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Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Week Of Dogs

Well, so far it's been a fun week of just talking about dogs. I remember when I was in middle school, I used to drive everyone crazy because all I drew and talked about was dogs. LOL! Including the teachers would get sick of me constantly talking about dogs. But that was my thing when I was a kid, dogs and horses. I loved them both. I grew up with both. Its sad that now dogs and horses are being cast aside for a useless creature like cats. But I blame that on the internet. I spend a lot of time chasing cats away from my yard. What makes cats so dumb is that I chase them with brooms, and they still keep coming back for more! LOL! Stupid cats!

Well, this morning someone responded to a comment I made on a video, that old video of a cat saving a child from a dog attack. Someone said cats are "the most regal and majestic animals of all". And I said No they're not! This morning someone else chimed in with "Yes they fricken are. That is the end of that." and again, I repeated, "No they're fricken not. I can think of 100 more regal and majestic animals than cats. That is the end of that!" So I thought in this post, I would try to name all 100 of the regal and majestic animals I can think of that are MUCH more majestic than any cat, or any feline for that matter. I just think this would be a fun post to read and discuss. So, here goes, in no particular order...

1. Gorillas (especially the huge silverback males)
2. Elk
3. Elephant
4. Killer whales
5. Elephant seal
6. Sea lions (Again, especially the males)
7. Ostrich
8. St. Bernard dogs
9. German Shepherd dogs
10. Kangaroos (all kinds)
11. Civets
12. Foxes (especially the red and kit foxes)
13. Saltwater crocodile
14. Anubis baboon
15. Crab-eating macaque
16. Gray wolf
17. Jackrabbit
18. Ox
19. Horse
20. Golden pheasant
21. White-tailed deer
22. Raven
23. Bald Eagle
24. Anaconda
25. Mandrill
26. Blue whale
27. Emu
28. Great Dane
29. Peacock
30. Tim Farriss
31. Eland
32. Ringtailed Lemur
33. Any lemur, for that matter!
34. Tyrannosaurus Rex
35. Pelican
36. Humpback whale
37. Water buffalo (yes I know they're ugly, but they can kick a lion's butt!)
38. Golden eagle
39. Triceratops
40. Giraffe
41. Coyote
42. Michael Hutchence
43. Chihuahuas
44. Papillons (Cannot forget my Muu!)
45. Babakoot
46. Moa
47. Swan
48. Chacma baboon
49. Boa constrictor
50. Great bustard
51. Hummingbirds (At least they're more interesting)
52. Stellar's Jay
53. Aardvark
54. Giant Pacific Octopus
55. Suricate
56. Dingo
57. American Alligator
58. Great White Shark
59. Red-tailed hawk
60. Tasmanian Devil
61. Collie (all varieties)
62. Gibbons (of all varieties)
63. Orangutan
64. Frigate bird
65. Gulls (all varieties)
66. Okapi
67. Rhinoceros (Again, they can kick a lion's ass)
68. Giant Palm Civet
69. Hippopotamus
70. Maned wolf
71. Macaws (All varieties)
72. Gazelle
73. Brown bear
74. Polar bear
75. Leopard seal
76. Iguana
77. Zebra
78. Whale shark
79. Dhole
80. Genet (All varieties)
81. African gray parrot
82. Capybara
83. Arctic tern
84. Walrus
85. Diplodocus
86. Nile crocodile
87. Tapir (all varieties)
88. Rhea
89. Cape Hunting Dog
90. Fruit Doves (all varieties)
91. Black bear
92. Tiger-Quoll
93. Vultures (All varieties)
94. Snowshoe hare
95. Sunfish (Mola-mola)
96. Springbok
97. Flying fox (or any pteropod)
98. Fossa
99. Bottlenose dolphin
100. Emperor penguin

Well, that's it. 100 animals that I can think of that I believe are more majestic and regal than any felines. LOL! I may be the first person to say something like that and literally mean it! But there is my list. Truth is, to me, ANY animal is better than a cat! I still chase cats away from my yard with a broom. And I always will. The catfags may hate that, but I don't want no cats in my yard coughing up hairballs, spreading fleas, scaring away all the birds and squirrels, pissing on everything and shitting everywhere. Yeah they bury their shit, but that makes things even worse, because then you cannot see it when you step on it! YUK!!

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iesha said...

GOOD reason I love orangutans, because they are wise!