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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honor Roll

My sis Anna got a letter from her school today, and because she did so well last quarter, she is now on the honor roll! My sis is an honor roll student!!! I can hardly believe it myself, no one I've ever known has made the school's honor roll!! I almost feel like Anna is a celebrity! She's going to get her picture in the newspaper. I cannot tell you all how high I am walking on air now, I am so proud of her!!! I just had to shout it out. Geez!! This sure does shoot to death the theory Mcgillicutty came up with that my sis is a "stupid sis". LOL!!! I guarantee you all, mcgillicutty would not know anyone who has ever even come close to being on the honor roll. Oh yea, I'm going to gloat a little!! hehe! When the newspaper comes out with her story and her picture, I'm going to buy lots of copies and pass them out to all our family and friends.

I just had to spread the word!!

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