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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Travolta Double Feature

LOL! He's a cool old guy, I like him. I loved him in Grease. Unfortunately Saturday Night Fever was not as good or as funny as Grease. I think they used the same characters. Not sure though. I remember I saw SNF once and I never wanted to see it again. In one scene in the movie, one of the guys killed himself and I remember it literally made my belly churn. It really made me physically ill!! I was just a kid back then, but it really did make me physically ill, just the thought I guess of this one guy killing himself. I guess that is why I never had the desire to really kill myself, even though I've been through some pretty far down moments. The only time I seriously contemplated doing anything harmful was when my Groucho died. But Grease is funny. In all fairness though, Saturday Night Fever does have the better soundtrack. I've been listening to it for many years. I even remember having the album as a child, and having the maddest crush on the Bee Gees. Especially Barry Gibb. Of the three of them, he was the one that looked more like a man. LOL! Kinda hard to explain there, but it is true. I've seen a recent picture of him, this is what he looks like today:

Still not bad!! I love a man holding a guitar!!!! (nothing like someone who is loyal to her childhood fantasies, eh?) Even though this was the guy who used to trip my fancy:

Now, his brother Robin was not too bad looking either. But he was too skinny.

More than anything when I was a kid, I think it was his hair I was more attracted to. LOL! Not really his face, lips or anything. I like guys with a bit of meat on their bones. But you know Robin is still that skinny? Believe me. I used to pretend like me and my sis were at a concert of their's and they were playing on the stage in front of us. Then Anna had the good destiny to actually attend one of their concerts. I was too young to go so I didn't get a chance to. I stayed home with my pa, and my kitty cat that I had at that time. There was one song the BeeGees did, called Tragedy, that is a good song. That is until they come toward the end when you hear what sounds like cannon guns firing off. Anna told me that when she was at the concert, those things that sounded like cannon guns are actually pyrotechnics. Now, I can believe it. But when I was a kid, I'd never even heard of pyrotechnics. Imagine the BeeGees going for those, like some major heavy-metal rockers. INXS never has used pyrotechnics. Not that I've seen, anyway. IMO, the BeeGees should not have used them in that song, it was a bad idea. It kinda ruins the ending for me.

Actually, Travolta himself used to be kinda good-looking too. He's not a bad singer either. I never had a crush on him, per se. I just liked his appearance on Grease and a few other movies. Grease was the funnier of his movies back then, and Saturday Night Fever was more on the dramatic side. That's how I saw it. I haven't seen SNF since I was about 7 years old. It was enough.

Well, on to a subject I know I'll love, Timmy again. The DJ. Unfortunately, I was right all along, the shows are only going to be broadcast in Australia. I thought the show was going to cost $175!! Apparently that was to subscribe to some other radio station for the news about the stations that will be broadcasting this series. But still!!! I won't get to hear it. According to this one person who told me about all this, there will be livestreaming, but no podcasting. And the livestreams are only for Aus. It still SUCKS!!! I was confused for a slight second. I probably would have understood more if I was still on inxs.com and able to read everyone's responses to that. But I am not, and I am not ready to return yet. I still love Tim, but still taking a "break" from INXS. Now, I am still new to computers and gadgets and how stuff works, but I still don't see why someone in Aus cannot record the programs as they come on the radio there and make podcasts of them and post them up on like inxs.com or somewhere. Well Tim, I still love you man. I hope someone can think of some way the rest of the World can hear this! I'd sure love to! I can bet it would be priceless!!!

Well, I'm also taking a break from working on my Metazoic website. I'm back to working on my UMG website. I've been hard at work on a story called Gracie's Odyssey. It is a UMG masterpiece!!! It's kindof a combination of Finding Nemo and Brother Bear, but this story is twice as old as those movies. It was first completed in January of 1998 by one of my best friends, Cairo. In fact, he based the story on my life at that time. hehe! Cairo has retired from our little group, and is now writing poetry and hang-gliding. HA!! He likes that stuff. Now, our group is down to about 3 individuals, not counting my sis Anna, who has also written for us. But Anna doesn't seem to want to make a career of writing. The story is about a fawn, named Davy, born in a zoo, and he is undersized compared to his brother and sister. Gracie is the mother. When Davy's brother and sister are sold, he is left behind with his mom. Gracie develops a special kinship with Dave and does not want to part with him, and he doesn't want to part from her. But one day the zoo keeper slips into their pen in the middle of the night and takes Dave away from his mom and sells him to another zoo far away. Gracie is pissed! And Dave is upset his mom isn't with him anymore and he feels he will never see her again. Well, I cannot give too much of the story away, but that is the jist of how it begins a long conquest for Gracie to try and get her fawn back. The story is based on me. That was a bad time for me, for several obvious reasons. So the story represents me, and Davy represents a small, but important, part of my soul that was lost at that time. It's a long explaination. But it did turn out to be a very good story!!! It will be up on our UMG site very soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I just wanted to make a comment on the explosion sound in "Tragedy". You may be able to find the video on YOUTUBE nowadays, but not positive. The sound you hear, believe it or not, is Barry! He stood at the microphone with his hands cupped around it and made the noise using the saliva in his lovely mouth and making the sound you would as a child playing shoot 'em up!!
There was a BeeGees special on tv in 1979, and it shows how that sound came to be! It's just another example of the talents of Barry Gibb! I hope you can find the video---it's really cute to watch.

Take Care, Leslie

PS: I met Barry and Andy in 1987 and lemme tell ya, Barry looked incredible, smelled edible and was absolutely charming! I even got a kiss before I had to leave. Ahhh, life!! LOL

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

When I was a kid and had a huge crush on Barry, I'd have killed for a kiss from him! LOL! That's cool you got to meet them. Man! I've got to see that video now!