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Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 6

This article was from Day 6 of Tim-Tim's radio show, so I thought I'd better save it here.

I was finally able to free up some time tonight and listen to Tim's radio program on a livestream from the River 94.9 FM, for the first time. Here I was talking about not missing it and I missed the last 6 days!! Tonight, he was doing the songs from 1989. Anyone else want to hear it, it comes on at 6:00 PM here in WA state. So that's PT zone. I missed the first 6 years, but I guess it's just as well. The songs from 1982 and 1983 are stupid and boring. In 1984 songs began getting better, but not the ones other people think were so great. But that's JMO.

1989, a good year. I was in high school. Cathy and I were on a story-writing frenzy that year, a number of my creations were based on the life of Dian Fossey. Though not necessarily Gorillas in the Mist. I also "discovered" music this year. Well, I discovered I like it. That was also the year I got Amadeus, my siamese cat. The only cat I would ever have that I would love. He still got on my nerves a lot though!! That was also the year my ma and pa got divorced. They both agreed it was the best thing for them. My pa met his now wife, and my ma met her now husband and now both are happy. That was also the year I met my first boyfriend, the man I hoped to marry someday. Well, that was before he joined the service.

When I first tuned in to the program, I kinda expected it to be like those Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer talk shows, a mix of both Tim Farriss talking about his experiences with INXS and talking about other groups. He did have some nice things to say about Roxette, which was always my favorite group next to INXS. But basically all Tim was doing was talking about musical history in general, and introducing what songs will be played. I did enjoy the songs, one song that was played I haven't heard in years! More than anything I enjoyed hearing Tim's commentary. To think I even recognized his voice among the other DJs. Been a long time since I spoke to him, but I still remember him even without seeing him. I was hoping though he'd be cracking jokes and being funny as I know he is capable of. Well, either way I did enjoy the program, and I thank my buds from OBINXS for referring me to the site.

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