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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This was the topic of tonight on Tim-Tim's talk show. I knew he would talk about Michael! I like it that he told the story with some of their most sensitive songs playing in the background. I am glad I recorded that clip! He also played a few songs he's dedicated to Michael. I know how that goes. I have some songs I dedicated myself to Groucho. One of the songs Timmy played was "Change the World" by Eric Clapton. A great song for Michael!! He did change the World, through his singing. I will always confess Michael was a good singer. Just cuz he's not that attractive in my eyes anymore, is no reason to dis his singing, because he was good. I still keep a lot of the back-catalogue of INXS albums and songs. But for looks as well as talent, one need not look further than the wonderful and beautiful Tim Farriss. Timmy's got it ALL!! *sigh* I just love that man sooooo much!!! I so enjoy his shows! I only wish it was television and not radio, because I want to see his face!

Well, a little this week, I am going to be putting up more posts from my other blog. I need to look them over before I post them because I don't want to add any of my roasting posts on here. Some of them were funny, but I don't really want to trash anyone here. I haven't got much of a chance to do anything today because I've been busy with other things. Perhaps tomorrow I will post up more of my other blogs. There's some about JD and INXS and I want to repost those on here. Yesterday as I was saving the posts from my other blog, I noticed on the thread about Complaining Christians, someone offered me a free gift for joining landoverbaptists.net. Funny how I never noticed that before! Well, sorry. Unless the free gift is a private gig with INXS in my backyard and flying all my MySpace buds in to join me, or a trip to Australia to view Tim doing his radio show, I am not interested. I know the latter would be impossible!! Tim's program is pre-recorded. Or so I heard. And I don't want to go to his home!!! Not unless he invites me himself!!! Since that will never happen, there is no need for me to go to Oz just for that.

In fact some day I do plan to move to Australia. I heard there is a job opportunity there that pays $100,000 for 6 months, and gives you an oceanfront home. There is a catch though. You have to scuba-dive every day. Scuba-diving is not one of my things! I've done it before. Here, it's OK. In the Australian Great Barrier Reef, you couldn't pay me enough to scuba-dive there! I'm scared to death I'll get approached by sea snakes, or get into a swarm of box jellies or Irukandji, or be attacked by blue-ringed octopus! Not to mention, Australia is a hot-spot for Great White shark attacks!! Australia is known for having some of the most dangerous sea creatures in the World, and that is what I'd have to risk if I got that job. If it weren't for that, if I could just go out in a boat and grab these creatures for study, it wouldn't be a problem. I'd take the job in a heartbeat! Well, I have another way of getting to Oz, and it's virtually free! Ever hear of WOOF? I will be looking into that. Why not? I've worked on farms before! Only thing I've never done was drive a tractor.

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Not to mention saltwater crocodiles like to hang out not too far from the Australian coast. Hence the reason they are called saltwater crocodiles.