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Sunday, January 18, 2009


This was the topic of Timmy's show tonight. Of course this is a year I will not soon forget! I lost my grandma this year. But I like to think now she is back with her husband John, who died when I was a kid, and he and grandma were only married for 2 years. But he was the best man in the World for her, he was always good to her. I only met him once, when he and grandma married. I was a little sprig then.

This was also the year I learned about forums. In a bad way. I was used to chatting in chat rooms, which is a very different experience. You can play with people, and that is just how they take it. As playing. But you try to do the same thing in forums, and everybody gets in your face and gives you a bad attitude about it. I like to play around with people I like, so I got people on my back all the time. It was just this past year I finally said screw it!! I'm sick of forums. So, I stay off them. This year, I came across one of the worst! It was a pet forum called AcmePet, it was originally sponsored by Petsmart. But Petsmart wised up and stopped sponsoring it when the posters got too ugly. Believe me, people get passionate about pets! Even more so than they get if you're talking about their husbands, wives or children!! Not everyone is as level-headed as me! hehe! The experiences at AcmePet were the first and worst encounters I ever had with a forum.

This was also the year we moved out of my pa's rental homes and moved to Olympia to be on our own. It was the best thing we ever did! I finally became an independant woman. I got to have as many pets as the park owner would allow us to. At one time, I had 5 chihuahuas. That was fun!! Of course I was breeding chi's then, and I had 3 girls and 2 boys. Unfortunately one of our boys threw big chihuahuas, so I had to adopt him out. One girl was not conformationally correct and didn't throw any pups that were, so she was adopted out. Another boy was beautiful in conformation and pedigree, but he didn't throw himself to his pups so he was also adopted out. Another girl went because she was not so great in conformation, though she did have the pedigree, but she was a lousy mom and killed her baby! That left only Groucho out of my original crew, and the last time she got pregnant she died. When Groucho was like 2 years old, we got Odessa and she is still with us, but she is spayed. Which is just as well because I don't want to breed anymore.

I probably should have kept our boy who threw big chihuahuas, they were gorgeous even though they were big. It wouldn't have been so bad if only we had gotten a little girl every now and then!! No one could explain why we only got boys in our kennel. I can't, no veterinarian, breeder, dog expert, NO one could explain why we only got boy pups born in our kennel. The only time we've had girls was with Bambi's first litter, and every other girl thereafter was stillborn, or died shortly after birth. We fed the females good quality feed, took good care of them, kept them warm and safe. I don't know why our females only ever had male pups. I have a theory, I think someone from the AcmePet site must have put some kind of curse on our kennel, especially someone from the Chihuahua forum on that site after the disagreement I had with them. It's the only explaination, even though it makes no sense. But then again, neither does only having male puppies in 6 years of breeding make sense!! It's very perplexing, and I defy anyone to come up with a more logical explaination for that! I even wanted Vegas to be a girl! I wanted something to take Groucho's place and girl chihuahuas are more prone to become sincere cuddlers. I even prayed, begged and pleaded with GOD to send me a baby girl! But no soap! I wound up with a boy. Well, Vegas is a good boy! But I cannot rub or kiss his belly like I can with Odessa.


Freckle Face said...

Interesting regarding the all males in your litters. I just read an article about Mongolian gerbils---I know, I far cry from dogs, but I wonder if this might possibly be a better explanation than a 'curse'. ;)

"....Our curiosity was thoroughly piqued when we discovered that early-maturing females gave birth to more daughters than sons and that the opposite was the case with their late-maturing counterparts. Furthermore, to our surprise, the daughters tended to follow in their mother's developmental footsteps, maturing early if she had, and so on...."

Of course I don't know if that's true of your pups, but I'm sure the reason was more scientifically based than the theory you hold presently?

Timgal said...

Wow, that is interesting! It does shed a better light on the subject. Much more than thinking a curse is involved. LOL!