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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Michael Jackson Touring???

Well, after I read in The Star Celeb how there have been allegations regarding Michael Jackson's life coming to an end (completely false) I heard about him planning another World tour. The first thing that came into my mind, ignoring the article about people saying he was dying, was "Michael Jackson is touring?????" I always thought his touring days were over. Well, all I know is I am not going to any of his shows. Call me what you want but you cannot pay me to attend an MJ concert!!! If there is one thing wacko Jacko is famous for (among thousands of other things) is cancelling concerts just for funsies. It's like he wants the money, but doesn't really want to do the work. This man doesn't even have half the mannerisms INXS does!!

I heard once Janet's boobs flopped out of her outfit on stage while she was doing a dance on a stage in Chicago. I think it was Chicago!! Or was it Washington DC? It was one of those unlucky towns anyway. Anyway, I would kinda like to know if Michael J's nose will also fall off his face? If there is still the threat of that happening, he'd better think about deploying a welder to weld that thing onto his face! Or Michael himself can drill in some screws to keep it on. He can get the screws from the loose ones in his head! Seriously though, I do feel sorry for the man. He fucked up his face and now he's fucked up his life. This was a total surprise that he is going on another tour. GOD help the man!!

Well, I am glad to see The Star Celeb has more guest writers. I've done a few articles for them. I actually feel honored to write for these people. I get a lot of hot news about celebs through E! news on my homepage. And I have a few strings I can pull myself, hehe! Being a writer and touring the country, you meet a lot of people, believe me!! I'm even slowly getting over my shyness. I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y!!!! My supervisor is also here in town and we have been discussing the plans for the company for next year. eek!! In a way I am kinda excited, but in another way I am also scared. I'll be touring to places I've never been before. Some places scare the shit out of me! Like NYC. I've never been there, and I'm going to have to go. Shoot!! I've heard some nightmarish things about the place!!! I know someone who lives there and she tells me that there are people there who will rip your head off for looking cross-eyed at them!! It's totally fucking scary!!! Portland scares me too. Of all the places in Portland that is bad, Hillsboro is the worst!! The people there are ritzy and upper-crust. Any out-of-towners there get treated like they are slime on the sidewalk by the locals. I keep telling Trisha I don't want to go to Portland!! I beg her don't send me there!!! I was so glad when my ma moved from Salem to Olympia, I hated even going through Portland briefly on my way there. That is how much I hate Portland!! And it's not the town it's self I hate, it's the people! They make visiting there more of a chore than a pleasure trip.

Well, I really couldn't care less if MJ is touring, I just want to see INXS tour again. I'm secretly hoping (well, not so secret anymore, lol) that INXS and I will tour the country at the same time. Then I can see every show they put on. I can work by day, have fun and play at the concerts at night. hehe! And I don't mean play any instruments either!!! hehe! I mean, play by looking into Timmy's face and admiring his outer beauty.

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Anonymous said...

What nose? The man doesnt have a nose. Just a great big hole in the middle of his face. MJ is not human in my opinion. He looked a hell of a lot better when he had a nose.
That must have been the nose job I kept hearing about when I was in high school. MJ with no nose.

As for Portland, I prefer Yellowstone myself. But unfortunately, with my car, its much easier to get to Oregon than it is to get to Montana and do our shopping. Although someday I would like to travel to Montana and do some serious shopping myself. I never got to do that while I was at Yellowstone.

I can assure you NOBODY will be attending a MJ concert. The man has gotten himself into so much trouble, his popularity has gone down the toilet.