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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cute, Cuddly, Deadly

I was reading an article about the most murderous mammals on the planet, and you would be very surprised at what it is! Its an animal that I have always loved, ever since I was in middle school, but one that the world has only come to know recently. I thought that this would make an interesting subject. Well, I just love doing these animal posts! I love animals, and I think I should do more posts like this very often. It sure draws away the negativity. Besides, I'm tired of focusing on nothing but negativity in my life. After living in that homeless shelter for a month, my perception has changed. Don't get me wrong! There are still groups of people I don't like, like radicals and irresponsible people are 2 groups of people I won't abide. But fuck them up their asses! Time to move on. I think it's what my pa would want anyways. He didn't even like me keeping blogs. LOL! But I am not going to delete my blog. I'm not even going to delete posts I made in the past. To me, that would be like denying I ever made those posts, so I won't do it. So, the only rational thing to do is to turn the subject matter around.

Anyways, here are some of the cutest, yet deadliest, animals on the planet. Not just mammals. I decided to include all groups of animals on here. All of them deadly in different ways; either for defense, or to capture prey, or are cannibalistic.

Slow Loris

Just look at that adorable face! It's a face you would not expect to be trouble. But this animal packs a hell of a punch!! They feed on toxic leaves, and thus sweat the toxins that accumulate from their food out into their flesh, making themselves distasteful to predators. These same toxins also get into their salivary glands, giving these primates a somewhat toxic bite. The bite can cause hours of pain for the victim, sometimes swelling, blisters, but rarely death.

Golden Dart Frog

There are many species of dart frogs, all in the family Dendrobatidae and all of them toxic. But perhaps the most toxic of all these frogs is the Golden dart frog (Phyllobates horribilis). Though it is small and unassuming, merely handling this frog is potentially dangerous, as the toxins on their skin quickly penetrates the flesh of the handler, and works fast! Within about an hour, the handler suffers sweats, nausea, fever, can go into seizures and respiratory failure and then die.

Blue-Ringed Octopus

I think these guys are cute anyways. But the beautiful bright colors are an indication that this animal is toxic. They harbor one of the deadliest toxins known to man, which is delivered through their bite. Symptoms begin to show up within minutes of being bitten, they include numbness, weakness, difficulty in breathing, swallowing, talking, vision impairment, nausea, and vomiting. In severe cases, death occurs as the muscles in the diaphram fail. There is some debate as to whether the toxins are passed by biting or by contact with this animal's skin, as some people have fallen ill even without being bitten.

Puffer Fish

We all know them, we all love them. They are as cute as a button! But Puffer fish are among the most deadly animals in the ocean. They do not have a venomous bite, but if they are eaten, a person ingesting them can drop dead within minutes. The poison is concentrated in the liver. People often eat these fish, but they must be prepared by a knowledgeable chef, who studied for several years exactly how to prepare this dish.


Often simply referred to as "meerkats", meet the #1 deadliest mammal on the planet. That's right! It's these little guys! They are not venomous or toxic in any way, but they are nasty-tempered little buggers. They are very territorial. Any intruders risk getting killed and even eaten by the established troup in the area. If a dominant male dies, and the female finds a new male, and has kits, that new male will eat the kits without hesitation, and may even kill and eat any subordinate males in the troup. These are definitely adorable animals, if you are not a rival suricate!

Grasshopper Mouse

These tiny rodents live in the southwestern USA and are reminiscent of miniature wolves. They are highly aggressive, predatory mice that will kill and eat any creature it can overpower. Often that includes small reptiles, tarantulas, scorpions, and even other small mammals. They are most active at night, and even are known to howl like miniature wolves, to communicate with others of their own kind. They are cute though, as mice go, and have actually been kept as very interesting pets.

Short-tailed Shrew

There are several varieties of these short-tailed shrews living all across the USA. They are small, though larger than most shrews in the New World, and deadly. They are deadly because they have a venomous bite. They are actually one of the few mammals that are venomous in any way. They use their venom to subdue prey. With it, they can tackle prey larger than themselves, which would even include such animals as mice. If a person is bitten, it would cause little more than skin irritation and a rash.


One of very few toxic birds, like the slow loris, this bird transfers toxins through the skin. The toxins are obtained from the foods they feed on, such as ants, and even some toxic berries and leaves. The colors on it's body are like warning signs. Any human that comes in contact with this bird, or is bitten by this bird, will develop skin irritation, rash, and sometimes even a burning sensation. Death would only occur if the person has an allergic reaction to the toxins.

Well, those are some of the most unusually toxic animals I can think of. Nature is wonderful, but sometimes she can be damn scary!!!
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