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Monday, May 8, 2017

Up To Speed

Remember the other day when I posted that I accidentally sent that message about Stephanie to Kathy? Well, I haven't yet mentioned this, been waiting, but I heard back from Kathy. LOL! The first thing she asked was why I posted that picture. I told her the story of how my sis needed to blow off steam, and she needed a picture of Stephanie to do it with. LOL! Like I said, it's better than taking it out on the real thing! Then Kathy stated "That was very rude!" My response to her was "So was Stephanie's message to my mom. Where does one draw the line at? I'm not hurting anything. Stephanie acted like an animal." I hope Stephanie got that message loud and clear. I'm sure Kathy shared it with her. I'm not exactly trying to sound polite. I already tried politeness with those people, and they hated it. So, now the wolverine is in action. And to the literal people, that's a figure of speech! I often call myself a wolverine because I am brave.

I think Stephanie was scared I was going to use her picture to torment her on here. LOL! Maybe I will and maybe I won't. I'll tell you one thing, I definitely will if she disrespects my ma again! Stephanie has only begun to see how nasty I can get! I don't call myself the human wolverine for nothing! I know my ma does not need me to fight her battles for her (she's not like Kathy). But I have the mentality that if you fuck with my family, then your ass is fair game in my book! I'll fuck with you right back! I swear, Kathy is 3 years older than my ma, and she needs her daughters to fight her battles for her?! I kinda wonder if Kathy was one of those kinds of kids that grew up being bullied, and always had other kids come to her aid? Standing alone, I may have gotten my ass beat up as a kid, but today it's made me a stronger person. I don't run from bullies anymore. But I do hate them.

Well, this is the last time I am bringing up this family on this blog. At least until step 3. I will explain about that later. But that's the last step in my communication with that family, and then that will be it. I'll wash my hands of them all completely.

Speaking of washing one's hands completely, I've noticed the Two Worlds Collided group is no longer there. Hmm. I wonder what happened? LOL! Not that I was ever on that group, I had no interest. But looking back on posts I made when I first heard about that group, did I not tell you that group would fail?! If it went under, that is no surprise to me! And I bet I know exactly what caused it. It's because Jannah cannot control her damn temper! I could have told you all that! In fact I did! Jannah was the fag to end all fags! I think those dumb cats of hers did something to her brain. They've been linked to road rage. I think they can also be linked to internet rage as well. I told you all, cats are the spawn of Satan. They cause people to turn on one another. Name me a dog owner that has such a bad attitude as Jannah had. You'll never find one. I was nicer to Jannah than she was to me, and I haven't had a cat since 2002. I'm also 40+ years old. My guess is Jannah must have been (at most) in her 20s, judging by her attitude. If not in her teens.

I don't often like to say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!!! As someone who's dealt with bullying, I've had to train myself to be able to judge beforehand who is a friendly person and who isn't. Most of the time, I can tell who is a good person and who's not. Jannah was NOT a good person! Bad people often hide behind occasional friendly words. I learned that the hard way! When I was 10 years old. Well, every experience in our lives brings forth knowledge. I must say I learned well. I learned more by watching people than I did sitting in a classroom reading books. I learned what school cannot teach you. Now, whether I always put that knowledge to work ahead of time is another story. LOL! When I try to give liberals a chance is when I often get into the most trouble. I sometimes don't know, or can't face, that some of the people I chose as "friends" are indeed liberals. One thing I learned, NEVER let your guard down with liberals! That's not a good idea!

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