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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Great Breeds For First-Time Dog Owners

Well, to round off my week of discussing nothing but dogs, I thought this would be a great post to make. If you are just entering the dog-fancy, you no doubt have no idea what breed would be best to begin with. Perhaps you've never had a dog because you are afraid of dogs, and you then discovered what truly fascinating creatures they are. Or perhaps you wasted your life believing the stigma of dogs being "dumb", and just discovered that's a stereotype brought on by catfags and poorly-bred and poorly-raised specimens of breeds. Well, these are some of what I believe are the best dogs to own if you are just entering the world of dogs and thinking of getting one.

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
All spaniels are pretty easy-going. The Cavalier is no exception. It is a remarkable companion dog. It is a nearly perfect breed for a first-time dog owner, as they are gentle and friendly, love people, great with kids, and even affectionate around other pets. They are not so small that they are delicate, but they are also not so big they would become overbearing. They are intelligent enough to also be easily trained.

2. Coton de Tulear
I often call these "cotton dogs", because they do look like big balls of cotton. Though their coat does require a lot of attention, this is a great breed to own for the first time dog owner. They are active, but not overbearing. Generally they are sweet, affectionate dogs that I have found to be great around children. They are not nervous or jumpy, and do not bite. They are also quite easily trained. These dogs were originally bred to lay beside royalty, so they are natural-born companions.

3. Poodle
There are 3 varieties of poodle, the standard, the miniature and the toy. Of all the dogs I have had, perhaps the best was a poodle. They are very smart and easily trained. In fact, ours was housebroken in just under 3 weeks! Toy poodles may be too delicate for rowdy children, but poodles are great companions for any age human. They are the supreme first-dog for new owners. Their only downfall I would say is they are obsessed butt-sniffers. I never met a poodle that wasn't one.

4. Shih-Tzu
Another great companion dog. Though nowadays I am kindof on the fence about them because they have been overbred for so long now, and even bred to be smaller now. But they are wonderful companion dogs that are generally very sweet and affectionate with their owners. Though they tend to be somewhat reserved with strangers. I would not recommend them to families with small, rowdy children though. But they are great couch dogs, that will lie by your side and give you endless hours of affection.

5. Xoloitzcuintle
Yes, I know they are somewhat ugly, but they are wonderful dogs that are active, intelligent, yet gentle and do not require any grooming. There's no hair to groom. The only thing they would need is a sweater in the winter and sunblock in the summer. But that's all the grooming they will ever need. They also are somewhat immune to fleas. But these dogs will love to cuddle with you in your bed or on your sofa, and even make great companions for children.

6. Shiba Inu
This is the smallest version of the Akita. Like the Akita, they are great companion dogs, especially if you are a single person living alone. I know that sounds specific, but this breed will become your very best friend, as they tend to be one-person dogs. It is an active breed, sometimes a bit plucky, but not to a point where it is overbearing. They are great with children, and will guard your home with their life. They also do get along great with other animals if they are introduced to them early on.

7. French Bulldog
Though they are smaller than the English bulldog, they are still tough and rugged dogs. They don't have all the problems that the English bulldog has. The French bulldog is distinguishable by the obviously large ears that perk up, known as "bat-ears". They're not as stocky and heavy as the English bulldog, though they do tend to snore when they sleep, like any bulldog. They are easier to care for and make wonderful cuddling companions for children as well. They are also gentle and mellow, and do not require much grooming. The only downfall to this breed, I would say is they are not that easily potty-trained.

8. Basset Hound
A very iconic breed, this is a short hound dog that is wonderful as a companion for the family unit. They are affectionate, gentle, not very active, and easy to care for. They love children and will easily adapt to accept other pets. Most of their time is spent being lazy, and they can be a bit on the stubborn side. But their biggest downfall is that they would need a fenced in yard. They do not hesitate to go where their sense of smell leads them.

9. Pug
Sweet, saucy and affectionate. These are all words I can use to describe the pug. I used to not like pugs until I went to a specialty show in Enumclaw. Then I saw one and it looked just like a teddy bear! It was so cute! They are always so mellow and friendly. Usually friendly with everyone. They require very little grooming, they are not overly active, and they are also quite tough and rugged. They will mostly be happy enough sitting in your lap as you are stroking it's fur. What I like most about them is they always seem to be smiling.

Well those are some of the best breeds I can think of for first-time dog owners. Of course there are others as well. If a person has had a dog before, and it was a breed that is not listed on this post, they can get along great. Even if it had been years since that person had that dog. To those that have had success being first time owners of a breed not on this list, I commend you in deciding to get your first dog. I am not saying these are the only good breeds for first-time owners. I'm just saying these are my best picks for first-time owners, simply because these are some of the most mellow, trainable, and family-friendly breeds.
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