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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Operacion Repo

I was watching a marathon of this last night. Man!! I never seen a bigger bunch of roughnecks in my life!! But I guess you've gotta be a roughneck to do the kind of job they do. But this one guy named Matt, oh man!! He's the roughest roughneck of all of them. He manhandles everyone, man, woman, short, tall, fat, skinny, he doesn't care, he roughs them all up!! Man! I've seen gangsters who were not as quick-tempered as this guy! He is built like a bear with the temper of one of those honey badgers.

These people repossess cars and other vehicles from those who do not keep up the payments. They do come up against some pretty rough characters themselves. I'll never forget that woman in a pizza parlor who threw her whole pizza on this one woman Sonya's head. Sonya always seems to go to these repossessions like she's going to a ball. She always wears this big, huge, lacy dress, but she's got an attitude like I've never seen before. She kinda reminds me of a woman I lived with for 2 weeks once. That's a different story though but it was a live-in babysitter position and the mom was a roughneck too. And a hard-rocker. I had to quit that job when my pa was pestering me because she was paying me little more than room and board. At least I got a new sofa out of the deal! But anyway, she is who Sonya reminds me of.

Anyway, I've been rather lucky I've never had to have my car repossessed, I always pay for them in full. That way I know there will never be any threat of repossessions. I may not have the prettiest and flashiest cars on the road, but at least they are all mine from the get-go. I've never had a car repossessed and I never will. :) Well, I'm not like most of these other people who were trying to stop these people, hitting them over the head with pizzas and stuff. LOL! I'm more the type that would say "Go ahead and take the car! It's more trouble than it's worth!" Out here, I can always catch the bus. Not a big problem. But anyway, if you like watching roughnecks repossessing the cars of idiots, I recommend this show. It's funny as heck!! Don't get Matt angry though!

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