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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sexy Chihuahuas!

Well, I gotta confess, I love chihuahuas! I used to not like them so much when I was younger, but as I got older and got to know them as a breed, I learned to love them. They are fascinating dogs! It thrills me to see band members of INXS, or their children, that own chihuahuas. They are such fun dogs!!

One of my friends this morning showed me this pic of April Rose Pengilly, the daughter of Kirk Pengilly, with her chihuahuas...

This one's name is Lily.
This one's name is Pixie.
Not only that, but she is wearing a chihuahua t-shirt!! I've seen that shirt, I always wanted it! As soon as I can lose some weight, I'm going to get it! If I were to wear it now, the poor chihuahua on the shirt would look more like a pit bull. Anyways, April is a pretty girl! And she has beautiful dogs! Lily is a gorgeous chihuahua!! Well, heck they're BOTH beautiful chihuahuas!! I just cannot imagine my own life without having a chihuahua. Though mine is now living with my sis in Montana. I miss him a lot, but at least I know he's still in the family. But I cannot be without a chihuahua, I just can't! My life would feel so empty. I don't have kids, so the next best thing for me is to have a chihuahua. Another INXS child (sort of) who owns a chihuahua is Pixie Geldof, who is the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, and considered Michael Hutchence her father at one point. She too has a beautiful chihuahua named Buster.

Pixie with Buster.
That is a gorgeous dog! Kinda reminds me of Odessa! I miss Odessa. I didn't even get to see her before she died. But Buster there has the same poofy coat that Odessa had! That's why we called Odessa "the poody". It's a cutesy way of saying "poofy". I love chihuahuas because they are the best cuddlers in the dog world. That is originally what these dogs were bred for. But the fact that they genuinely love us is what makes that cuddling so special, especially after a hard day! It also helps that chihuahuas have adorable baby faces too!

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