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Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Sleeping Pill

UGH man!! I woke up this morning and my head was spinning. For a while there, I thought the sleeping pill I took had completely passed through. But I guess I was wrong! LOL! About a week ago, while I was living at the shelter, I could not sleep one night. There was this woman I shared a room with named Michelle who had some sleeping pills. She gave a couple to Lulu, and it put her to sleep very well. Well, that night, Michelle asked me if I wanted to try one of her sleeping pills, and I said OK, I'll try one. So she gave me one. She said they were simple, over-the-counter sleeping pills. Well, it did put me to sleep alright. No problem! But over the past week, I've noticed they have some very dreadful side-effects. I cannot stop sleeping! I find myself going to sleep at the most ridiculous times imaginable! For example, while talking I've fallen asleep right in the middle of a sentence. Almost like I am narcoleptic. And when I wake up, or turn my head to my right, not only does my head start spinning, but the whole damn house spins!

When the house starts to spin, I tend to go into what I can only describe as being seizures. My eyeballs shift to one side of my head, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot get them back for as long as 30 seconds. I become paralyzed, I can't move, can't open my eyes, and when I finally do come out of this "seizure", I feel nauseated and cannot catch my breath. I've taken over-the-counter sleeping pills before, and none have ever had that effect on me. EVER! So I have no idea what it was that Michelle gave me, but it can't have been just a simple, over-the-counter sleeping pill. It had to have been more than that! That is what is hindering my unpacking. But I have managed to get most everything unpacked. There are a few boxes I still have to go through, but I am almost all unpacked now. But again, it is being a very slow process now. This doggone sleeping pill is still doing it's job on me. I can't even begin to imagine what would have happened had I taken more than one of those pills, like Lulu did. I might be dead!

I'll tell you, I should have asked Michelle what brand those pills were, I'll have to be sure to avoid them in the future. But they are still doing a number on me. I still find myself occasionally falling asleep at random times. Even if I am up and active. Oh well, I don't even take sleeping pills anymore. Been years since I have needed help sleeping. So I don't think there is any danger of me getting those same pills. Even now, as I am typing this, I have to stop occasionally to fall asleep.

*************************After a 2-hour long nap****************************

Well, my move is progressing well. I was finally able to get most of the moving boxes out of this house. I did have some trouble finding out where the dumpster is. Yesterday I went out with a load of boxes to an area where there are several recycle bins, and one big, huge bin, which I assumed was the dumpster, but I had absolutely NO idea how to access it. It's closed on top, with no lid. No one ever told me before I moved in how to toss my trash. I did throw one box of trash on top of the dumpster, believing there was maybe an opening on top I could not see (that's how fricken short I am). But all it did was trap that box of trash on top of the bin. Now, I need to get it down! LOL! I'll have the maintenance guy do it on Monday. I saw a door on the big-ass bin, with a locked doorknob. But I still was not sure if that was the bin to throw my trash in. Logic told me it was. But how to access it to put my garbage in, I had no idea whatsoever!

Well, today I was back out taking more boxes there, and I saw a couple of teenage kids coming in with a load of trash. I decided to wait there to see what they do with their trash. They stopped by the big-ass dumpster and used a key to open the locked door, tossed in their bags of trash, closed it and left. I stood there thinking out loud to myself "So THAT'S where the trash goes!!!!!!" I knew that big-ass dumpster had to be the place, but I had no idea how to access it, because again I was never told! I remembered I was given only 2 keys when I moved in. One was for the apartment, the other was for the mailbox. So, I came back to my apartment to pick up some more boxes and get my keys, see if any of them would work on the dumpster. As I was going back to the big-ass dumpster, there was a Mexican man standing by his car, no doubt calling the manager to report that I was leaving boxes out in the trash/recycling area. Well!!! It's not like I wanted to leave them out!!!! Well, I tried one key the manager said was for the mailbox. Nothing. So, I tried the key to the apartment. Success! I was like "Thank GOD!" So now, I could put all the boxes that I had accumulated out there over the past 2 days in the big-ass dumpster.

On a sidenote, I know for sure that Mexican guy was calling the manager on me. He was standing, looking at the dumpster area, and when he saw me finally putting the boxes in the big-ass dumpster, he hung up his phone. I didn't hear any of his conversation, but I know for sure that's what he was doing. Kiss my ass, Jose! Nah! Just funnin'! LOL! He had a right to call the manager. But instead of doing that, he should have perhaps helped me by telling me where to dump my trash at. But I guess he just assumed I was told when I moved in and that I was just being obnoxious. Oh well!

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