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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is for the Christians that are now visiting and commenting on this site. I want to hear from all of them. I've been needing to ask someone these questions who are hardcore creationists, and these people seem perfect prospects for this. I'd be interested in reading what their answers are.

Yes I am a strict believer in evolution. I always believed GOD got the first step going in evolution, then adaptation and climate took over from there.

If the World is only 10,000 years old, how do you explain the slow migration of continental drift? Since it is proven that the continents move about a centimeter per year, if the World is only 10,000 years old, India would be at the middle of the Indian Ocean, and Australia would be no more than a few miles from Antarctica.

If large mammals were around at the same time as the dinosaurs, why are there no large mammal bones buried in the same rock as the dinosaur bones? Dinosaurs, I've said it over and over again, are the greatest contradictors of the Bible there is. If you go to Dinosaur National Monument, you won't see any mammal bones buried in the fossilized river banks that took the dinosaurs there down. If mammals were around at that time (even humans) I would think there would be at least some evidence there. But there is none.

If mammals and dinosaurs were around at the same time, why are there numerous fossil bones of large mammals in the La Brea Tar Pits and absolutely no dinosaur bones? Same explaination as the last paragraph, only in reverse.

The Bible mentions in the first chapter that humans and animals were not meant to eat meat, that the lion will again lay down with the lamb. If that is true, how come were there meat-eating dinosaurs? We know the dinosaurs existed, we know they had ecological niches that are today filled by mammals. There is evidence that there were some meat eaters and some plant eaters. So if nothing was meant to eat meat in the beginning, how come there were dinosaurs that ate meat, and the Bible says no animals ate another until after we ate the forbidden fruit?

Howcome there are no mentions of dinosaurs anywhere in the Bible? All kinds of other animals that are deemed as "great" are mentioned in the Bible. One would think there would be at least one or two paragraphs about some kind of dinosaur. But there is none. Believe me, I looked!! Not one word of any humans walking alongside dinosaurs.

If dinosaurs and humans were around at the same time, howcome ancient cave walls have no depictions of dinosaurs? In the caveman days, the men used to paint their caves with pictures of animals and people within their region. Not one single cave wall anywhere shows a picture of a dinosaur. It's all mammals, and mammals that we know today, and some from 10,000 years ago. People back then would not have known about dinosaurs unless they had actually seen a live one. If the Bible is right, why no dinosaurs in these 10,000 year old cave paintings?

I believe there was a great flood, but I don't believe any dinosaurs were caught up in it. But if anyone can prove all this beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will gladly drop my beliefs in evolution. But I warn anyone attempting to answer these, it's going to take a LOT of convincing!! And saying "If you don't believe in GOD then you just don't like HIM" or anything of the like is NOT going to convince me. Nothing less than clear-cut explainations will make me believe otherwise.

I didn't always believe in evolution. Believe it or not, I used to shun the idea of evolution. I had friends who did believe, but I just let them have their opinions, while I kept mine. Then in 1992, I saw a documentary about dinosaurs and it gave such good, honest and believable answers about the theory of evolution that I changed my position at that point. I find evolution so much more believable than the theory of creation, that says everything that ever lived was around at the same time. I would think mammals would have been snuffed out immediately by dinosaurs taking over the ecosystem, as they were larger, most likely more ferocious, and stronger. A 30-foot tall hadrosaur would have had a greater advantage over a mammoth, and neither of these animals are buried in the same rocks as each other.

So far though, most of these people have nothing but negative attitudes. Not all of them seem negative, there have been some nice ones visiting here, and I do appreciate that. This one who signs his posts "Pastor Ray" seems nice. But the rest of them, they need serious help IMO. Oh, here I go again looking at both sides of the coin! Are there any "Mr. Cutthroats" out there? LOL! Personal joke there. The rest of these people are just simply ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! But then like my sis Anna says, that's what Bible-thumpers are good at. I decided to let them have their fun for a few days, then when they start to get too boring, or too annoying, I'll stop accepting their comments. So far, I have been accused of "lashing out" at Christians, hating Jesus, hating GOD, not reading the bible, talking behind their backs, slander, I was told I am going to Hell (LOL!), etc. Excuse me, this is a roasting blog, and I was roasting landoverbaptist.org. And it is my blog. I looked at their forum, and they are there talking about me behind my back. So fair is fair is fair. But I am not complaining. It's their forum, and I have nothing to do with them! Besides, I was commenting on an article there. It isn't my fault they don't allow comments to be printed in their articles section, and up until now, I didn't even know they had a forum. So that is why I posted here and not there. And the things they say on that forum!! GEESH!! It's MUCH worse than anything I've ever written in this blog!! I never visited their forum until just now, just this minute, and I was SHOCKED!! One thing is for certain, I was not wrong about them here. The only vibes I got out of them there was negativity, hostility, childish behavior, political incorrectness, just to name a few glitches.

One gentleman (and I use the term loosely) calling himself Ahimaaz said to me "have a respectful and civil discussion of our deeply-held religious beliefs, why don't you stop by our forums at landoverbaptist.net and ask us, rather than slinking around behind our backs criticizing us for our religious beliefs." Well, I can say I did. But if you're looking for me to post, forget it!! I was involved in a cult like yours before and I don't ever want to go to another one again!!! I usually like people who are a little bit crazy, but you people are too crazy even for me!! Besides, ask yourself, are you really ready to crawl into a cage with a grizzly bear? Apparently you all have banned some people for not seeing your way and I'm gonna tell you in case you have not noticed it yet by this blog, I am NOT the "follow-the-leader" type!!! If I don't like your beliefs, trust me, you're going to KNOW it!!! I'm not afraid of getting banned, and I am not afraid of saying what is on my mind!! And unlike you all, I don't have to use name-calling to get my point across. Though lately I've noticed the diplomatic approach gets me nowhere!! And no, I am not a homosexual, no I am not a terrorist, and no I do not do drugs or alcohol!!!

No, I think I'll stick around my blogs. If they want to talk to me, they can do so here. But I am staying where the Timmy is!!!!

To those of us who love him, as I do, I love this video! Check out Timmy's posing! I laugh every time I see this!!

And these pics:


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, dear Girl -- Is your heart defrosting towards Jesus?

Asking sincere questions is the first step towards accepting Him as your hung yet risen Lord. So, I hope you'll get some of the answers you need.

I'll start with the easy stuff.... OF COURSE the Bible talks about dinosaurs! I mean, they were on the ark, weren't they? So, we would naturally expect God to reference them in the Bible. It only makes sense.

Both "Behemoths" (land dinosaurs) and "Leviathans" (sea dinosaurs) are talked about in Job and elsewhere. Also there are the "tanniyns," which is sort of a Biblical catch-all for all kinds of dinosaurs.

I think this proves how much God really loves us. He doesn't ask us to close our eyes and click our heels to believe in what He says. No, not at all. He gives us concrete proof right there in His Holy Word!!

He truly is that GRRREAT!@!

In Him, your friend Pastor Ray from Salem VA

Anonymous said...

"To those of us who love him, as I do, I love this video! Check out Timmy's posing! I laugh every time I see this!!"

Is this Timmy the one from South Park ?

Anonymous said...

I think you scared them away. They cant answer those questions. People who believe in creation will not be able to explain the existance of dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

What can you be thinking? The earth used to be flat. Then came the flood, the earth absorbed the water like a giant sponge, puffed up and popped the continents apart. That's why it's round now. Any 'continental drift' is just everything settling back down. In fact, continental drift PROVES the earth is only 10.000 years old. If it was any older, the water would have evaporated.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Ray,

I always leaned toward Jesus. I never didn't accept Him. These questions had been burning through my mind for years.

I have another one now. If dinosaurs were on the Ark, howcome they are not here today?

Anonymous said...


No. My Timmy is the guitarist of INXS.

Anonymous said...

"What can you be thinking? The earth used to be flat. Then came the flood, the earth absorbed the water like a giant sponge, puffed up and popped the continents apart. That's why it's round now."

You're kidding me right? Oh my GOD!! Pastor Ray's explaination made better sense!! And was much more believable!! This one, if it isn't a joke, is just dumb!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, it does sound dumb. Thats because it is.
The earth is NOT a sponge, and the continental drift has been going on for billions of years.
I know all this stuff. I studied volcanoes.
If the earth is only 10,000 years old, then why is it that when the last supervolcanic eruption that happened 74,000 years ago, nearly wiped out the human race? Humans had to have been around at that time in numerous amounts. I know all about volcanoes, so dont $@#% with me. There had to have been an earth at this time, otherwise where would a volcano go off?
We wouldnt even be living on land if it werent for volcanoes.

I would come up with a list a mile long of prehistoric volcanic eruptions that happened before 10,000 years ago, and it will prove that the earth is billions of years old.

Anonymous said...

Anna, honestly, I think that person was joking. (S)He had to have been.