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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something I Forgot....

I was supposed to put this up on my last blog post and I forgot. I mentioned the story Gracie's Odyssey, but I never really showed anything from it. This is a little advertisement I made. It's just some pics from the story (in color) put to some narrative words and music. I like to use classical music in my movies because it's the kind of music that reaches the soul. Like it or not, you've got to agree the way I put the music in these movies really captures your spirit. You can listen with the sound off, but I don't really recommend it. IMO, the music tells the story.

I made quite a few of these little advertisements. Here's one I am really proud of, for a story by Cathy. It was the first story she ever did for our group, in 1987. I had just met her, we went to school together and I showed her some of the stories I did. She liked them and she showed me one that she did earlier. Well, in June of 1987 we both pooled our talents together and came up with this story about a bushbaby and an otter shrew. At first she wanted to make the story about a bushbaby and a cheetah, but I said I ain't a-drawing no cheetah!! By that time, my interest in panthers of any kind had completely diminished. I liked otters though, but that would have been too big an animal to make friends with a tiny bushbaby, so we took the next best thing, an otter lookalike, the otter shrew. And it is indeed small enough to fit in the story. This one is also already available on our site, it's called Growing Up is Hard to Do. And sure enough, the little otter shrew faces the hardships of growing up alone. It's a hilarious look at how sometimes some things don't always go the way we want them to. But the shrew is made a stronger individual because of these things. He just picks up the broken pieces and says 'life goes on.' Again, you can listen with the sound off, but I don't recommend it.

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