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Thursday, May 18, 2017

RIP Chris Cornell

Oh man! This is going to break Katrina's heart! Chris Cornell of Soundgarten passed away yesterday. Soundgarten is perhaps one of Katrina's most favorite groups of all time. She used to listen to their album over and over again!!! She also had a big crush on Chris Cornell when she was a teenager! I wanted to call her and tell her, but she is at work and I'm afraid it might have ruined her day. I wonder if she's heard the news anyways. I don't know. I remember how she felt when she found out George Michael died, and when Prince died. She was very sad by those losses. She liked them much more than I did. LOL! But she was heartbroken then. This is really going to break her. He died yesterday, and it is believed he died of suicide. But still not sure of it yet.

Katrina, if you're reading this, I am so sorry to give you the news. Please remember to pray for his family and friends.

I just heard the news this morning myself. My first thoughts were with Katrina. Because I remember how she crushed on him as a child. I think she's even seen him in concert, though I don't know if she's met him or not. I know he lived in Seattle too. If I ever met him, I wouldn't have known it, like I said, I don't know all of today's celebrities, and all people in Seattle look alike to me.

This is very sad anyways, Soundgarten was a good group. I don't have any of their songs on my MP3 player, but I would listen to them, and boogie to their songs. Especially Black Hole Sun, which Katrina used to play over and over and over again!!! I guess that's why I don't have it on my MP3 player, because she played it so many times a day, it made me crazy! But she loved it.

Now for the dramatic subject change, Mya is doing good! She gets a lot of attention everywhere we go! She is so fluffy and cute!! Even our apartment manager, who said she doesn't even like dogs, fell in love with Mya. Yesterday I took her to Salem, and we had fun! We actually went through this thrift store and took random, cute pictures of her. I'm using one as my profile pic.

My current profile pic on Facebook. She's queen of the hill!
Now, she's today's Blue-plate Special.

Riding away on her hobby-horse.

She's met Mr. Teddy Bear.
She loves the gift her auntie and cousins sent her!
It's good to relax after a long, hard day of photo-taking.

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