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Monday, September 3, 2012

Now The Hard Part Begins

Well, I finally found someone who is willing to look after Minnie and Vegas for the next couple of weeks. It was not easy, and in the end, we were grasping at straws. But there is this nice elderly couple that my ma's neighbors know, and they have dogs. Though their's are bigger dogs. One looks like a labrador and the other looks like a mixed breed. I was a bit worried that Minnie and Vegas would not get along, knowing how they sometimes were with other peoples' dogs at the dog park back in Bozeman. Vegas is so damn ornery!! I knew Minnie would not give them any trouble though. What gets me all pissed off was how Nancy let me down. She was supposed to look after my dogs while I am here. But at the last minute, she decided she did not want to look after them. Ma knew Nancy would try something like this. She said Nancy has always been flaky. Shoot I knew that! But Nancy has also always been a great friend, I never thought in a million years she would stiff us like this when I needed someone the most. But all is well now, someone has been found and my babies are safe and sound. The only thing that worries me is that they may love my dogs so much they might not want to give them back. LOL!

Anna will be returning to Montana tomorrow. I really wish she wouldn't! But she likes it there. I sure do hope she finds a new place soon, and gets out of there as quickly as possible. I never want to go back to Montana. Only if that maniac comes to trial, because I did press charges against him. Then I have no choice. I have to go back. But I just hate Montana. Not my kind of place in the first place. I'm barely liking Olympia, but it's by far better than Montana. I'm used to Washington. I'm not used to Montana. There are some things I miss about that place, I was telling ma about Smith's. It's a cool store, and cheap! We don't have Smith's here. That sucks! In some ways, it's better than Walmart. The meat department is better than Walmart's. It's just better in many ways. Though Walmart does have more stuff.

I hope, above all, that I do get my security deposit back. Probably not all of it, but most of it should come back. The one thing they said I needed to do and could not was clean the inside door of the oven. I tried EVERYTHING!! I tried Easy-Off, I tried bleach, I tried elbow-grease, I tried it all. It would not come off for the life of me. The only thing I didn't try was a razor blade because mine was all packed. But I cleaned that place as good as I could. If I don't get it all back, I will understand. But I hope I at least get most of it. I don't think I left the apartment that dirty. But I also know what a sloppy housecleaner I am. Well, Anna's not going to have me around anymore, and there is safety in numbers. I hope she does OK. I know how the people there feel about her, even though she is generally a good person. She does dumb things a lot. I got so pissed off at her today. Because we were packing my things into the storage unit, and I had just gotten finished telling her not to put big, heavy boxes on top of little boxes. And what is the first thing she does? She tried to put a big, bulky box on top of a box only 1/4th the width of the big box. I was mad because I had just told her not to do that no more than 2 minutes before, and she went ahead and tried it anyway. I yelled at her and my father stopped me. I didn't want to stop because Anna is just stuck on the dumb shift today.

I even got pissed off at my father, because he was treating my boxes marked "FRAGILE" like he didn't even care. I have some very expensive pieces in there, and you cannot get some of those anywhere anymore. They were not all even wrapped that good in bubble wrap because Anna did that job, and she did a piss-poor job on it as well. I hope nothing got broken. I could not even check them before I left. That would have taken forever. My father was saying how we did not have time to bitch about my knick-knacks and how fragile they were. But yet, he can stand there and bitch at how much "junk" I have, and go on and on about it too. He took my big box that is clearly marked "FRAGILE" and just slammed it on the floor. He would not even let me tell him to watch out because it was marked "Fragile". He kept coming at me with "SHHHH!!" Made me so mad! If anything is broken, I'll know who to blame and I will make him pay for it.

But dad was not totally disagreeable today, but rush or not, he should have treated my things with a lot more respect. He did pay for the last tank of gas in the truck, which was nice and even bought me a drink. But still I am going to have many sleepless nights here wondering if my knick-knacks are all still in one piece! That's what I am pissed off about. No amount of sweetness is going to replace those if any of them are broken!!

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