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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

Tim was in good voice tonight! As he talked about the year 1991. Of course I realize these shows are pre-recorded!!! LOL! Anyway, I never realized how little I listened to the radio in '91 until I heard tonight's show. I have these periods, just like everything else, that are neutral and periods where I cannot get enough of something. Radio was among those things. In 1989 and 1990, I listened to the radio constantly! In 1991, I only listened to the radio a little, for maybe a few months of the year and then I stopped. I don't remember listening to the radio at all in 1992 or most of 1993. Then about around September of 1993, I started listening to the radio again. That started a long trend of constant radio and music that lasted several years. Between 1993, '94, '95 and most of '96 I never had the radio off!! I'd be in my stereo room and I'd listen to the radio, in my bedroom, I'd listen to the radio, the car sure enough the radio was always on. Then late in 1996 I suddenly stopped listening except in the car, and that was only occasionally. In 1997 I hadn't started up yet, 1998 I was more into INXS so I listened more to my CDs than the radio. But in 1999 I started listening to the radio once again and didn't stop for a while. All of 1999 and 2000 I was constantly listening to the radio, especially on my way to work. In 2001 I didn't listen to the radio at all though. That was the year we moved to Olympia and I lost my favorite radio station when we did that. So, that was a bummer! I hardly ever listened to the radio unless I was in the car and just didn't have anything to say to whomever was in there with me. Usually the dogs. I'd take the dogs when Anna wasn't there so I'd have someone else to talk to. Unless it was hot out. After 2001 I never listened to the radio again, and out here there is only one radio station and it only plays country music. A big no-no in this house unless my stepfather is DJing, and then only to show him family support.

Anyway, I only recognized a few songs tonight. It could also be that I am not from Australia, but most of the songs I either barely remember or do not recognize. But who cares? I just enjoy hearing Tim's voice!! He even sounds beautiful! Forgive me for lusting!

Speaking of forgiveness, I wanted to announce I forgive the dirty dozen mob for what they did, I forgive DonnaG and her supporters for what they did in the past, that includes Catsredrum, Netrage, Mayday06 and NetsAngel. I forgive you all. I forgive those who have trashed me for no reason, I respect their decision to not want anything to do with me anymore. I forgive the people on the Anti-PETA forum for what they did. I'm not sure I'm supposed to list everything, they know what they did, and I really do not want to get into it, as I want to keep this clean. May GOD have mercy on them all.


Freckle Face said...

Good job. Now the key is to remember to let go. It's not easy, but it can be done. :)

Timgal said...

That letting go is going to be what could take a while. But as long as the reminders will be gone, it'll be easy to work on.

May take longer than expected. I'm trying to find out how to transfer posts. I want to transfer my good posts here, and I haven't got any help in how to do that. One of the things I hate about when they say "If you need help, come to our forum and ask us"!! It can take months to get the answer I need!! UGH!!!