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Friday, September 23, 2016

Best Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

OK, just to be fair to the cat people, I decided to put this up here. I do have some friends who are cat owners and lovers, I personally do not like cats for various reasons. But I do like a few breeds, such as siamese cats and several other breeds, and I do like my cat-fancying friends, so this post is for them. These are the best reasons I can think of that makes cats better than dogs. I don't want to be totally prejudiced on this blog. So, here goes...

1. Cats are quiet.
They don't bark, or run around all day, they just curl up on your sofa and sleep, meow, eat and shit.

2. They're economical.
It does not cost much to feed a cat. They are light eaters compared to some dogs.

3. They're clean.
They clean themselves using their tongue, which is bristly. Unlike the smooth tongue of a dog. Cat tongues act like our hairbrushes to clean their fur.

4. They don't require much attention.
You don't have to walk them, or play with them--in fact they'd prefer you don't, and you can leave them alone in the house for hours and they will take care of themselves.

5. They are small in size.
The largest breed of house cat is the Norwegian Forest Cat, and its only 4 feet long, including the tail. Still smaller than the larger dogs. So they don't require a lot of room.

Geezz! That's all I can think of. No other reason in the world to have cats in the house. The only person in my family that likes cats is my ma, but she would never have one. She doesn't like having pets at all. Not even a fishtank. I think that is why I was born into this family, to make them realize the fun of having a pet. Having a pet of any kind is very therapeutic. My ma was raised by a woman who did not believe pets were any more than objects to be kept outside and not a part of the family. But for me, cats are a lot less "family" than dogs. These are the reasons I do not like cats:

1. They are destructive.
Much more destructive than smaller dogs.

2. They're boring!
All they do is eat, sleep and shit all day.

3. I don't like their dirty asses on my kitchen counters.
Unlike dogs, cats climb on your kitchen counters, and get into everything!

4. They don't really love us.
Everyone knows, and it has been proven, that cats actually want to kill their owners. If they were big enough, they would do it.

5. They are not trainable.
There is a certain way you have to train cats, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

6. They carry diseases.
Rabies, toxoplasmosis, bartonella (also known as cat-scratch fever), necrotizing fasciitis are among the many diseases cats are known to carry. The risk of rabies can be controlled with annual vaccines, but the rest of the diseases have no cure or prevention and are almost exclusive to cats and are just as deadly as rabies.

7. They kill wildlife.
A lot of birds and small animals have become extinct because of cats. And I love birds!

8. You've seen one cat, you've seen them all.
They all look the same! They all have the same colors, patterns, they all have the same physical appearance. They may have some slightly different variations of said patterns, but pretty much they all look the same. There's not even much variety among each breed. Few exceptions.

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