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Monday, May 1, 2017

Are These People Getting Nervous?

Check out this post on Kathy's wall on Facebook. It's a picture of my dad's gravestone. But also note the conversation underneath.

My big question is, what the hell is Stephanie gonna do? Have me thrown in jail? For asking a question? You don't get thrown in jail for asking a question. Stephanie cannot answer the question. She wasn't there with dad when the Vietnam war was going on. My ma was, and she said dad was never in Vietnam. I thought he was too, but ma said he wasn't. Is Stephanie going to sue me? LOL! I've seen enough court to know (plus I have a cousin who is a lawyer) that I have free speech rights. I can ask Kathy anything I want to. Stephanie cannot do shit about it! She can take me to court if she wants to, but all that will be the outcome is she'll just be wasting all that money in court fees and she won't get anything out of me! And I can sue her for the court fees myself. Because this is a free speech case. So, bring it on bitch!

I'm definitely NOT afraid. I know what my rights are. I'm telling the truth. Stephanie accused me and Anna of telling lies, so now, I'm gonna give her nothing but the truth. She asked for it! She has no qualms about saying how she feels, neither do I. And if she does take me to court, I can get her on slander charges too, for implying I don't take care of my dogs. As long as Kathy has me on her Facebook, I can say anything I want. It's not harassment (because I am still on her friends list), it's not slander, it's not threatening. It's free speech. Nothing more. That is how a judge will see it.😁 So, go for it. Take me to court. I dare you. I'll get a high-priced lawyer (which Stephanie will pay for too if she decides to go through with this) and he'll confirm my rights.

*************************LATEST DEVELOPMENT**************************

HAHAHAHA!! Tonight I made a mistake, but it was a funny mistake. My sis was pissed after reading this post, so pissed she slammed on her refrigerator. I told her she needs to get a sand bag. She said they have one at the gym. I told her to go there and beat on that thing for a while. If need be, tape a picture of Stephanie's face to the bag and pretend it's her. It's a lot better than taking it out on the real thing! LOL! Or possibly on another person. Anna didn't have a pic of Stephanie. I told her I'd get her one. So, I got one, off Kathy's Facebook page. I had to open up chat with Kathy to get her Facebook address though. I didn't intend on chatting with her, but I accidentally posted the pic of Stephanie to her in chat. I said, "She's the fat one on the bottom". Then I realized it was Kathy I was posting that to. LOL!!! My face was red, but oh well. Stephanie didn't want us to lie anymore, so she got the brutal truth. hehehe!!

I admit, I am fat myself. But I did not start this thing. Stephanie did, by poking her nose in someplace it doesn't belong. I admit Kathy also needs to grow up, but this is Stephanie's thing. It's no longer about Kathy. At least not where I am concerned.

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