, there's something wrong with you! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But IMO, it could mean that person's a kiss-ass. No one takes those kiss-ass people seriously. I'd rather be hated for being who I am than loved for being who I'm not. Then there are those people who only like someone because of possessions they have. Or for things they've done. I saw it all the time in the INXS community. A lot of those fans would only cling to someone just because said person has met (or even befriended) Michael Hutchence. Now, I am not saying most of those people are bad people who met him, and I am happy they had pics taken with him. But that was never the reason I liked those people. I would never make friends with someone just because they were friends with Michael! That's not my style! I never was "jealous" of anyone who met Michael. I guess because I got to kiss him myself. I'm also just not the "celebrity-stalker" type. I never was. Any time I ever met any celebrities (and I've met many) it's always been by pure dumb luck! Believe it or not. I've always just been in the right place at the right time. It was never planned nor nothing. So, that is why I never felt jealous of anyone who has met Michael. Now, if you ever met Dian Fossey, THEN I would be totally jealous!!! Michael Hutchence was always easy to meet. Dian Fossey was extremely difficult to meet! And if you did meet her, it'd be pure magic if she liked you!

Like me, Dian Fossey was an introvert, she didn't make many friends herself. In fact, she only had 2 or 3 that I can recall she talked about. But I like her, I'll always like her. I admire her for being the kind of person she was and laying down her life for what she believed in. Those are the kind of people that legends are based on. Not saying Michael wasn't a legend in his own right, but Dian Fossey made history! Notice how people still remember her. But not everyone really remembers Michael. Well, those that do, seem to only remember him as being "the man who died having kinky sex". It's terrible that that is how Michael is being remembered, but let's face it, that is how he's remembered. Not for his talent, moves or even his beauty! Though he was probably the most handsome man in rock n roll history!! But people mostly remember him as being the band member that died having kinky sex. UGH!!!! The only people who remember Michael for his talent are those of us who genuinely LOVE INXS.

Well, today ma and I are going to Portland to have some fun. Going to look in some local thrift stores (not that I can get anything, but I'd like to at least try and look around). Going to have a blast today! This is what I miss, going out and having some fun with someone. Just let my hair loose and have fun!

On a funny side-note, I got a surprise call from Loretta, the woman who was supposed to drive me to Salem so I could catch a bus to go see my father in AZ. But she said she dialed my number by accident. At first, I didn't remember who she was because it'd been so long since I heard from her, and I was half asleep when I called back. Next time she dials my number by accident, I'm going to call her back and tell her to delete my number from her cell phone's contact list. I really do not want anything to do with her anymore. Not after the stunt she pulled when my father was dying! I still believe, to this day, her stupid-ass husband hurt himself on purpose! Because he wasn't getting all the attention. That's the problem I have with them. They both are selfish, irresponsible people who never think of anyone but themselves!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dogs Are NOT Vegetarians!!!!!

I need to add this to the long list of dumb shit vegans say. They think that dogs can get by on a 100% vegetarian diet. I hear it from vegans all the time. Honestly, I don't know who started this campaign that dogs are vegetarian animals, but it's definitely NOT TRUE!!! In case you people forgot, dogs are domesticated wolves. How often do you see, or hear of, wolves grazing in a grass pasture? I never have, and I've been watching nature shows for years. Vegan Gains is a person on YouTube who is a fanatical vegan, and he recently got a puppy that he put on a strictly beans and rice diet. No meat whatsoever! The poor puppy went hungry, and almost died of starvation because it refused to eat something that is not part of it's normal diet, all because the owner is a dumbass who wants to force his beliefs on innocent animals left in his care. Then he has the gall to call the breeder a "dumbass" because she demanded the puppy back.

Seriously, I don't know who's idea it was to advise people that dogs are vegetarian animals. They are NOT vegetarians!!!! They are Omnivores!!! But ya know, Vegan Gains is not the first vegan I've ever seen buy into that stigma. In vegan language, the word "omnivore" does not exist. They see the world in black and white. In a vegan's mind, you're either a carnivore or a herbivore. You can't be both. Yes, sometimes wolves eat berries, but that's only a small part of their diet. It does not make up more than 50% of their dietary needs. More often, they prefer to hunt down a deer for consumption. Dogs need at least 50% meat in their diet, otherwise they will suffer malnutrition. Just because you may see some wolves in the wild eating some berries, does not mean they can survive on a 100% vegan diet. And don't listen to PETA!!! They exaggerate! PETA will show you a film of wolves and foxes picking off berries and tell you "This makes up about 90% of the animal's diet", when really, it's maybe a 5-minute berry-snacking session that was just filmed at different angles, and grossly exaggerated to make it look like that's how wolves and foxes spend their entire days.

I think this is why vegans own cats, besides the fact that cats give them that "blood-lust" they crave. A cat will eat anything that smells "meaty" and not complain. Even if the food has no meat in it. But a cat will quietly lay back and die slowly on a vegan diet, and a cloudy-minded vegan would never know it. Cats don't act sick usually until they are just about on death's doorstep. A dog, on the other hand, if you put a meal of nothing but vegan crap in front of it, the dog will look at you as if to say "Are you kidding me?!" and reject it and go digging in the garbage can for meat scraps. If there are no meat scraps they can scavenge, they will starve themselves until they get it. This must be part of the reason vegans usually only own cats. Cats don't complain. A dog does.

Vegan Gains thinks he's funny. Well, let me tell you, he's NOT! I don't call waving guns in the air, or shooting at the camera saying "So-n-so this is for you", or threatening to slash someone's throat just because that person eats meat, funny. I don't call that funny at all! And Vegan Gains is the same fucktard who, when his grandpa was having a heart-attack, he grabbed his camera and started filming him. He was going to put that video up on YouTube to "show what eating meat does to you". That is until his family begged him not to put that video up. This kind of person is what I call a cuck! That's a cross between a cock-sucker and a cunt! Vegan Gains is a whole new brand of cuckery. He probably watches the video he made of his grandfather's heart attack, sits back and laughs. To me, that is sad! To me, nothing is more important than family. I could never do that. I know, yes, I did take pics of my father on his dying bed, but I did not do it to make fun of him. I've never posted those pics online, nor did I ever want to. Nor will I ever post those pics! And ya know, to this day, I've only seen those pictures once, and that was right after my sis sent them to me. I've not seen them since. But I do still keep them on my harddrive. They're the last thing I have of my father, and that is why I took those pics. Not for morbid reasons, nor to post them online for other people to gape at!

My stepmom didn't even need to ask me not to post those pics on Facebook. I had no intention of doing it anyways. That was not the reason I took them.

To film his grandfather dying and even want to post the video to YouTube, it makes me sick!!! Makes me want to cry! And for a dumbass reason like he wants to show the world this is what happens if you eat meat! It makes me think Vegan Gains needs some serious help! I hope he gets it. Or at least grows up!!! This vegan thing is only a fad, it'll last only as long as dipshits like Vegan Gains keeps believing things PETA and Gary Yourofsky says. Well, neither one of those are reliable sources of information. Yourofsky is nothing but a failed journalist, and PETA is a terrorist organization that steals donor money under false pretenses. And he calls his sources "the most intelligent, reliable researchers in the world". Any time you have someone claiming their sources are "the most anything" in the world, you know it's nothing but bullshit! A lot of the sources Vegan Gains claims are "reliable" are actually only paid by PETA, and other such orgs, to say veganism is good. I'm sure a lot of them really do not believe a 100% vegan diet is 100% ideal for humans. If you ask them for their most honest opinion, I'm sure they'll tell you that humans do need some meat in their diet. I've yet to find a doctor anywhere that has ever said humans need to be 100% herbivores.

So take that Vegan Gains!! Stick it down your throat and blow it out your ass, you sick bastard!!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Because I Don't Like SJWs....

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? I got into it today with a guy on one of the anti-SJW groups I am in on Facebook. Really! This guy is either a teenager (or in his early 20s), or he's just particularly dumb! The only reason I don't block him is because I am actually finding him to be quite entertaining. I know this is an anti-SJW group, but there are some instances where I just have to show some compassion towards people. One of those is suicide. It hits close to home, partly because of my Michael and also because I've been on that road myself, many times. This guy said I am a snowflake. I was like "Just because I don't like SJWs does not mean I cannot have some amount of compassion for some people!" I said bullying can lead to suicide. It happens. But his attitude was like "Let them die!"

I don't want to sound like one of those snowflake SJWs, but that doesn't mean I have to sound like a complete asshole either. And when it comes to bullying and suicide, I cannot help but feel compassion for those people. I've been through both. And I'd be lying if I ever said I never wanted to kill myself because of bullying. Although it affected me much worse when I was a kid than it does now. When I lost my father was probably the worst I've felt in a LONG time! Then to find out the people, who I thought were friends, really weren't did not make the situation any better. Thank GOD I had some real friends that were patient and accepting when I was on that emotional rollercoaster, which I am still on today, but since I don't have to deal with those pseudo-"friends" right now (and ever), I'm getting better. But losing my father was bad enough. It was enough to make me want to end myself. So, to hear someone like this asshole say that people who are suicidal because of bullying should just kill themselves, kinda struck a chord with me.

My father did some things when I was a kid that today I don't agree with (even back then I didn't agree with it). But losing him was like losing one of my best and truest friends. It's still going to take a while to get used to him not being here. His phone number is still on my cell phone's contact list. I just can't bring myself to delete it. I look back on birthday cards he has sent me in the past, I see his handwriting, and it makes me feel weepy. I sure don't expect to hear from Kathy when my birthdays roll around from here on out. I think all my days of associating with Kathy is now completely over. Though I still have her on my Facebook. But, I think she's going to cut off all communication with me. Period! I mean, I would like to still think of her as family, but it's up to her now. And she never got along with me (I'm not a liberal). So, I think it's completely over with her.

I may not be a liberal or an SJW, but there are places I have to draw the line at. I just had to vent because this dude pissed me off so much! This whole subject of suicide seems to get everybody crazy! This is the only problem I have with uncensored groups. They have no limits. I can usually discuss anything and not hold it against anyone. But not when it comes to suicide, or something serious like that. That's the only time I wish someone would actually censor someone else. I don't normally call for censorship, I don't usually like it. But I hate it when someone tells a suicidal person to just kill themselves much more! Or when a suicidal person is bullied into wanting to kill themselves. I've got to side with my Michael. Even if it means siding with snowflake SJWs!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why I Don't Want To Get Married

I'm always surfing YouTube these days, more than I surf Facebook anymore. LOL! But I found a guy who does a radio show in LA, his name is Tom Leykis. He's a dickhead! Really! But he does make some good points in his show. He is very anti-marriage! I guess that is why I listen to him, because I too am anti-marriage. Believe me when I say I do NOT envy women who are married! People seem to think I should. But I don't. I'm not saying this to degrade the people who are married and enjoy it, and I sure as Hell am not saying it to make people feel sorry for me! But I am glad to be single. I don't want to get married! Marriage may be for some people, Katrina is married and is happy with her husband. I also have other friends who are happy with marriage too. Good for them. But I would never be happy living in a house with a man, even if I was in love with him.

Believe me, I have been married before, for about a year. Then I discovered I didn't like it. I like to travel, but the man I was married to always had to work. If we traveled, it was only for such a short period of time, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it! I like to do whatever I want when ever I want, without someone holding me back saying "I have to work" or some other thing. My ma even says she is married to the most wonderful man on the planet, but then she turns around and tells me things to the effect of "I can't do this or that because my husband would kill me." Now, don't get me wrong, my stepfather is a great guy, he'd never really hurt my ma! But that was an example of some little things ma likes doing, but can't for fear it would upset her husband. I see that ALL the time among married women! When I needed Lulu to take me to Salem to catch a bus so I could go to Arizona and visit my father who was dying, it took her forever to take me because her husband was in the hospital himself with a sprained ankle. She was afraid to leave him there, even for a couple hours to take me to Salem because she said he'd yell at her if she did. Even though my case was more serious than his.

Those are a couple of very good reasons why I never want to get married again! Ever! I wouldn't like it. I was with a great guy, but all he wanted to do was work. We're still friends though. Just not married. I never will marry again. My partner recently moved here and he wanted to get married at one point. I said OK, because I wanted to help him. But inside I was scared. I wasn't crying or anything, but I was scared to death! There were a lot of things I felt I would have had to change for his benefit. My partner is a great guy, don't get me wrong. But we just have too many differences for me to be comfortable marrying him. Well, thankfully he found someone else. Someone he would be more compatible with. A lot more than me, that's for sure. Most women would be miserable if they had been rejected by a man they were going to marry. But not me. LOL! I told you all, I'm not like other women! I'm happy for him, and I mean that. I couldn't have changed, not even for him. But he and I are still good friends.

There are also other reasons I never want to get married. So many men nowadays seem to think of their wives as property, and harm, maim, sometimes even kill, women who are not submissive, or who choose to leave them. I am not a submissive person, in case you haven't noticed. I don't go down easy. Only the past few months because I was weakened by my father's passing. But normally I am not, in any ways, submissive. I'm still on that emotional roller coaster! I reckon that won't end until I get my puppy here with me. But that will happen soon, and I'll be a happy girl again! I should be back to my old self. I know boundaries, and I can abide them, but I am not submissive. A man might find that intimidating and lash out violently, and I don't want to deal with some man's short temper!

I see this in documentaries all the time, like Unsolved Mysteries, and other shows like this one I just watched this afternoon, called Evil Lives Here. It was about a man who terrorized his whole family for years, and then finally shot and killed his wife because she left him. I've seen too many shows like that to even dream of getting married. What if I somehow wind up with a man like that? I can tolerate it if a man wants to wander, and adulterate with other women. That's actually fine by me! But I won't tolerate violence against me or what would have been my children. No way! I wouldn't take that from ANY man! He'd turn on me once, and then I'd be gone. And he wouldn't even get one chance to turn on my children! I'd kill him! I'm not even a violent person. I'm usually very placid. But I am fiercely protective of what is mine. Call me names all you want to, and I won't flinch and inch. But try harming my dogs, family, or try taking away my favorite pics of INXS, and the wolverine in me comes out in full force! No matter who you are. That's how I am.

Recently, there was this girl named Denya who invaded my channel on YouTube. She was talking about killing and eating my dogs, and saying what a fat, horrible, ugly, disgusting person I am. Of course I knew it was all nothing but talk, as she is nothing but a teenager. But then Katrina came and got into the conversation (she does watch my videos apparently), and then Denya began talking about killing her kids, or saying shit like her kids were infected with AIDS, and other such nonsense. Well, I had to put my foot down on that. I said Denya can say whatever she wants about me, but I won't stand for her attacking someone else's children! So I blocked her from my channel. Yes, I know I've attacked someone's children before, but that was long ago and really, I did feel bad after doing it. It's one thing to attack someone's mom, if she attacks me first, and she did! But I cannot attack the children just because their mom is an asshole. That's not right. So, I came in here and griped how horrible it was of me to do that. And I haven't done it since.

A lot of people, mostly young folks, think I should be sad or ashamed of not being married. Well, I can tell you now, I do not feel that way. I'm actually glad I escaped marriage. I always give them the Tom Leykis response; "I don't want to be married!" and I am serious about it. I don't. Why should I get married? Why should I feel sad about not being married? Why should I feel ashamed of not being married? If you ask me, people who think I should be ashamed of being single, really should be ashamed of themselves for trying to tell me that I should feel ashamed of not being married! I'm happiest not being married. I've been on the married path before, and I didn't like it. Marriage is not for everybody, just like being single is not for everybody.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

What To Look For in Chihuahuas

I've been in Chihuahua groups, and I see all the time people who want to get chihuahuas for breeding. The problem is these people seem uneducated in their choices. They get these chihuahuas that are anatomically incorrect just because they have a "nice apple dome" and say their dogs fit the AKC standard. I look at the dogs they pick and I say "I wouldn't have a chihuahua like that in MY kennel!" It sounds like a mean thing to say, but it's true. Just because a chihuahua has a "nice-looking apple dome" does not mean it is to standard. They can still be pet quality. There is a lot more to the standard of chihuahuas than having an oversized apple dome. That is what I am here to discuss.

A well-bred chihuahua should have a nice apple dome and eyes that are well-spaced apart and a short, blunt muzzle. When it looks at you, the eyes, nose and base of the ears should line up. Like this...

The eyes are big and saucy, the ears are set right, the muzzle is short and not sharp. These are qualities that make a nice, well-bred chihuahua. A lot of people say they have an "applehead chihuahua", but that really means nothing. I've even seen a lot of people say their dogs have "many champions" in their background. Well, that really means nothing either, if their champions are more than 3 generations back. I've seen people say that, and I go to their website and look at the pedigree and the champions are all in the 5th generation! So "many champions in their background" means absolutely NOTHING if it's more than 3 generations back!

I've seen people get chihuahuas that look like this...

And call it "quality" because it has a "nice apple dome". But look at it's muzzle! It's far too long! And too pointy. Chihuahuas should not have long, pointy noses! Also, this dog's eyes are spaced too far apart and are too small. To me, this looks more like an italian greyhound than a chihuahua! Now, I am not saying this puppy wouldn't make someone a nice pet, but I have seen people who get dogs like this for breeding, and they say "Well, she's got a nice applehead". My response is always "She may have an applehead, but that doesn't mean she's good breeding quality." This isn't a dog I would want in my kennel! It should be spayed/neutered and just kept as a pet.

Here's a side-view of a good quality chihuahua...

Yes, the head is large, but look at the muzzle. I personally like just a wee bit of length to the muzzle. Though some folks now are breeding for shorter muzzles, like bulldog-type muzzles. But I don't like that. I like it to have a little bit of length myself. This chihuahua is of good quality, it's one I would definitely have in my kennel. In fact, I did have one that looked like that once before. It was Spunky. Now, compare that chihuahua to this one...

People who would get this chihuahua for breeding would argue "He's got a nice applehead". But again, I say chihuahuas are more than just an applehead. Look at the muzzle of this dog. It's too long! Too long and too pointy. It doesn't look like a purebred chihuahua to me. It probably also has long legs, which is also not favorable in chihuahuas. And that is what I want to discuss next. The body of chihuahuas should be cobby, and the legs should be somewhat short, though not disproportionately short like in dachshunds. A well-bred chihuahua should have a posture like this...

The body is short and cobby, the legs are short, but not too short, the neck is short and thick, this is a good dog for showing and/or breeding. Beware of people who tell you a chihuahua like the one below is of good quality...

This dog's legs are too long for a chihuahua. Also, when picking out a chihuahua, whether you intend to breed, show or just simply keep as a pet, always ask the breeder what lines they are using and why they are using those lines. Also ask what health tests the parents took and if they passed. A good breeder will always have good answers to that. I had one breeder tell me "I don't have to health-test. I can just look at a dog and tell they are healthy!" I just laughed at her! She probably had dogs that were crawling with luxating patellas, liver-shunt and bad elbows and she'd never know it. Those things do not always show up in puppies. A lot of the time, those diseases do not show up until a dog is 6-8 months old. And it's not pretty! So, if you ask a breeder these things, and they don't want to answer, or they say they don't need to do health tests, then RUN AWAY!!!! They are not good breeders and they could be selling you a defective dog!

The pics used in this post are just random pics I found on Google and are for demonstrative purposes only. They were not used in this post with the intent to harass or embarrass the owners and/or photographers in any way.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Women Who Love Horses

Boy! I'm telling you people today analyze everything to death!! I saw a video earlier from a man who said to beware of women who love horses! When I was growing up, EVERYONE loved horses!! But what this man said was kindof disgusting and disturbing. He stated that women who love horses usually love them because horses have big penises. I personally never thought of it that way! I'm just a country girl, I love horses because they are useful if you have them. They help us in our day to day lives. You can also throw a seat on the back of them and ride them for pleasure. Plus, they are just generally beautiful to look at! I never thought anything at all about their unmentionables! Only in today's world would something like this even be thought of! Though I admit to calling people a "horse's ass" if they are assholes. LOL! But that's different!

This is the kind of idealisms that social justice breeds. This is why SJWs are so fricken annoying!!! Maybe from now on, when someone tells me "Oh I LOVE cats!" I should think that what they really mean is they love to have sex with cats! Maybe this chick that barged on my channel a month or so ago, Tricia AW, is one of those people who likes having sex with cats. Afterall, she has a profile pic that looks like this:

Maybe she is addicted to cats sexually. LOL! Maybe that's what I should be thinking. It's what the social justice people think. So, if they think that about women who love horses, then we should be thinking the same thing about people who love cats. SJWs always think they're right, even when they're not. Of course "Tricia AW" herself is a SJW, and I knew it. Good GOD I hate liberals!!! Why should anyone be ashamed of loving a certain animal just because some dumbass SJW is going to interpret it to mean something sexual? And you notice NO ONE thinks that about people who love cats!! Maybe it's because cats are not "sexually attractive". I mean really, they have microscopic penises and no buns. LOL! Seriously, these liberals and SJWs make me SICK!!!!! I'm sick of all this analyzing!! Pretty soon, we won't be able to have freedom of choice anymore because the SJWs will just analyze them to death!! Of course catfags are as useless as the lazy, evil beasts they worship.

I love animals, but I am not sexually attracted to them! I just love them! Animals are more fun than people most times. In fact, the only animals I don't like are cats. LOL! Catfags are some of the biggest SJWs in the world! Unfortunately, a lot of them are also INXS fans, which is why I am staying anonymous. I wonder if they still think Katrina is me? LOL!! She says she'll go along with it for a while, until I choose to reveal myself. But she cannot speak for me. Only I can do that. So, if they ask her something that is really supposed to be for me to respond to, and they address it to her, they won't get an answer. Hopefully. Unless Katrina decides to get smart. LOL! Well, it's not the first time someone will think Katrina and I are the same person. We do think somewhat alike. We both like Beavis and Butthead. We both like INXS, though I like Michael and Timmy and she's more prone to Jon and JD. We both hate liberals and SJWs. We both also hate cats, though I like a few breeds of cats and she hates cats 101%. But there's a difference. She also likes Oasis, Green Day, Nirvana and Duran Duran, and I don't. Well, I like some Duran stuff from the 90s. But that's it. She also cusses FAR more than I do. LOL!

I even once saw a clip from a TV talk show where some chick was offended by a guest using the words "hard work" to describe what he does. Her point was "Don't use the phrase hard work because it makes me think of the hard work black people put into cotton fields gathering crops". More SJW bullshit!!! She had nothing to do with that! She wasn't in the fields gathering cotton plants! So now, NO ONE can use the phrase "hard work" in front of her because she'll get offended! Makes me mad! And makes me think people like that are trying to take away our freedom of speech. I can't say I love horses because some stupid-ass SJW will interpret it to mean that I love to have sex with horses! UGH!!! But a catfag can say "I love cats" and nobody will interpret it as meaning anything except that that person just admires cats. SJW Stupidity Logic!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I finally got it!!! I got my Michael canvas back in 2015. I've been dying to get myself a Timmy canvas print, and now I finally got it. Slowly, I am going to let these prints trickle in until I have one of each of the men. I think next I am going to concentrate on getting one of Kirk. Then I want to get one of Jon, then Andrew and then Garry. I need to find the best pics I can of all of them. I think also, I might get a canvas print of all the men together. I'd like that. I love it! This one came out awesome!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Katrina, I'll Wring Your Skinny Neck!!!

UGH!! I'm so mad at Katrina today. It all started when she sent me a PM on Sunday. Little did I know it'd expand into this!! I had just come back from a long walk, and I mean a LONG walk!! On Sunday to get a few things for my new baby. I am making a movie about that, BTW, as we speak! LOL! I saw a post on Katrina's wall going back and forth between her and Nancy Xs. Well, Katrina PMd me and asked if I told anyone I was using her facebook in my absence and I told her no, I did not! I told her she'd better not tell anyone who I am. Well, she said Nancy thinks her account is my alternate account. I thought about it, it's kinda funny really. But, thank GOD Katrina didn't give her my current name on Facebook. I think it's probably really best that people there believe Katrina is me, since she has no interest in making friends with INXS fans, and does not seem to care if they talk shit about her. So, I told her to just leave it at that for now. I like Nancy, but I have no idea if she's one of those types that if she did find me out, she'd spread the news to everyone. So, it's probably best for me to let her think what she thinks.

Then today, I find out she has added me to one of the groups! While it may be nice to converse with my old buddies again, and I am getting my baby here very soon, I don't know for sure if I am completely ready for INXS groups, with other people. I think I've got most of the people blocked that I want blocked, but still. There's probably some I forgot, and some that I am not sure anymore I should have been friends with in the first place. I hope that makes sense!!! If anyone is going to block anyone, it's going to be ME! LOL! I don't want them blocking me, I want me to block them. The reason for that is because, and I've seen people do this before, sometimes people will block someone else on Facebook, and occasionally unblock them to see what they are up to, take things out of context (which dumbasses do anyways), and go to secret groups with their friends and talk shit about that person, blowing up everything that person says out of proportion. I believe whole-heartedly that a lot of these people have done that. I don't do that myself. Once I have someone blocked, that's IT. They are dead as far as I am concerned. I do not unblock them usually, I don't spy on them, I don't have anything more to do with them. That's the end, finΓ©, done, over, the whole bowl of wax. I don't even talk about that person anymore. Leastwise, not on Facebook. Here, it's OK, because at least they can read and respond if they want to. Though I gotta say, Google has been weird about comments lately! I'm thinking of switching this blog over to Wordpress!

To Katrina, things like that wouldn't matter because she is not on Facebook much anyhow. But to me, it's different. I don't want these people saying anything, especially now, that is going to ruin my chances of getting this puppy! This pup is my one chance for happiness in this world now. I don't want the dumbass SJWs ruining it in any way! My main worry is what if something they say somehow gets back to the breeder? You know how dumbasses blow things out of proportion! Say I would say something like "This chocolate cake is terrible!" and they'd take it as meaning that I don't like chocolate cake at all, and the breeder read what they wrote about me, and was radical about chocolate cake and said to me "I don't want to sell you this puppy because you don't like chocolate cake!" Of course I know that would never really happen, because I fucking LOVE chocolate cake!!! But just as an example of how things like that blow up. They still believe I call myself Dee on Facebook. They don't know what my real alternate account name is. Or maybe they all think Katrina is my alternate account. In which case, I am all for leaving it that way.

I hate to leave Katrina holding the bag, but like I said, she's almost never on Facebook anyways. And she's not looking forward to getting a dog like I am! Not that I believe any of the INXS SJWs have contact with any dog breeders (most of them thankfully are catfags) but still. One never knows if the breeders are looking in. Anyone can search Facebook.

IMO, once someone has anyone on ignore on Facebook, you completely give up every right to discuss that person. If you do, or you spy on them, that's kinda creepy really. It's almost like stalking, or backstabbing. That's why I don't do it. I believe in live and let-live. If someone wants to put me on ignore, then that is fine, it's their right, just as much as it is my right to block someone. But once you do block me on Facebook, then leave me alone! Don't talk about me. Don't talk to me. Don't discuss me with your friends. Just go your way and I'll go mine. If you got something to say to me, or about me, then come here and say it to my face. Believe me, I don't bite. LOL! Currently, I have 35 people blocked on Facebook, all radicals and SJW dumbasses. I expect that number to grow. I'll hang around in this group for a while, just to see how things go. And today for Timmy Tuesday!! hehehe!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Little Girl Found

I found it!! I found my baby!!! She was just born last night, and I already have her on hold. I won't reveal much else about her until she is about ready to come home, but I finally got her! I got myself a baby!!

She is just a little doll! I can't wait to get her here into my arms to hug and kiss and play and go on walks with! This is her this morning, still fresh out of the oven! This should ease some of the sadness I've felt since I lost my pa. And she couldn't come soon enough! I can sense a bit of a downward spiral. Yesterday, while I was at a store, I almost began yelling at someone as I was coming out of the restroom. WELL!!! She was just standing there, hugging someone, and standing in the way of the exit. I said "excuse me" 3 times to her, and it was like she didn't hear me. I finally just squeezed past her, knocking down some fake kiddie garden tools. Then she noticed me! She looked at me and was like 'oh! I didn't see you there" and I said to her "I said excuse me 3 times to you!" I have a bus to catch! I don't ever have time to stand around and wait for a couple of dumbasses to finish hugging each other while blocking the only way out of the restroom! So, yes I'm going to be angry when they do!

People need to be more like me. If I'm going to hug someone, it's not going to be in an area that has such an enclosed space where no one else can get by me. And I don't hug people anyways. I am not a big one on giving hugs. Only to family and Tim Farriss. But anyways, afterwords I was like "Man! Am I really that ornery?!" So now I think I am in a serious case of emergency. I need this pup! I think once I get this baby, I'm going to become a lot more patient once again. I was when I had Vegas and Minnie. I was definitely a lot friendlier when I had dogs by my side. Ask anyone. LOL! That was when I made most of the buddies I had on Facebook was back when I was a much friendlier person. I was friendlier because I had Vegas and Minnie. They eased the tension I felt every day, communicating with strangers. Even though they were only on Facebook, still, they were strangers. I've always been at my worst with strangers. I don't normally like strangers.

Well, I've even made her a homemade nametag already with her name on it. It's breed-specific-themed. It's not bad for a first attempt at something like this. I figured I should try to make a living of this! I did pretty good with those INXS earrings. I'm a bit better-seasoned now. I had planned to make my own nametags for my dogs, and this one looks pretty good. I think a lot of dog owners might get a great kick out of these. I can make a tag with ANY breed. All I need to figure out now is what to charge for it. Then I can market these things. But I did pretty good with the one for my baby girl. So, I can do any breed of dog. No cats though, I don't want to draw cats!

Monday, March 13, 2017

"You Know She's A Little Bit Dangerous"

LOL!! To quote Roxette, my #2 favorite band. People often say I am "dangerous". LOL! It always makes me laugh when people say that. I think that people think just because a person is outspoken that they must also be very highly dangerous people who will kill you as look at you. LOL!

"Ooooh! Look at the big, fat, scary chick! She's gonna kill me by typing on her keyboard! GOD help me!"

LOL! That's funny! The funny thing is, I'm probably the least dangerous person anyone will ever meet. They're more likely to get hurt by the pillow on their bed than they are by me. Unless I sit on them! LOL! I know there is a stigma that people who often say they are harmless are usually the most dangerous people. Believe me, that's just a theory. I've never even been in trouble with the law. I've never even wanted to kill anyone. I know I say sometimes I want to kill people, but who hasn't said that at one point in their lives or another? Well, as far as I know, everyone has said that at least once until the SJWs started taking every little thing as personal attacks. Now, you can't even say something like that without one of the SJWs saying that it's a threat, even though a normal person would know it's nothing more than just a figure of speech. Well, old habits die hard. In my generation you could say "I want to kill him" and no one took it seriously. I still cling to the things of my generation.

Though sometimes I can see the flip side of that. These days, so many people have said they wanted to kill someone, and actually done it. Nowadays, you can't take a phrase like that lightly. Well, people have changed. It's a sad fact that must be faced. We need to pinpoint the problem. I think it needs to go back to the days of corporal punishment, and people taught respect to one another. There was a discussion about this recently in one of the Facebook groups I am currently on. Some people were asking what others think about spanking their children. I'm all for it. I know I have said this before, but there are too many laws now "protecting" children. Unfortunately, those same laws that "protect" children, also creates problems for society. Many parents have taken to negotiating with their kids, and that is a VERY bad mistake! It creates a sense of entitlement that kids should not have. That sense of entitlement has probably led to the rise in bullying and school shootings that has happened in recent years. When I was a kid, school shootings were almost unheard of. Not saying they didn't happen, they probably did in some other parts of the country. But they didn't happen in the state I was living in.

People don't want to instill fear in their kids. The problem is, kids need to have some fear of authority. They should learn early on that for every action there is a consequent reaction. Animals discipline their babies, then so should humans. Now, some places I agree spanking doesn't work. A parent who spanks their kids for every little thing, that kind of discipline is bad for children. My father used to slap me over the head for spilling milk on the floor. Oftentimes, I would ask him what he did that for, because what happened was just an accident. But he didn't care that it was an accident. He felt it was enough to hit me on the head over anyways. Most of the time, I just tried not to spill anything in his presence, but sometimes it was just unavoidable. But anyways, the point is that discipline like that I don't agree with because it can be damaging. But if a child is hitting another child for no reason, or he is purposely tossing his drink at other kids, or people, or he stole a toy from the store shelf, then a good slap on the butt I would say is very appropriate for the child.

But SJWs don't want to spank their children. They want to let their children walk all over them, and everyone else. Yesterday at the store, I saw a little girl, approximately 7 years old, mouthing off to her mother. And mouthing off in a manner that would make a teenager blush! I stood there, listening and thinking "That little girl needs to be slapped!" I sure as Hell wouldn't have let her mouth off to me like that! I'd have spanked her butt right there in the store in front of everybody! But that girl's mom didn't do that. And even when she was trying to negotiate with the little girl, the little girl was still mouthing off to her mom! I could almost guarantee if the mom had just spanked the daughter, all that fuss would have ended right at the beginning! And that is what I find wrong with parents today. One or two spankings bouncing off that little girl's behind right then would not have damaged her, and society most likely wouldn't have had to deal with the little girl's problems in 10 years. There are studies that have been done to show spanking is damaging to children. But my guess is those were cases like mine, where the child was spanked for little things like spilling a drink on the floor, as well as big things. Not an occasional slap on the butt for occasional misbehavings.

When I was about 38 years old, my father did apologize for the way he used to discipline us as kids, because sometimes he did get too harsh. He said if he'd known back then what he did now, he never would have done it like that. Of course at 38, it was too late to do any good, but I did forgive him. In fact, I forgave him long ago for that. Earlier, my sis did confess that she did get me in trouble to avoid getting herself in trouble. I was thrown under the bus a lot when I was a kid! It's a wonder I didn't turn into a serial killer! LOL! But one thing stopped me from running around wanting to kill people, and that is compassion. Compassion for the families, compassion for people in general. I also don't have a sense of entitlement, I never did. I was not raised to have a sense of entitlement. Though if someone mistreats me, I'm gonna call them out, and call them out publicly! But that only happens if I feel emotionally abused by someone that I was nothing but respectful to. But heck! I'm not going to kill the person!! I don't want to do that. I wouldn't even encourage them to kill themselves.

I am an introvert. But some people seem to believe being an introvert is the same thing as being a sociopath, or even a psychopath. It's not the same thing. The big difference between an introvert and a sociopath is that an introvert can have compassion. And I do. I can even be nurturing to a degree. Though sometimes I find it a little bit harder to have any such compassion for people I don't like. But I am compassionate. I hate people, but that doesn't mean I have no feelings for them. If I saw a person on a bicycle get hit by a car, I'm going to do what I can to help that person, and even comfort them if need be. I don't completely lack compassion for people. I just simply avoid people when I can. Especially strangers. That is why I am on Facebook, but I am not inviting strangers to become my friends just yet. A sociopath is everything an introvert is, except they completely lack compassion. A psychopath is all that, and is simply mean-spirited. The people I refer to as "fags" are great examples of what a psychopath is. Introverts can be mean-spirited sometimes, but it simply means we just want to be left alone. It's not usually a psychotic "mean", it can be tamed down. It's simply a need to "recharge". By the same token, a psychopath can be very friendly. But with them, it's a manipulative kind of "friendly". They do it because they want something from you. Kindof like Tess O'brien on Facebook! She's friendly to people, but only because she wants something from them. Believe me, she talks behind their backs! I've seen her do it. She's the perfect example of a psychopath. The other SJWs don't see it, they feel sorry for her because she was beaten by her ex-husband. So their mindset is "she's been through enough". But Tess is indeed playing them like a fiddle, and they don't know it.

Oh well, she's their problem now. Not mine. LOL!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Should "Hate Speech" Be Banished?

I hear this all the time, that hate speech should not be put in the same class as free speech. Well, speech is speech. It's something a lot of people (admittedly including myself) take for granted. But really we shouldn't. Because a lot of countries around the world do not allow free speech. I know the middle east doesn't! In Iraq, you could get beheaded for saying even one word against their leader! In those same countries, if you are gay, you will be killed too. Even if you are a woman who has been raped, even though it is not your fault you got raped! I sometimes wonder if people have free speech rights in Australia too? With some of the Australians I've met, I'm beginning to believe free speech is not allowed there either. But for the kind of person I am, I am in the perfect location. I have free speech rights here, and I enjoy them.

But a lot of people, even Americans, wonder if hate speech should be considered the same as free speech. Well, I believe it is. "Hate" is such a subjective term, I really don't think it should be outlawed. What one person considers "hate", another may just see as sheer honesty. A lot of things can be misidentified as hatred. I even get accused all the time of "hating" or "being negative", when all I am doing is just being honest. But there is a big difference between feeling hate and just being brutally honest. There are things I don't agree with, and I will often tell people I don't agree. And every time I disagree with someone, they want to turn it into a big battle, when that wasn't my intention at all. I just believe in being honest. Some things should not be sugar-coated. For example, say a woman goes into the doctor's with cramps in her belly that won't go away. She is an overweight woman, or maybe simply FAT. The doctor diagnoses her as having diabetes, and tells her that the only way to get rid of it is to lose some weight. The woman walks out angry because she feels the doctor was hating on her for being fat. But really all the doctor was doing was just being honest with her. Not meant to be hateful at all. But a lot of people today are that way. They want to cry fowl when the truth hits them in the face instead of taking it as sound advice.

That is exactly why I say "hate" is a subjective term. I wouldn't have considered what that doctor said as being "hate speech". But a lot of people today would have. I would have considered it as being just plain honesty. Because I know I am fat, and I do need to lose weight. It's not hate. It's not negativity. It's just plain honesty. And as long as the doctor was not saying it in a hateful manner, with a hateful tone in his voice, I wouldn't consider it as being "hate speech". Now, let's say that same woman is walking down the road, and a preteen child passes by her on his bicycle, and shouts names like "fat mama" or "fat ass" or "fat bitch" at her. That is definitely what I would call hate speech. Because that is meant to convey hatred towards the woman. The kid has no concern for her health at all, unlike the doctor. The kid is not saying it to help the woman lose weight. The kid's only concern is to insult someone to make himself feel better. Or because he thinks it's funny, or someone told him it's "cute". But you know what, the kid even has a right to say those things. It's not morally right, because he's not helping the woman at all. He's only hurting. But it is his legal right to say it.

In short, someone says "You're too overweight, you need to lose some weight because it might cause you some problems" is not hate speech. It's just someone being honest.
But if someone says "You fat bitch" then it is hate speech. If someone adds "You need to die" is bordering on being threatening. Though it is still free speech until someone says "I'm gonna find you and kill you." which is a threat and it is illegal.

Really I think people who think every little tiff is "hate speech" should not even exist. Now, that doesn't mean I believe we need to kill off every person out there that calls honesty "hate speech"! I wouldn't do that!!! No one should. But I do think they are too spoiled by society. They need to gain a better understanding of the difference displayed in hatred vs. honesty. People who cannot handle honesty, cannot handle anything. Evolution needs to step in and eliminate people with that pattern of thinking. They would never survive if today's society didn't cater to their every demand. Fat people would just stay fat if they were not informed what damage it could do to them. I know I am working on losing weight now. I've rejoined the local gym, and I intend to visit every single day that I can. The people who get angry when they are told they need to lose weight, should not exist in the world because they are damaging their own health. If the doctor tells them "you need to lose weight", well, they shouldn't take that as a personal attack! Just get out there like I did, join the local gym and work on losing that weight! Just DO IT!!!

The problem is once we start regulating free speech, then we might begin regulating everything. If we take away other peoples' rights to not like what ever they want, then people might begin saying "You can't say *this* or *that*". SJWs are annoying enough! They've taken away a lot of things that I used to enjoy because they are afraid of hurting someone else's feelings. Like the antique cartoons. You don't see those antique cartoons anymore because a lot of them are not "politically correct". Speech is a right. Being offended is a right, but it has no right to encroach on my right to free speech.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Dog People = Narcissists?

I saw a very interesting comment by someone who calls himself E. Gagnon on YouTube. The video showed a person letting his pitbull dog go into someone's yard and attacking their cat. The cat seemed to be OK after the attack, as it ran under a car. But the owner of the cat was pissed at the dog owner for letting his dog come into their yard and attacking the cat. Anyways, this was the comment...

It's an interesting quote. And probably very true, in some cases. But dog owners being narcissistic? I don't know about that one! LOL! He says "Many dog owners are socially inadequate and love the fact that their dog makes them feel superior and in control... Pure narcissists!" He says "Many dog owners", so at least he is not generalizing. My reaction to that section of his quote is maybe that's why many people have BIG dogs! Because a bigger dog would be more of a challenge to control, and especially big men love big dogs. Even a lot of women prefer the bigger dogs. A lot of them also look down on people who prefer the smaller dogs.

I don't love dogs because I am socially inadequate and like to be in control. At least, that's not what I feel. I love dogs because you can take them on walks and they love to run and play and have fun, and at home they will protect your home from intruders, and they are always happy to see you after you come home from a hard day at work. Seeing wagging tails, wiggly butts and smiling faces is enough to make any rough work day worth coming home to! Though I had a siamese cat, Amadeus, that would wait for me to come home from school, and he'd greet me at the door too. But he was the exception. Not the norm. I never had another cat again that greeted me like that.

He goes on to say "Cats are independent and don't put their trust in just anybody... With cats, you have to work to gain their trust, love and loyalty" Well, I say birds are the same exact way. And birds are harder to get full trust from than a cat! But I love birds. I could be a very happy person with just birds as pets! Though I do have a harder time trusting the big hookbills, like macaws and cockatoos, because their beaks are so big, they could do a lot of damage. But smaller hookbills, like conures and lovebirds, I don't feel that uncomfortable around. Plus, birds are beautiful!!! Much more beautiful than any feline I've ever seen.

Then he adds "If you abuse a cat, it will retaliate and beat the shit out of you to teach you respect or simply walk away in search of a better home and better owners..." I wonder if that's why all of Kathy's cats have run away from home. Because my father didn't like cats. He wasn't abusive towards them, but he also wouldn't give them the attention they crave. And yes, cats do occasionally crave attention. Regardless of what catfags think. But again, the exact same thing can be said about birds! Have you ever been attacked by a mistreated chicken? I haven't. But I know people who have, and they say it is not fun! The old term "mad as a wet hen" does not refer to people who are 'seriously pissed off' for nothing! No one ever says "mad as an abused cat". But I love chickens. I think they're cute! I'd love to have some chickens as soon as I get out of living in apartments and get my own home and property.

And I guess I am here to teach cats how to respect. LOL! I don't respect cats. Cats respect me! They learn quickly to give me my space. These cats that used to get into my yard, and I used to chase them out, they don't come into my yard anymore. Very occasionally now, and they learn to leave my yard fast, because they know I'll chase them out. When they see me walking up the road, they don't stand and wait to attack me, they run! Whereas the other people around here let them come up and cuddle around their feet. No, cats leave me alone. They respect me! LOL!

Then he says "They want a slave that will fulfill their inadequacy and need to feel superior!..." Well, my response to that is I don't need a dog to make me feel "superior". I like dogs because they make me feel loved. I don't have many human friends, and dogs are among the only beings that convey true love. To quote Johnny Depp. Of course he added infants too. But I don't want kids. LOL! If I wanted to "feel superior", I'd get a creature that was more of a challenge to train, like a cat.

And this is REALLY interesting! He says this "You will never see that pure irrational hatred of dogs in cat people..." This is really interesting, because I totally beg to differ! I have actually seen irrational hatred of dogs in cat people before. MANY times! A lot of cat people don't even like other people. I've seen catfags say some really fucked up shit! Now, I am not referring to people who just love cats. I'm referring to people who are catfags. They get angry at people who do not like cats. I had one person recently who wanted to see my family killed, and even attacked at Katrina and her family, wanted to kill her whole family too. Thank GOD Katrina didn't see that comment! LOL! Of course I would have loved to see that person try and attack Katrina's family. Her husband is a black-belt in karate, and even knows how to use a sword. LOL! That's a rare talent!

Then he quotes someone named Paul Grey, saying "Quote: Cats were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man.” I don't know who Paul Grey is, but I think he's wrong. LOL! We don't need cats to disprove that dogma! It's obvious Paul Grey has never visited Mount St. Helens. It brings up the question, "what would win in a battle between 20 cats and a volcano?" Well, Mount St. Helens took out Harry Truman and his lodge and about 20-something cats. So, obviously the mountain won that battle. LOL! Not to mention the 30 or so cougars that were known to live in the area and were killed in the eruption. Plus, we have thunder and lightening to remind us that humans do not control everything. We also have earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. All those things can disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man. A lot better than cats! Cuz even cats cannot control those things. And if you want to compare living things, again, we have birds. They don't serve us, we serve them.

And I don't just hate cats because they cannot be controlled. I hate cats because they are destructive, lazy squatters. They tear up your furniture. They get on your kitchen counters. They get up on other places they don't belong and knock things down just to see them fall, and sometimes break. They spray their piss on the furniture, walls, and plants and makes the house smell like cat. They cough up hairballs that also smell bad. The only reason cat people don't try to control these things is because cat people think these things are cute or funny. Then, they go around saying dog people hate cats because they can't be controlled when they don't even try to control their own cats. Well, I don't think their little behaviors are "cute" or "funny". I think they're annoying. And that is why I don't want a cat. I won't even go into a house that has a cat because I don't care to experience these things, and I don't want to be served food on a place where a cat has been sitting it's ass on. No thank you!