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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kavanaugh's Case And Beyond

You may have wondered why I haven't said anything about this case. I haven't really been following it. I was on vacation when it started. I come home and turn on my TV, and there he is. But I have seen enough to get the jist of what is going on. What I got out of this is he was a supreme court judge who was accused of gang-raping some chick about 30 years ago. And she is just now going public with the accusations. Well, there could be many reasons a woman would hold up on reporting something like that. Mostly because of fear. The same thing happened when Bill Cosby was accused of rape. But he admitted he did it. At least he was honest. I still enjoy The Cosby Show. But Brett Kavanaugh says he didn't gang rape anyone ever.

As of today, I heard three women have come forward and said he raped them. Well, having [almost] been raped before, I should go with the plaintiffs. I should say Kavanaugh is a spineless jellyfish for trying to say he didn't do it when he did, IF he did. But one thing I keep hearing is there isn't enough proof to convict this guy. And the girls who accuse him of gang-raping them also admit that they went back to this party with him. So, why would they be saying they did that and then accuse this guy of gang-raping them? If I had been gang-raped, I'd be running home! Not going back to a party to celebrate.

Anyway there is something fishy about the story the plaintiffs are telling. And Kavanaugh maintains he didn't do anything. And of course, the liberals are all siding with the plaintiffs. But if there's one thing the last 2 years has taught me, is just because liberals side with someone, is no reason to believe them. Many of them side with the victims just because they're women. But some women lie. I've seen women say a guy raped her just to get even with the guy. He really didn't do anything. Even Riley J. Dennis is in on this too. He wants us to "believe the survivors". Well, one thing; I don't like Riley J. Dennis! He can go suck it for all I care. I'm not going to accept anything just on his say-so! This is the same guy who made a video saying "misgendering someone is an act of violence". I heard Riley moved to Australia. Ha!! Perfect place for him! Full of whiny little wussies. I'm sure glad Michael didn't live to see the shithole Australia has become.

Speaking of Michael, I wish Naughty would answer my PM! Well, I call her Naughty, her real name is Alex. I had 2 extra copies of my INXS compilation book, I'm making some improvements. So, I want to give away my old copies. I gave one to a friend in the UK, and I want to give this other one to Naughty. I realize some people are nervous about giving their mailing address online, but I am not that kind of person. I'm not the kind of person who would post someone else's address. I'm NOT mcgillicutty!!! LMAO!! I just want her address so I can send her the extra copy I have of this book. It'd make an awesome Christmas gift!

Yes there is a good reason I want these books to go specifically to these people. I chose them because they did not get involved when Kelly Poulter and Tess O'brien went around telling everyone lies about me. It's kindof my way of saying thank you to those friends who stood by me. It's a gift! My friend in the UK got her's today, and she was happy. And I was happy that she was happy. I sure hope she enjoys it! Well, my mind is made up who I want this other copy to go to, all I need is for her to tell me where I can send it. I'll hold on to it until then. She's been needing a perk-up.

Well, we've been having a heat wave here. At this time of year! While my sis has been experiencing snow. We got up in the 80s today! It was HOT!! With winds from the east, it's REALLY hot!!! I guess GOD just wanted to give us the last taste of summer for the year. It's supposed to be like this all week. Man! I can't handle that! At this time of the year, I want cooler weather! I always look forward to cooler weather! While sunny, warm days do give me an opportunity to do things I need to be doing, still at this time of year I like just sitting back and relaxing!

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