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Monday, December 15, 2008


I hate making New Year's Resolutions. I find I can never stick to them. I stopped promising I was going to lose weight last year. LOL! So that is not one of my resolutions anymore. But this has been quite a year. I found out so many things I either didn't know before or just never thought of.

I learned that The History Channel changes their programming too often!! I've lost 2 programs that I absolutely adored watching! Evolution and Jurassic Fight Club. I was so upset when I didn't see those programs come on anymore, they taught me a lot!! More about that next!

I learned that my predictions for the future of evolution are not as scientifically inaccurate as most people think. That's why I so enjoyed watching those programs on the History Channel, I heard about some dinosaurs I hadn't heard of before and discovered that a lot of the ideas I had about mammal evolution coincided nicely with the emergence of the wide variety of dinosaurs there was. For example, the parallel evolution between Gastonia and my own prediction of the future armadillo Grammoclavia. Both have sharp armor plates that protrude out their sides that can literally "slice open" a predator. And when I thought up Grammoclavia in 1995, I'd never even heard of Gastonia, the dinosaur. And I sure didn't know it too had armor plates that could do that.

I learned that if you snore in Yellowstone, everyone and his brother can hear you. That was the problem my sis Anna had, and one of the reasons she had to resign. I kinda wonder if they will allow her to come back? They did like her work there.

I learned that I was right about DonnaG and her supporters all along. I kinda suspected it first after Vicki's unwarranted attack on me early in 2006, then also when I signed on to the Hardstar - INXS forum a little bit later on. Then when I saw Donna threaten 2 other fans (and LORD knows how many more in between them), and heard their stories about weird and scary encounters with DonnaG, I knew then, for sure, my suspicions were correct.

I learned that the dirty dozen mob will never change, they are too predictable!! But then I think I've known about that all along. It would not surprise me in the slightest if they were the ones who steered the Bible-thumpers to this blog! LOL! Oh well! At least it gave this blog a bit more activity, more than it's ever had before.

I learned that not all people who profess to be Christians are good people. I used to think if I could ever count on anyone to be level-minded it'd be people who are of the Christian faith. But I was wrong. Some of those people who came in here, well, let's just say from the look of the show most of them put on here, I wouldn't trust them with my back turned. But I am glad at least not all of them were bigots.

I learned that yes it does snow here in Ocean Shores. Don't ever let anyone tell you different!! And it gets COLD!!!!

I learned that maybe having cable phone out here wasn't such a hot idea after all.

I learned that this whole "tough-act" the delusional fans forum people put on in their forum was nothing more than just an act.

I learned that being myself gets me nowhere on the internet. I'm just far too complex of a person, it confuses all but the most understanding and knowledgeable people.

I learned it is true that when we do criticize others we are only pointing 3 fingers back at ourselves.

I learned that it is much better to have my own mind and my own point of view and be laughed at than to go with the normal flow and try to fit-in where I knew all along I couldn't. Meaning I would rather be myself and get laughed at than to try and be what I am not and be miserable. I've actually learned to exploit being laughed at. I've learned to use it to my advantage. It makes for interesting, and funny, stories in the future.

Oh yes, and one more thing.... I learned that music isn't music anymore!! Now, all you ever hear anymore is rap and R&B. It SUCKS!!!! Nothing that you can really boogie to anymore!!

Well, those are the things I learned this year. Much of it I've known before, but I learned it is confirmed! hehe!
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