Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Done Finally!

I was going to post this yesterday, but I was a bit too busy. But anyway, I don't know how I did it but I was able to import my last blog to this one. I kept the better posts, and did a little bit of clean-up to take out all the bad stuff. I didn't publish the ones that requires too much clean-up. In fact I tossed those away. Katrina, Eva and Anna are all happy that I am turning over this new leaf. This is the first step. Katrina says I need to tear down these walls I have over myself and I know she is right. That is the next step and the hardest part. These "walls" are basically my protection and have been for so many years, I don't know how I can do without them. And every time I am nice to someone I get kicked down. I always manage to get back up again, usually by doing what Katrina calls "putting another brick on the wall". Not only does another brick go on the wall, but also the big guns come out and I shoot blindly at everyone. I think for the past couple of years I've been getting this "get them before they get me" notion, and we all know I need to stop that. Well, I am working on it. I will not promise to change by tomorrow, but I will not be airing my grievances on here any more. Because Katrina said she'd knock my blocks off! LOL! She packs a lot of power in a body that is only 5-feet tall and 98 pounds!!

Kindof a shame! It was those grieving and crazy posts that kept the regular readers coming back! I almost hate to give them up. Now I don't think I will be getting anymore readers at all. People don't go to blogs that are all lovey-dovey. Though I think that is what drew the people of the DF forum to me in the first place, my deep devotion to Tim Farriss. Only problem was they misinterpreted everything. But not getting into that!! There is always going to be people who will read what I write and misinterpret it or make stuff up from it. Well, part of the reason may be me. I am very precise in what I write. It's a habit. When I first started writing, someone told me that in order for a book to be good enough to publish a writer has to be very descriptive and detailed. Like you cannot say in a story "we watched the clouds roll by". A writer has to say something to the effect of "We sat on the cool, green grass and looked up to the sky and watched the clouds roll slowly by." So that is how I learned to put all these descriptive phrases in my writings. Even on these blogs. So I figured maybe I put too much description on my blogs. Who is going to read these blogs anyway? Usually common people. Not necessarily people who know all about writing.

Well, that's all I have to say. I think I cleaned out most of these posts, but if anyone sees anything "impure" let me know! I am still redoing this one story "Gracie's Odyssey". It's coming out great. But it is taking forever!! I know it will eventually get done, it's just taking such a long time. This story has officially been written twice. The first time was in 1998, and the second time was in 1999. In the first version, Davy grows up in a zoo, and then goes off to live with other animals. In the 1999 version, he lives in a zoo for a little while, then is bought by a man who brings him home to his teenage daughter, Lisa. I am actually the one responsible for the second version! I thought up Lisa and her father the summer before, in 1998. They came to me in a dream. But at that time, I had been watching too much Titanic, the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I saw it about a hundred times in the theater!! I loved it! Then I had that dream of Lisa and her father buying Davy from the zoo. Now, you know how it is that dreams tend to exaggerate things. Like if you are asleep and someone knocks on your bedroom door, in a dream it can sound like gunshots firing. Well, in this dream, it took the ritzy-looking people I saw on Titanic and made people look even more ritzy. So in this original "re-write", Lisa was a princess in a huge, frilly dress and a tiara, and her father was the king of the land. And they were not on a boat, they lived in a castle. LOL! I actually put that down on paper because it seemed like a cute idea at the time. But when I finished it and looked back on it, I decided it was overdoing things too much and I didn't like it at all!! I didn't even present it to Cairo, the original writer of that story!

Well, several months later, in 1999, I re-wrote that story. I still liked the idea of Lisa and her father buying Davy from a zoo, but I wanted to tone down their position. So, Lisa's father, instead of being king of the land, is now a judge in a Supreme Court. Lisa is still a simple teenage girl in middle school and they both live in a mansion on top of a hill, not a castle in some far-off land! Besides, children have enough books about princes and princesses and stuff like that. Let them have someone they can really relate to. Cairo really liked that idea too, so this is how the story has been written up all these years. The story is not available on our website yet, but it will be very soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama's Dog

Well, I was reading an article at The Star Celeb, and Obama has narrowed down the feild of breeds. Well, ONE breed, and the other a mutt. He wants to get either a Portuguese Water Dog or a mixed labrador and poodle (better known to other people as "labradoodles"). IF he does go with the labradoo, that would be catastrophic!! Next thing you know, everyone will be seeking these mutts. Even the person who wrote the article thinks they are the best choice. Bad idea! Mongrels never have a fixed personality. I personally have never seen a mongrel whose personality was 100% better than those of any purebreeds. The trouble is the public is pushed to believe they are better, so they get these mutts not expecting them to give any problems. And then when they do, the mutts wind up in the pound. Some of the worst dog attacks I've ever heard of were committed by mongrels. If Obama does get a mongrel, I can only hope he gets it from a shelter. At least they put down dogs that have bad temperaments! That's the only way they'd find a mixed-breed guaranteed to have a good personality. Don't go to a breeder of mixed breeds! They'll only tell you what they think you want to hear because all they are interested in is pocketing the money from the sale.

Personally, if it were me, a lover of pure-breed dogs, I'd go for the Portuguese Water Dog. But you're less likely to find them in shelters. In fact I've never seen one in a shelter. A tribute to how good a personality pure-breeds have over mongrels. Personally if it were me, I'd never get either dog with girls under 10 years old! I don't trust labradors at all. And poodles are too hyper. But then so are the water dogs. But then again, poodles and the Water Dogs are the only non-allergenic dogs. Labradors are a totally different story, and that's another problem with getting a labradoo, they may wind up with one that has a labrador-coat, even if it resembles a poodle, and it could shed, causing Obama's daughter undue allergies. But it's really his choice. If it were me, I'd have gone for a purebreed toy poodle.

Yellowstone Quakes and Shakes!

This should please my sis Anna, she is a self-proclaimed volcano junkie! She's often said that if David Johnston was still around today he would be the man she would have loved to marry. He was a rather good-looking man!

Nice guy! I met the guy but I was too young to really care! He was the one who uttered those famous last words just before Mount St. Helens blew up and claimed him as one of her victims, "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!!" That's the only man my sis Anna ever fell in love with. She doesn't like guys. She's not gay, she just doesn't trust men. But hey! If he was still around now, and Anna married him, they could have gone off on volcano-hunting trips together! But anyway, there is seismic activity at Yellowstone (and Anna wants to move there???) and it is causing some concern. If it blows, Anna says there is no way out! It'd cause a disaster of epic proportions. Pretty much most of the NW would be affected, so would the east coast. Anyway, here's an article I found about the activity going on at Yellowstone.
Yellowstone Quakes Shake Loose Eruption Fears
Mead Gruver, Associated Press
Jan. 12, 2009 -- Run for your lives ... Yellowstone's going to explode!

Hundreds of small earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park in recent weeks have been an unsettling reminder for some people that underneath the park's famous geysers and majestic scenery lurks one of the world's biggest volcanoes.

In the ancient past, the volcano has erupted 1,000 times more powerfully than the 1980 blast at Mount St. Helens, hurling ash as far away as Louisiana. No eruption that big has occurred while humans have walked the earth, however, and geologists say even a minor lava flow is extremely unlikely any time soon.

Some observers are nonetheless warning of imminent catastrophe.

"To those of us who have been following these events, we know that something is brewing, especially considering that Yellowstone is over 40,000 years overdue for a major eruption," warned a posting on the online disaster forum Armageddononline.org.

Another Web site contained a page entitled "Yellowstone Warning" that encouraged "everyone to leave Yellowstone National Park for 100 miles around the volcano caldera because of the danger in poisonous gasses that can escape from the hundreds of recent earthquakes."

That site, which carried the U.S. Geological Survey logo, has since been taken down.

"A casual observer would be led to believe that was an official source," Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash said, pointing out that the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, which monitors the park for seismic activity, hasn't changed the volcano's alert level from "normal."

Working with the Geological Survey, Nash issued a news release Thursday, saying no evacuation had been ordered.

Jessica Robertson, a Geological Survey spokeswoman in Reston, Va., said the Web page violated the USGS trademark and that the agency's attorneys were investigating whether a federal offense was committed.

Phone and e-mail messages left with the contact named on the Web site weren't returned Thursday.

Earthquakes are hardly unusual in Yellowstone. Hundreds occur in the park every year. Earthquake "swarms" like the recent activity also aren't uncommon, although the 900 or so quakes that began Dec. 26 and significantly tapered off about a week later appear to have been the most energetic swarm in more than 20 years.

The most powerful temblor was magnitude 3.9, just short of being able to cause moderate damage. The vast majority of quakes were too weak to be felt by people.

Scientists knowledgeable about Yellowstone's geology aren't publicly speculating about what caused the swarm before they can analyze data. That will take months.

"I could come up with 100 different theories without any evidence for them and they would all be equally likely," said Jake Lowenstern, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based scientist in charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. "Unless you have some reason to say that's what's going on, then you're not going to get a whole lot of people convinced by your speculation."

Park geologist Hank Heasler said the odds of a cataclysmic eruption at Yellowstone any time soon are astonishingly remote -- about the same as a large meteorite hitting the Earth. The last such eruption occurred 640,000 years ago. The last eruption of any kind at Yellowstone was a much smaller lava flow about 70,000 years ago.

"Statistically, it would be surprising to see an eruption the next hundred years," Lowenstern said.

Much more likely, he said, would be a hydrothermal explosion in which underground water encounters a hot spot and blasts through the surface. Small hydrothermal explosions producing craters a few feet wide occur in Yellowstone perhaps once or twice a year. Large hydrothermal explosions leaving craters the size of a football field occur every 200 years or so, according to a 2007 paper co-authored by Heasler, Lowenstern and others.

Lowenstern said new equipment installed deep within bore holes in the park over the past two summers eventually should provide a clear picture of what's causing the earthquake swarm. That data could help scientists make better predictions about Yellowstone's geology.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

Tonight's show represented the year 1994. Another great year, it was the first year my sis Anna and I came to Ocean Shores by ourselves without our family. We stayed at a cute little hotel here, it was one of few around at that time. There were few powerlines then in this town, all the homes, land and hotels were on septic systems, that's how primitive it was out here. Basically it was just a cute little get-away town. It was the Easter weekend and every year around that time, all the kite-fliers come to this area to take advantage of the high ocean winds. Well, that little weekend trip sparked my imagination and ever since then, I've wanted to move to this town. Another thing that piqued my interest in this town was the Disney movie, "Pete's Dragon". It too was taken in a small, oceanside town, and it was such a cute movie! I was so fascinated by the town being so small and nestled up against the ocean it made me want to move out here so bad I was almost ready to pack up and leave the mountains and move to the ocean right then. Now, I am glad I moved here, even though it has taken me several years.

That was also the year I got heavily into the future of evolution. When I was younger the thought of evolution always made me cringe, but then I started studying it further, partly because of Jurassic Park, and I realized it was the best explaination there was for why dinosaurs and humans were not around at the same time. I actually created my first critters in 1992, but they were more akin to "make-believe" animals, much like one would see in a Dr. Seuss book, or on Star Wars. It wasn't until 1994 that I made these animals a little more scientifically accurate. I started with lemurs, the therapeds and deinognathids and carnivorous rats. The carnivorous rats I got from my copy of After Man. Dixon became quite famous for his predator rats. But he made them look too much like modern rats on stilts. I made them look more advanced. For one thing, I got rid of the naked tail, giving them a well-haired tail. From those first creations I radiated out into a World dominated by mammals. From that day on you could say my life focused on creating a mammal-dominated world, with no humans, and lacking those species who hinder the evolutionary advancement of other animals. Some animals I believe have many more millions of years to go.

This was also the year Kurt Cobain died. He grew up here, about 15 miles away from me in Hoquiam. The town even did a statue, funded by MTV, of Cobain. It's an awesome sight!!! Last time I saw it though it was still in the production stage. I didn't go to the unveiling, I'm not the biggest Nirvana fan, but my friend Cathy is.

Well, Australia had their own headlines that year, something about brushfires in northern Australia. Boy! I know how that feels! I get sick of hearing about brushfires in California!! But I guess that's what happens with global warming. That was a great year for music, not saying all of it was good, but I did hear a lot of songs tonight that has brought back some fond memories!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

I missed day 9, so I'll just skip to what I have heard tonight. Day 10, represents 1993. I didn't know Prince did that song that year!! I'd have swore that was an 80s song!!! Either I'm wrong or Timmy is. Most likely me, I never cared for Prince. He never did anything really good as far as I'm concerned. But the rest of the songs I recognize very well. Well, except that last song. That was a weirdo song! Someone who would do anything for love except he won't do that. Whatever "that" is, I don't know. It was a weird song anyway.

1993 was a pretty good year. That was the year my sis Eva married a man, a wealthy man I might say. Lucky her! She doesn't want me to say what he does or where he works, so I won't. I cannot say why, so don't ask. hehe! That was the year me and Cathy finished the "Batman" series in our stories. It ended with a bang! Quite literally. We had UMG characters playing Batman characters, and it ended up being the character named Bucky was just waking up from a nap after dreaming he was Batman battling the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and the Mad Hatter. It was a funny way to end the series that extended over a year. We started the series just before Batman Returns started in the theaters, in August of 1992 with Batman battling the Joker and Penguin. I loved writing those Batman series because it gave me a chance to let my imagination really go wild. It was never meant to replace the original Batman comics or movies, it was just a fun way of being trendy. Bucky is a lemur that is used in quite a few stories and he turned out to be a Batman fan, so this is why he was dreaming these things happening to him while wearing a Batman costume. They were not the only stories I had that ended up being a dream someone in the story was having. A couple years later, I had a story with me sitting in a college biology class studying Dian Fossey, and dreaming I was going up to study gorillas with her. In the beginning of the story though I fell asleep, and at the end of the story I was woken up. That was all that story was based on. I dunno, the plot worked well for Alice in Wonderland!! In the story Alice apparently dreamed the whole thing up, then woke up at the end. The same concept applies to these stories.

That was also the year my pa moved in with the woman who was soon to be his wife and left us his house as a rental. He still visited quite often. But back then everytime he visited it was a roll of the dice whether he would be in a good mood or a bad mood. I hated it when he came to visit!!! He may have left us the house, but he didn't leave us our privacy!! He still wanted to control everything we did, even though we were not children anymore and he was renting us the house and we paid our rent on time every month.

Well geez, I am awful tired tonight! I loved hearing Tim on the radio again, but I am so tired. When my eyes start stinging me, that means they are TIRED!!!!

Road Trip With the Wees!

Yesterday we went on a long trip with our little ones. I mean a LONG trip!!! At first we went to Astoria, our intent was to do some grocery shopping. But the store we went to did not have all we wanted, so as long as we were in the state, I thought let's go to Portland. So we did. They had everything we wanted so we got what we wanted and needed and came back home. It was a long way there from Astoria, where we originally started. We stopped at a rest stop to let the little ones go potty, they always attract a lot of attention, and Anna met a woman who just lost her husband yesterday. I thought when the woman looked at me she had that lost look in her eyes, kinda like how I looked when I lost my Groucho. She said he went in for heart surgery and died in the operation. I felt so bad for her, I told her she is in my prayers. That's all I could do, but she said seeing our babies made her day. I get so awkward in those kind of situations. I never had a husband die on me, I've lost friends and close family before, and kind words are enough to help me feel better. All I could offer was my condolences.

Well, we got our shopping done. You know what? I think I'm going to go shopping there more often! Everything is cheaper there! I was able to get twice as much as I usually do. But we were so tired upon returning we were falling asleep on the ride home! Thank GOD we made it before we got too tired. Usually on a long trip like that during the last 10 miles toward home I start feeling woozy, and last night was no exception. I had to turn off the music and start talking just to keep Anna and myself awake! I didn't think I was going to make it home awake! But we did, us and the wees made it home unscathed. There were still a lot of road closures due to flooding!! Thank GOD by yesterday most places were cleared, but passing through Chehalis, Centralia and Elma I noticed most of those areas were underwater! It's like a sea out here! I think in the future World this whole area is going to be part of the Pacific Ocean! No land anywhere. The Cascades are going to maybe be an island chain, or underwater volcanoes. The area Katrina lives with her family is not so bad, but then she lives on a hill too. But I also remember her mentioning yesterday that she could not go to work because most of the highway around her area was flooded.

Well, when I got home, I wanted to try my all-new portable DVD player I got yesterday, but I was too tired. Even today I am still too tired! NUTS!! But I will get to try it out, possibly tonight. I just cannot wait is all! It even plays VCDs, which I have quite a few of. My old player won't even touch VCDs!! Anna has no use for VCDs so I gave the player to her. This one is cool! It's like a flat-panel player, with a cute little mini remote. I can hook this baby up to my stereo on one side of the room and control it from the other. Look out Rockstar: INXS!! I'll be watching it maybe tonight! I miss Timmy. These radio programs are cool, but I want to see Tim's face! I missed last night's program! I'm sure they did the year 1992. Tonight they might do 1993. That was the year I got back into listening to the radio after like a 2-year break.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 6

This article was from Day 6 of Tim-Tim's radio show, so I thought I'd better save it here.

I was finally able to free up some time tonight and listen to Tim's radio program on a livestream from the River 94.9 FM, for the first time. Here I was talking about not missing it and I missed the last 6 days!! Tonight, he was doing the songs from 1989. Anyone else want to hear it, it comes on at 6:00 PM here in WA state. So that's PT zone. I missed the first 6 years, but I guess it's just as well. The songs from 1982 and 1983 are stupid and boring. In 1984 songs began getting better, but not the ones other people think were so great. But that's JMO.

1989, a good year. I was in high school. Cathy and I were on a story-writing frenzy that year, a number of my creations were based on the life of Dian Fossey. Though not necessarily Gorillas in the Mist. I also "discovered" music this year. Well, I discovered I like it. That was also the year I got Amadeus, my siamese cat. The only cat I would ever have that I would love. He still got on my nerves a lot though!! That was also the year my ma and pa got divorced. They both agreed it was the best thing for them. My pa met his now wife, and my ma met her now husband and now both are happy. That was also the year I met my first boyfriend, the man I hoped to marry someday. Well, that was before he joined the service.

When I first tuned in to the program, I kinda expected it to be like those Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer talk shows, a mix of both Tim Farriss talking about his experiences with INXS and talking about other groups. He did have some nice things to say about Roxette, which was always my favorite group next to INXS. But basically all Tim was doing was talking about musical history in general, and introducing what songs will be played. I did enjoy the songs, one song that was played I haven't heard in years! More than anything I enjoyed hearing Tim's commentary. To think I even recognized his voice among the other DJs. Been a long time since I spoke to him, but I still remember him even without seeing him. I was hoping though he'd be cracking jokes and being funny as I know he is capable of. Well, either way I did enjoy the program, and I thank my buds from OBINXS for referring me to the site.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

Tim was in good voice tonight! As he talked about the year 1991. Of course I realize these shows are pre-recorded!!! LOL! Anyway, I never realized how little I listened to the radio in '91 until I heard tonight's show. I have these periods, just like everything else, that are neutral and periods where I cannot get enough of something. Radio was among those things. In 1989 and 1990, I listened to the radio constantly! In 1991, I only listened to the radio a little, for maybe a few months of the year and then I stopped. I don't remember listening to the radio at all in 1992 or most of 1993. Then about around September of 1993, I started listening to the radio again. That started a long trend of constant radio and music that lasted several years. Between 1993, '94, '95 and most of '96 I never had the radio off!! I'd be in my stereo room and I'd listen to the radio, in my bedroom, I'd listen to the radio, the car sure enough the radio was always on. Then late in 1996 I suddenly stopped listening except in the car, and that was only occasionally. In 1997 I hadn't started up yet, 1998 I was more into INXS so I listened more to my CDs than the radio. But in 1999 I started listening to the radio once again and didn't stop for a while. All of 1999 and 2000 I was constantly listening to the radio, especially on my way to work. In 2001 I didn't listen to the radio at all though. That was the year we moved to Olympia and I lost my favorite radio station when we did that. So, that was a bummer! I hardly ever listened to the radio unless I was in the car and just didn't have anything to say to whomever was in there with me. Usually the dogs. I'd take the dogs when Anna wasn't there so I'd have someone else to talk to. Unless it was hot out. After 2001 I never listened to the radio again, and out here there is only one radio station and it only plays country music. A big no-no in this house unless my stepfather is DJing, and then only to show him family support.

Anyway, I only recognized a few songs tonight. It could also be that I am not from Australia, but most of the songs I either barely remember or do not recognize. But who cares? I just enjoy hearing Tim's voice!! He even sounds beautiful! Forgive me for lusting!

Speaking of forgiveness, I wanted to announce I forgive the dirty dozen mob for what they did, I forgive DonnaG and her supporters for what they did in the past, that includes Catsredrum, Netrage, Mayday06 and NetsAngel. I forgive you all. I forgive those who have trashed me for no reason, I respect their decision to not want anything to do with me anymore. I forgive the people on the Anti-PETA forum for what they did. I'm not sure I'm supposed to list everything, they know what they did, and I really do not want to get into it, as I want to keep this clean. May GOD have mercy on them all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7

Well, tonight Timmy did the show for the year 1990. A great year! I was in the Voc school that year, and became something of a grown up. It was a part of my high school continuing education program. Yippee!! I was glad to get away from the high school kids and become a grown up. Though even then, on the bus to the school, I still had kids barking at me. Don't ask why!! It was their thing, not mine! They were nutty kids! They were on their way to a school for troubled kids, so that should give you some idea why they acted that way. I was also madly in love with my first boyfriend this year, and hoped to marry him once I graduated from high school. He couldn't wait either. But later I found out he was being transfered across the country. He wanted me to come, but I couldn't. My family and friends are here, and it's not easy for me to make friends (back then we didn't have the internet), so I opted to stay here. He couldn't stay, so he had to go. I thought we would keep in touch, he had my phone # and all, but he never called, wrote or anything.

Now, I wish I had gone with him. I stayed there and lived in my father's house for many years, and every day was a constant battle with him!!! I never knew from one minute to the next if he was going to be in a good mood or bad mood, he changed with the wind!! Ya know, I think that's what turned me into a bitter old woman?! A woman who doesn't trust anybody! Maybe if I had gone with my first boyfriend to NC, I would not have become such an ogre! Being overly-defensive at every turn, hating everybody, or not trusting them, thinking everyone is either out to get me or is only being nice because they want something from me. I got so used to living that way staying at my father's house. But he was nice enough to let me live there on a minimal rent. It was just every time I saw him, he was either very very sweet, or very very mean. And I didn't know what he was which days. Sometimes he would come to the house nice, and later turn mean and nasty, for no apparent reason. Well, those days are behind me. He's a very different person now. I honestly think it took us moving out here, almost 100 miles away from him, to tame him down. Now whenever I see him, he's always very thoughtful, kind and polite. Miracles never cease.

Anyway, 1990 was also the year I discovered INXS. It was the summer of 1990. I'd been hearing INXS's music for a couple of years, and it was one of the first bands to capture my attention, and my imagination. When I saw a video of their's for the first time that summer, at first I fell in love with Michael. It was Need U Tonight/Mediate. Michael was so cute I fell in love right away. But it was Tim who caught my attention in Mediate, though he was at the end of the video, he had the best set of buns in the band!! So round, and fully-packed!! Let's face it, I'm a butt-woman!! I love a man with big, round buns like Tim's!!! I never seen one like his on a man! Michael had the face, but Tim had the buns!!! Michael had a cute face, but Tim was nice everywhere else! But like everyone else, I went for the lead singer of the band back then. I wasn't really like I am now. Now, I like to think independently.

Well anyway, I enjoyed the show. Timmy is really a damn good DJ. He should also make a career of this! I heard one song tonight I haven't heard since 1990! I think it's called "Onion Skin" or something like that. I used to hear it all the time on the radio station I was hooked on back then. I used to HATE that song!! I did at first. Then I started listening to it and learned to like it better. When I was ready to record it one day I discovered that they had actually stopped playing the song! I was upset, and I never heard it again. EVER!! Not until tonight anyway. I had even completely forgotten about that song until I heard it tonight!!! Thanks again Timmy!!!! Luv ya, and keep up the good work!


This is my newest blog. As you can see I am just getting started. Actually, I hope to begin this blog in the next week, after I delete my last blog. I'm trying to go for a new start for the new year and I figured this is one way to do it. I'm hoping this blog will be more tame. But anyway, this isn't going to be a blog to bash people with! I'm trying to make a change in my life. I don't want to become known as an internet bully, so I am trying to move foreward. And this new blog will be the way to do it.

Hope you all enjoy this one this time. I will be talking a lot about my own personal experiences, and also about the stories presented on my UMG site. It'll be fun here!! And I promise not to fly off the handle anymore. I will also try to get a much better layout going. I really do not like this one!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well, Here it is

Here's to a productive New Year. Hope that I keep up with fixing my attitude problem!! LOL! I heard from the anonymous e-mailer again and he told me that he didn't want to see me turn out like a couple of other scientists he knows who everyone knows is nuts and never listens to them. Well, I told him I like it that I am a little bit crazy, but I don't want to be known for being psychotic. The problem was no one ever told me I am like this. Well!!! No one meaningful!! The only people who have told me I'm psychotic are all DonnaG supporters or the dirty dozen mob, and I wouldn't listen to any of them either way! Why not? First of all, because DonnaG and the dirty dozen mob are all crazier than I will ever be!! So it's like the pot calling the kettle black. This e-mailer, even though I just "met" him, does not act crazy at all, so I would believe him if he said I was acting irrational or freaky. Second of all, this e-mailer does not approach me like the dirty dozen and DonnaG supporters do. When they approach me, they do it in a way like they are poking fun and acting like a bunch of 6th graders, so naturally enough I won't listen to them. But this e-mailer seems to have class and finesse, yet very upfront. And I like that. I don't mind constructive criticism, but how it is delivered is what really counts. That is why, after hearing what he thinks of my attitude, I was able to take a long hard look at my behavior, and I am now ready to go for a change.

I will not promise to change within like the next few weeks, but hopefully by the end of the year, barring BS from the dirty dozen and DonnaG supporters, I can say the change will be noticeable. The only real way to avoid conflicts with them is to stay off the forums. I got one thing going for me, the dirty dozen have stated they don't care to comment on my blogs :) So at least I don't have to look at them if I don't want to. Cool!!! And I never go into the Rockband lounge or the Switchboard so no chance of butting heads with the DonnaG supporters either. Way COOL!!! I'm not even on inxs.com anymore so that too is off. Maybe with this I can put my life on 'Reset'. hehe! I'm just shocked none of my friends, buds or family ever told me any of this! Took a stranger, though a kind stranger, to bring it to my attention!!
So anyway, here's to a change.


I looked in on a group I am a part of still and someone posted up an interview that Kirk's new fiance did, she mentioned Kirk is a "retired musician". OK, so what is up with that? Not that I care about Kirk really, but it makes me think, is INXS retiring? I only hope that is just a rumor. I hope it's not true. Then someone else mentioned that a couple of the Farriss's got different jobs and I was like "oh no!" INXS cannot retire!!! 30 years in music is not long enough!! Considering the fact the Rolling Stones have been in music for 40+ years, it's by far not long enough. And what about JD Fortune? What about his career? He became their new lead singer. What's going to become of him now if INXS do retire? What is he going to do with all that talent? What about the new CD INXS was supposedly coming out with? What about the 80+ songs that Andrew was supposedly working on while INXS were on their extended break? Aren't they going to go into publication? This brings up so many questions and concerns it's not funny!

On the other hand it sort of makes sense. Maybe INXS touring for 3 years straight was sort of their way of saying goodbye to the World. What a shame! I wanted to see Tim again, I miss him so much! And JD's career was just getting started. That sucks!!! So what is the point of having an INXS fan club now if they are retiring? Geez, I guess now would be the best time to move to Australia. Not that I believe whole-heartedly I would ever get to meet Tim even there, but at least I might have something of a chance of seeing him again. Maybe they will tour only through Australia instead of going around the World, like small pub shows or something of the like. I can go to those easily and still see them.

Tonight I got an e-mail from an anonymous e-mailer who has been exchanging messages with me all week. He (or she) kept on asking me why I hate felines so much. I tried to avoid telling this person, but finally I gave them an explaination. Well, today I got a message from this person telling me how I get irrational and foam at the mouth when I answered. This person said it freaked him (or her) out. I admit I do get quite passionate when I talk about things I don't like, and I tend to fly off the handle. The best explaination I have for that is that it is my handicap. It's something that for some reason, I cannot control. I think the reason for that is because I never acknowledged it. But I thanked this person for bringing that to my attention, because to be honest, I knew that went on but I couldn't figure out if it was me or the other person. No one else ever told me any of this, but it has actually made me open my eyes and look at myself. The only indication I ever had about this, believe it or not, was just my sisters occasionally telling me to "chill out". I've asked this before, am I really a monster? I guess this person answered my question!! And probably the main reason I dislike cat-people is because most of them are hypocrites!! I've met many, especially on the YouTube site, and they are nothing but whiny hypocrites!! They say they hate dogs because dogs kill people. Dogs don't kill people, people kill people!! If a dog kills a person, the one to really blame is the owner because they brought the dog up to be killers by either not socializing it, or just getting a puppy and training it to fight, and keeping it in the back yard, tied to a tree and never showing it any love. That would make anyone develop a lust to kill!! Even a person raised like that would more likely kill others! But then what about all the larger feline species that have killed many people in the past? How do these cat people, who hate dogs so much because they say they kill people, explain when some tiger or lion or cougar kills a person? At least if a dog kills a person, their alibi is they were brought up that way by a person. But felines have no alibi. Nobody brings them up to kill, that is how they are wired. A difference? Not really! Not to those people anyway. I've had cat-people who have threatened me with a gun because I don't like cats, and I tell you, it did NOT make me see cats in any better light after that!! In fact that is what formed the basis I have that cat-people are no damn good!! Both of those incidents did. Those plus the fact the dirty dozen mob are all made up of cat-fanciers and everyone by now knows how I feel about the dirty dozen mob!! I need not mention that anymore. I try not to judge people by what they like, I said I wasn't going to do that anymore after all the stuff I said about the Garry fans and having met the man!! But when I meet cat-people who are all basically nothing but a bunch of bad apples, what am I supposed to think? The only cat-fanciers I've met that I still like is my sis Eva and Cathy, one of my best friends. Both have and adore kitty cats, both prefer cats over dogs. But they both also understand that I am not a cat person, and have never threatened me with shooting or any other form of bodily harm or anything else. I can honestly say I've never harassed anyone because they didn't like dogs. I just puzzle over it because I cannot see what is so special about cats over dogs. I've had both before, and it's dogs I enjoy more. Especially the small breeds.

Well, with this anonymous person bringing this to my attention, and Katrina suggesting I make a New Year's resolution again to take on a more positive attitude, maybe I should try it all again. I made that resolution last year and I did not follow through. Especially after the dirty dozen mob broke into my Hotmail account. I don't give a shit what CrystalK says!! She knows who did it! Maybe this time it will be easier to keep that resolution, as long as I stay out of forums and only talk to people I genuinely like. I have my MySpace, my Facebook, this blog, and my UMG and Metazoic sites. Admittedly there are a few people on MySpace and Facebook that I don't know too well, I never say anything to them, but there are those who I talk to that I do like a lot. There is also my chihuahua site that still gets many views daily and many viewers leave me messages in my guestbook. Some are good, a few have been bad, but only a few. One person told me some time ago that Anika was saying on her website I was a puppymill. I always felt sorry for that woman!! She's too crazy for me, but I feel sorry for her. Apparently she's not breeding anymore, but she was a show breeder. Even had the #3 chihuahua in the country at one point. But she charged exorbitant prices for spayed and neutered dogs. Well, I never got angry at her because I knew she was nuts. Everyone knew!!! I just asked her who gave her permission to use my kennel name on her website. I never got a response from her. I searched her site and found nothing about my kennel though. Either she took it down or it was never really there in the first place. Don't know. But oh well!! It's dead and stinking now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honor Roll

My sis Anna got a letter from her school today, and because she did so well last quarter, she is now on the honor roll! My sis is an honor roll student!!! I can hardly believe it myself, no one I've ever known has made the school's honor roll!! I almost feel like Anna is a celebrity! She's going to get her picture in the newspaper. I cannot tell you all how high I am walking on air now, I am so proud of her!!! I just had to shout it out. Geez!! This sure does shoot to death the theory Mcgillicutty came up with that my sis is a "stupid sis". LOL!!! I guarantee you all, mcgillicutty would not know anyone who has ever even come close to being on the honor roll. Oh yea, I'm going to gloat a little!! hehe! When the newspaper comes out with her story and her picture, I'm going to buy lots of copies and pass them out to all our family and friends.

I just had to spread the word!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

John Travolta's Son Jett Dies

And at only 16 years old. What a shame!! So young, it's always sad when people (or animals) die so young when they have so many good years ahead of them. My heart really goes out to John Travolta and his wife tonight.

You know, this is weird! It was only a few short nights ago I was thinking heavily about John Travolta!! I even wrote about him on this blog!! I kinda wonder if that was a signal of some kind. This same thing happened about a week before Michael Hutchence died. I had a picture of INXS over my sofa and I started to look at Michael for several minutes at a time for the first time in something like 3 years. For some reason back then, even though I was in a neutral period with INXS, I just started thinking a lot about Michael. And it just came on all of a sudden! One minute, I was basically indifferent to Michael, the next minute, I couldn't get my eyes off him. Then, it just progressed, my interest in him just grew and grew. I couldn't explain it! It wasn't a "love" per se, it was just a growing interest. Something somewhere was trying to tell me something. Then 9 days later I heard Michael had been found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. It isn't often I think about John Travolta. Not often at all!! Well, not since I was a little kid and had a minor crush on him. But that night I wrote about him on this blog, I was thinking of him quite a bit! Is it irony or coincidence? Or did I get some kind of early signal of an impending tragedy?

I don't know why when I got back into INXS again in 2005, I was more sweet on Tim than on Michael this time around. I hope that does not mean he'll be next to go!!! I don't think so though. That's really laughable!! I think I just like Tim a lot! I more believe at that time I sensed INXS was going to make a big comeback. And they did!! That was before I heard about Rockstar: INXS coming out. It wasn't until after I already made up my mind that I love Tim so much that I found out about Rockstar: INXS. It was my "re-discovery" of INXS that made me interested in INXS news in the first place. So I couldn't have known about Rockstar before. Either way, it's eerie!! I knew my senses were good, but I never imagined they were that good!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well it is 2009. Another ending decade. Isn't it funny? I still feel like it was only yesterday that it was 1999. The years seem to be going by faster and faster every decade. I'm not going to get into "is this a sign" kind of discussion. I just want to say Happy New Year. Yesterday was a long, tough day, Anna and I went to Olympia to do a little after-Christmas shopping. Today, nothing is open, except maybe the 24-hour shops (even those I'm not sure). I'll never find out here because we don't have any 24-hour shops in this town. We drove past a store and someone was selling puppies last night! They were too CUTE!!!! Do you know how long it's been since I touched a puppy? It's been 2 whole years!! Since Vegas was a puppy. I never realized how much I miss having a puppy until I got to hold those little babies last night!! I never even realized how long it's been since I've held a puppy until last night!!! It felt so GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Those things were so sweet!!! They were so soft and cute, and had such floppy ears and beady eyes and waggly tails!! And so light!! Uhh! They were as light as thistle down! I could hardly feel one in my arms as I held it. And the puppy breath! That's something I miss more than anything! Nothing smells sweeter than puppy breath and I got befuddled on that last night!! I tell you, if I had my way, I'd have brought one of those flocculent babies home and that puppy by now would be singing my praises as a mommy! LOL! I'd have cuddled with it all night long. But I couldn't. We went to Olympia for the same reason we always do, to shop for groceries. And they are more important than a puppy right now. Besides, I really do not like the idea of getting a puppy from someone who is standing in front of a store trying to unload them. I'd have preferred to see the parents. It gives me a good idea how the puppy is going to look when it gets older. But anyway, it was a definite high! Anyway, it was the light of my day yesterday!

When we got home last night, it was dark, windy and rainy. But we had a lot to unload. One of the first things I always grab is my little MP3 player (my old one). I thought I grabbed it last night and brought it into the house, but I looked for it last night and realized it wasn't here. But I was so exhausted I didn't really want to bother with it. I just figured it was still inside the car. So I said I'd get it the next morning. Well, this morning I got up about 7 AM (unusual for me), and I looked out the window and I saw a small, pink object lying right next to the car. I was like "oh no!" I knew instantly what it was. I rushed out there and sure enough, it was my little MP3 player. I thought for sure it was doomed! I brought it back into the house and pushed the play button and it actually played!!! I thought "What a tough little device!" I could not believe it was still playing! Now, hooking it up to the stereo might be a different matter. I haven't tried that yet. I just could not believe that little device survived a whole night of cold wind and punishing rain!! It was raining hard last night!! I could hear it pounding on my window. The funny twist in this is that I was laying in bed last night thinking I was so glad that my MP3 player was in the car and not out in that rain, because I have actually dropped it before, but I never just left it to lay on the ground!! I would have almost sworn I brought it back into the house though! I'd have bet my life on it!! LOL!

Well, I was tired last night, but I wanted to stay awake to make my New Year's wish. Every year, I make my New Year's wish and every year it comes true. One way or another. In 2006 and 2007 I wished for INXS and to go to more concerts. In 2007 I only had time to go to one concert though, and it was all the way in Michigan. But still, it was a good show, even though I thought the opening band SUCKED!!!! Their music wasn't so bad, but the killer for their songs were the long, instrumental bridges!!! They went on too long!! 20 or so minutes on average!! Too long, when I go to a concert I want to hear some singing dammit!! That's one of the things I love about INXS. But even if they didn't sing, just seeing my Timmy is a great enough reward! I tended to keep my eyes on him a lot. Not to say I didn't enjoy seeing JD, Andrew, Jon and Garry as well. But the real reward was seeing the very handsome and beautiful Tim Farriss!!! I hated that trip!! The area was so dry! And getting there was no picnic either! My feet kept swelling up like balloons!! It was the first and only time in my life I felt like a freak!!! Like I was deformed or something. And it just struck all of a sudden! I never had my feet swell up like that before. But seeing Tim at the end of the line made it all worthwhile!! Anyway my feet got back to normal when I got home, but honestly, I thought for a moment they were going to be that way forever! LOL!!!

When I got home last night I got an anonymous e-mail about my Metazoic site. I always get people who have some kind of problems with the site. But this was about my little spat with the owner of the SE forum. Everyone thinks I don't like the owner!! He calls himself Proletarian. I never said I don't like him!! I said he needs to grow up, and he does. Especially if he's going to be the administrator of a forum. He was starting to act like Adolph Hitler! Kinda like the personality Vicki took on in the Switchboard. Only I like Proletarian a lot better than I ever did Vicki. In fact, I never liked Vicki at all. Something about her from day 1 was very disturbing. Not so with Proletarian. I think, for such a young man, he's just drunk with the powers of administration. He was never like this on my forum (now torn down). But on my forum, I always treated him like an equal. I never cussed him out because I didn't like the fact he believed in The Future is Wild's terrestrial squids. But he was cussing me out because I believe mammals can evolve to walk like ostriches, which I’ve gotta say is a lot more conceivable than giant, walking squids, or squids that swing through the trees like gibbons. He doesn’t believe it. I always say they have their opinions and I have mine. I think like I do for a reason and I stand by it. Admittedly there are those who are a lot less stubborn than I am in their points of view, but at least I can say I have my reasons for thinking like I do and not be so easily yielded. I said Proletarian is being a typical cat-person, and everyone by now should know what I think of cat people. I’ve met so many.

That was another thing brought up by this e-mailer. He asked me why I hate cats so much. I don’t hate house cats, as long as they belong to other people and stay in their homes and not come to mine. I do hate panthers of any kind—lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, cougars—I hate them all!! Well, the only exception is snow leopards. I have a thing though, the more popular something is, the less I like it. Since panthers seem to be the most popular animals of all, I don’t like them. I used to like them, but that was ages ago!! Since I’ve seen them in so many movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc, I got sick of looking at them. Especially when everyone told me that I cannot hate panthers because everyone else likes them. I especially said I didn’t like them then. Now, don’t think that just because I think this way about felines that it means I feel the same way about people. LOL! I know some idiots will think that. But being popular does not make a person to me. Look at me. I’m probably one of the most unpopular people, especially on the internet. But my friends, who know me in person, say I’m one of the most lovable, unobjectionable people they’ve ever known. Contrariwise, I’ve met some people that everyone on the internet likes who are the most insufferable and hateful people I’ve ever met anywhere!! I can tell. And my instincts are almost impeccable! For example, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting some bad vibes from someone I thought I would like. This person has always been nice in the past, and I really don’t want to say anything until I am 100% positive. Unfortunately, most people don’t say anything until it’s too late, and in the meantime they fool you into thinking nothing is wrong by just not saying anything. But I have a natural knack for picking up on these little things, that later turn out to become bigger things than I first thought.

Yeah, I admit it, I may be a little paranoid, but I have good reason for that. I’ve been “played on” before. The worst recollection I can think of was a young woman I knew in vocational school. We became fast friends, maybe too fast? We called each other almost daily, we went on long rides together; we even went so far as exchanging Christmas and birthday gifts, and that lasted for 3 years. I thought we’d be friends forever. It sure seemed that way! Then one day I called her and for the first time since I knew her, she didn’t call back. I called her again, and no response. Both times I left a message on her answering machine so she knew it was me. I puzzled over that for quite a while. But I thought nothing of it because at that time she had just recently moved into a new apartment and I figured she was just getting settled in. That is until I went back to the voc school and noticed she was acting strangely when I said hello to her. Usually, she and I were always happy to see each other, followed by hugs, smiles and laughter. Well, this time there was none of that at all, and she acted more like “Oh no! Not you again!” I sensed that in her voice and facial expressions almost immediately. But still thought nothing of it. I went home and continued my day. That evening I called her again, got her answering machine and left another message. Waited 3 days and she still never responded. Then we had an adventure Christmas shopping, and I met a nice young man. I wanted to tell this friend about him, since she’d tried to get me back together with a man since my first boyfriend moved away. So I left a message on her answering machine again, waited and still got no answer from her. I figured the friendship must be over for sure now. Such a shame too! I really did like her.

I cannot say for sure why she chose to end it so abruptly, as usual I can only speculate based on events and little signals that began just shortly before they began showing up. One of the biggest things that comes to mind was she had a guy friend who was looking for a roommate. I was still quite young and looking to get a place out of my father’s house. This friend introduced me to him saying he has a room for rent. So I said I would move into this guy’s empty room. Well, he set a time and date to meet, and I was going to go. But I never showed up. But this friend of mine I guess got angry at that, and honestly I could not blame her. But if she had bothered to ask me, she would have found out the reason why I didn’t show up at that appointment. Somehow my father caught wind of the news that I would be rooming with a guy, and said he would completely disown me if I moved in with him. Well, I didn’t want my father to disown me, as I would have wanted to see him again! So, I just didn’t go. I had no way of letting this guy know this either. Back then, cell phones were not as popular and widespread as they are today. And I didn’t have his home number. The only one I could call was the woman friend of mine. And if I recall correctly, I did try to call her to tell her I wasn’t going to be able to make it there, that was the first time I called and left a message on her machine and she never answered back. I still, to this day, remember the corny message on her machine: “Hello. I’m cooking dinner. Leave me a message…..BEEP!” And I said “Jennifer, it’s DeeDee, call me back, it’s important.” And no response from her in days. Of all the friendships I’ve had and lost over the years, I think that was the one that hurt me the most, simply because I put so much of an emotional investment in that woman. I trusted her like no one else. I was always there for her and she was always there for me. I won’t say we were without an occasional spat, but it seemed like we were going to be friends forever.

I have a thing, I never explain why I do anything unless someone asks me. Most people I’ve noticed don’t ask. Those that don’t ask, I always just assume they don’t give a shit so I just drop the subject altogether. But then, it always seems that it meant more to them than they let on from the beginning. Especially when they just choose to drop the loving friendship I gave them. I’m not like that. Someone does me wrong, I always have to know why! I want to give the person a fair chance at explaining themselves. I don’t want to condemn someone I like over a misunderstanding. I’ve been wrong before, and I want to hear from the other person proving that I am wrong, and how so. I know there are some people, like Passion Wolf, who think they don't have to explain themselves even to their friends. People like that you know don't care about others in general. But what my [real] friends and family thinks means everything to me, but I always go on their lead. I don't want to talk out of turn. Maybe that's my handicap. And this other person I've been getting bad vibes from, well, I just don't want to say anything yet. But it may be better if I just let go.

OK, this has turned into a novel for the first day of the year! LOL!