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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

See What I Mean...

I knew this would happen, the Bible-thumpers are in. LOL! One particularly entertaining individual who calls herself Paliban Mom, has accused me of never reading the Bible. HA!! If she only knew. This is why I have NOTHING to do with organized religion. I never said I didn't believe in GOD (in fact, I prove just the opposite every day), and I never said I didn't believe in Jesus (or that I "hate" Him) sorry man, but that was your own interpretation!! NOT mine!! But people like her are definitely why I hate organized religion!! Not GOD or Jesus, I hate religion in general!! It's a case of hate the message not the messenger.

I took a peek at her own blog, and she is bad-mouthing mormons. Saying they hate GOD. UGH!! My ma and stepfather happen to be mormons, and they do NOT hate GOD!! The main reason I hate religion: They pick on other religions to make themselves look superior. Not my style!! It's always about "My religion is right and their's is wrong!" and blah-blah-blah!! It gets downright annoying!! So I stay away! I worship GOD in my own way and under my own terms. You don't like it? Then you can kiss my behind!!!! If you ask me, this Paliban Mom needs to get her facts straight!! How dare she say my ma and stepfather don't love GOD!!??

And who the heck was it that brought up Barry Manilow?? OMG!! How on Earth did he get in this blog?? I don't even like the guy! LOL! Sorry, I am strictly an INXS fan. But oh heck! They'll now be saying INXS is evil! Not my Timmy though! He is a religious man, BTW! Just because it is a rock group does not mean it's full of evil musicians. And I loved the way JD sang Amazing Grace at the concert I went to in '06!! He sang as beautifully as a bird, or a whale!! hehe! Whichever animal you like listening to, he sounded good!!! People who are such strict Christians that they wouldn't allow someone to have a bit of fun listening to their favorite music make me barf!! Pure and simple!! I remember when I was about 8 years old, ma used to watch the 700 Club on television. And one day Pat Robertson was telling the World how evil rock music was, and some of them when played backwards had satanic messages in them. Well, NONE of those songs he talked about were on our playlists back then, but ma got the wrong idea about all rock n roll songs and took our music tapes and tossed them away. I never did forgive her for that!! And I hold a deep resentment for the 700 Club to this day because of that!!

There was another religion that I heard of that said it was unGodly to have pets of any kind in the house. I remember I learned about that from a woman who used to pick me up some mornings to take me to school, along with her own little boy and another little boy who was in my class. She would never let her boy have a pet because she said it was against her religion. She didn't even like me at all because I had a dog. But I didn't care!! I was NOT about to give my dog up for her or for some dumb religion!!! I can live without people like her, I cannot live without my dogs!!! After a while, she stopped picking me up. She told my ma I was disrespectful to her. Oh Geez! Man, she was disrespectful to ME!! NOT the other way around!!! She was just pissed because I told her no religion is worth giving up my dogs for, and I was glad I wasn't a part of it! All that from an 8 year old! LOL! Well, my feelings were not at all hurt when she never came back to pick me up again. So that is why I prefer now to worship GOD in my own way! Doing it my way, I can listen to whatever music I want, I can have as many pets as I want, and I only have to answer to HIM. Not some nameless, faceless pastor of some church far away preaching a religion I can't even remember about what beliefs are what!! GOD has been good to me so far, so I must be doing something right.

I also despise going to church. I never liked it. I always felt it was wrong. I never saw the point in going to church to prove that I am a worshipper of GOD. I would think the fact that I have always obeyed the 10 commandments, and always treated others with respect (well, at least I did when I was growing up before being scarred by people) was proof enough. That's more than Paliban Mom can say.

And just FTR, the homosexual guys I know are indeed Christians! There is apparently a movement going on now to get Christianity to accept homosexuals into their church. It seems to be working! They are people too! They should be as accepted as anyone else, regardless of whatever old-fashioned ways you all are thinking.


Anonymous said...

you're going to celebrate that disgusting sex-pervert Michael Hutchence? He's already in Hell, and you're going to follow on his coattails.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my favorite is Tim Farriss. Michael was not disgusting, he was a good man. And he is NOT in Hell!! He did nothing to deserve going there!!

Anonymous said...

You go to hell for suicide, you know.

Anonymous said...

Why? A person who commits suicide is not thinking straight. Would it be right to send them to Hell? In medieval days they may have believed people with mental instabilities go to Hell, but not now. Things are changing.

Anonymous said...

Timgal -

Thanks for looking at my website! Did you read it at all, or just see the word "Mormon" in a negative context and decide that I'm evil?

I don't believe you've read the Bible; it is the only way we know God and Jesus, and what He wants of us. You ignore it, and instead worship a god of your own imagining.

To answer another of your rant's points, only one religion CAN be right, as all religions say that all others are WRONG. Did you ever study comparative religons in school? If you did, you'd know this simple fact.

You, dear, are Hellbound, just like that suicide Michael Hutchence.

Why do suicides go to Hell? Simple! They have murdered themselves. They have defied God, who determines who lives and who dies and when, and taken control away from Him.

Sin = Hell.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor Girl. I hurried back over here because I've got a member of my congregation who INSISTS you're a Christ hating secularist and maybe a feminazi. But, I see from what you wrote that all you need is a big fat hug, and maybe a couple of them. You're just so angry at God, you can't even see straight. So, of course you lash out at whatever Christian pops up in front of you.

BUT IT'S OK!! Jesus loves you and so do I.

In Him, Pastor Ray from Salem VA

Anonymous said...

where do you find these people!!!!

i have a question for the lady who says god decides who and when we die...now i really dont want to be argumentative and i respect your thoughts and beliefs so please refrain from attacking me the way you have timmygal.

my question is this...at 18 years old i was 5 and a half months pregnant with my first child and on my way home from work i was badly beaten up to the point i almost died and raped and my unborn child died...this for me id the main reason i have an issue with religion how can a god who decides everything to do with life and death decide to kill my child?

one o my best friends recently lost his fight against cancer he had a young wife and a beautiful baby who will never get to see her dad again how can god say this is right?

again im not being argumentative i would just like to hear your opinon on this matter.

as for suicide having lost a person close to me to this i dont think they are burning in hell i believe they are now in a better place where their suffering has ended.


Anonymous said...

That would be Paliban Mom. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that recommended that you read "The Shack". Remember me? :) (Have you read it?? If not, PLEASE DO!!! your view on "religion". Read the Book of Revelation. I don't think He likes "religion" a whole awful lot either. :) I think He far more prefers a RELATIONSHIP with you (and every one of us) the very most, don't you agree? That's what we need to concentrate on, and then we'll all be so busy with that, that we won't have time to judge where others have gone after they've passed. Not our job anyway.

Suicide=Hell? Hmmm...don't know about that one there, as every single situation is different, and who only really truly knows the heart? Do you think Paliban Mom knows each heart? I sure don't. That's why I like to leave the judging for each of us in His very capable and compassionate hands.

If you're (not you, TG, but your commenters, or rather, hecklers hehe) right with God, you know and have learned enough to know that you're not to judge gays, or those that have committed suicide. We're commanded to LOVE THEM....ALL...regardless of anything else that's going on around them. Just love them.....preferably with your mouth shut unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Holy Spirit wants you to write or speak to another person about Him. If you DO speak out of turn in His name---you've got some MAJOR 'splainin' to do, Lucy!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey there! My power was off for a couple days and I haven't had a chance until now to post the messages, but yes, I got to read The Shack, well some. I like it. I actually just got halfway through it and ran out of time because of the Holidays, but I will get back on it again.

Frankly, I think Paliban Mom knows NOTHING of other peoples' souls. I think she's just a hater with a big mouth, as most of these people seem to be. If this is how religious folks are supposed to act, I only wish I was an atheist!! But no, I am not going to let these haters and negative nellies dissway me from my relationship with GOD. And I agree with you there too, I think HE does prefer a relationship to organized religion.