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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Crazy Aunt Lulu

LOL! OK she wants me to call her that. She is one of the friends I made while I was living at the homeless shelter. She ran away from her other apartment because it was a slum, and she felt bad about running away every day. The problem was her former landlord did nothing with their last apartment, did not do any repairs or anything, and Lulu said so many things needed to be repaired. They went without a toilet for 2 weeks once because the landlord refused to fix it right away. And Lulu had been after the landlord for months to repair a broken stair on the staircase. Well, one day her husband was climbing down the stairs and he fell on the broken stair and fractured several of his vertebrae. He wound up in the hospital for a while, and Lulu refused to pay rent until something was done on that staircase. That was when the landlord kicked them out. Lulu wound up in the homeless shelter while her husband was in traction at the hospital.

You should all be aware, Lulu is not really "crazy", per se. Like me, she suffers from depression and she has a dog named Harry who is her therapy animal. She has a note from her doctor and everything saying she has to have Harry with her for emotional support. Ever since I had been there, Lulu had been fighting hard to get the people of that homeless shelter to let her bring her dog into the building. But they would just not let her bring him in. They let 2 other people who stayed there bring their dogs in, but for some reason they would not let Harry come into the building, and he would be out in their car howling and whimpering all night long. It just about killed Lulu to hear her dog sounding so lonely and sad. Lulu often cried "Why didn't I just pay the rent in that place? Then at least we'd have a home to go to where I can have my dog!" But honestly, I think I would have done the exact same thing. Now, Lulu is thinking of suing that landlord for causing her husband these injuries he is enduring now. She was told she could sue for at least $5 million.

One day, we had been out together and when we got back to the shelter, there was another woman in our dorm that had an adorable chihuahua. That chihuahua was also her therapy dog. I thought he was cute! Looked just like my Vegas! Short little nose and everything! But Lulu was angry that they let her in with her dog and Lulu could not bring her dog into the building. So she angrily confronted the supervisor. Then she decided she was going to leave that shelter. I wanted to go with her, I thought she needed moral support now. So, I was there to give it to her. Lulu said she was just going to find a hotel room somewhere and stay there until they could find an apartment. I thought "This should be kinda fun" and went with her. After we left the shelter, I actually started to get an uncomfortable feeling. Especially after Lulu mentioned finding a hotel that would let us stay until the first of the month. It's the wrong time of year for weekly rates. No hotel has them! Not until after Labor Day. But I stayed with her anyways for moral support.

Well, Lulu wanted to stop at the hospital where her husband was and visit him. So, we went to Wheeler, where he was staying. He talked her into going back to the shelter, and then Lulu began to feel bad getting me involved in this affair. But I was just there for moral support. Nothing else. I just thought a few nights away from the shelter would be kinda fun. Then we could sleep as late as we wanted to, and someone else would be making our beds for us. Something that neither I nor Lulu was very good at! Nor enjoyed doing at all. Lulu was so frustrated with herself that she was afraid I would hate her. I told her not to worry about that. I don't hate her. I just think she lost it there for a few minutes. Happens to everyone once in a while, especially in high-stress situations. So, she took me back to the shelter and went to stay with a friend of her's in Depoe Bay. I almost moved there!

I missed Lulu when she left. I made other friends, but no one could talk my ear off like Lulu did! It was something of a relief because it kept my mind off of the anxiety I felt living in that shelter for so long. But really, I truly believe living there changed me. I've come out a happier, stronger person than I was before. The depression and social anxiety is still there. That does not go away in a single month. But I feel better about myself now. And, I finally got into my new apartment. I still love it. I still cannot believe I am here!

Well, yesterday I was finally able to dispose of the last of the boxes, so now my unpacking is all done! I hate moving! More than anything in the world! In the past 5 years I have moved 5 times. From Ocean Shores, to Bozeman, MT. to Port Angeles, WA. to Reno, NV and to Astoria, OR and now here. I am tired of moving! I want to settle here for a good long while. I'm old! I don't think I can handle another move. Every time I move, I have to change my routine, I have to spend time getting used to the new house and new surroundings. I have to develop new habits. I can't do that anymore. I'm too old. Too old and too tired. So, I am going to be here for quite a long spell. The next time I move it will be only when I am ready to buy myself a house.

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