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Friday, December 26, 2008

What I Want For Christmas

Hehe! Well another Christmas has come and past, next in line is New Years! I got some cool gifts this year. Katrina gave me a little graphic MP3 player. It plays not only MP3s, but also movies and stores pics. I put all the Timmy pics from my computer onto this little gadget, now I can take them anywhere with me. I already have an MP3 player, but this one is better really. My older one doesn't have a screen, and I cannot view pics. This one Katrina gave me also plays WMP files, and MP4's. Eva gave the both of us a little mini digital camcorder. I love it! I can edit our home movies on my computer and even apply music to our videos. I gave Anna a programmable coffee machine. Anna gave me a projector, so I can put my Timmy pics on it and draw them on a piece of paper I tape onto the wall and make them huge!! hehe! I could use a nice poster of just Timmy, and now I can draw it myself! I always have trouble drawing Timmy. He has such a complex expression on his face that it makes it impossible to duplicate. Believe me, I tried. I'm not that fricken good yet!!! Well, when the time comes I want to take the gift cards I got and get myself a portable DVD player that also plays VCDs. An electronic Christmas!! I can hardly wait!! I'm going to wait until my sis Anna goes back to school after New Years, I want to just laze around the house a little longer. I don't want to clutter my free time by going out. hehe! Yeah, I'm a lazy-ass!! Don't ya just HATE it?! LOL!! I'm also going out to get me some of those ex-pens for my dogs. Someone told me about them on here and I think it'd be the best investment I can put in my little family here. I just hope the high winds here don't blow them away. I'd like to find some that are easily collapsable.

So where is my phone and my HDTV? LOL! I'm just kidding! I have a little left-over egg nog in me I need to get out. Don't worry, it was non-alcoholic. Just super sweet. I spent most of yesterday cooking and baking. We had friends over and stripped the turkey bare. Poor old bird!! LOL! Katrina could have come with Eva, but they were snowed in. That's why I didn't even try to make it over there. Katrina hasn't even been at work in days. We had a brushing of snow here Christmas morning, but it melted quickly. We still have a bit left over from the last arctic blast we had, but it's not even snow anymore. It's more like slush.


Anonymous said...

Think of the Yellowstone movie that we will be doing. I'm hoping for more funny parts

Anonymous said...

You need to get U shaped tent pegs for the ex-pen so it doesn't blow away. Although, we've had ours out all winter with no problems with it blowing down at all.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! The winds out here on the coast are awful strong, that's why I worry.