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Thursday, October 18, 2018

RIP Minnie

My Min-Min had to be put down today. My sis and I just spent 3 weeks together, and in the middle of that, her new car broke down. It took longer than it should have to get it back, and I knew there had to be a reason for that. I am one of those types of people that believes everything in this world happens for a reason, good or bad. We don’t always have the answer right away, but eventually we will get the answer. Well, I believe this is why my sis’s car broke down. I believe GOD was ready to take Minnie, and HE wanted to allow me to spend as much time as I could with her.

Well, I’m glad I was able to. The last dog we lost, Odessa, I never even got to see her before she died in 2014. I was living in Reno and my sis was living in Bozeman. So, I was a long way from her when Odessa died. And it happened in the middle of the night, so I never got a chance to say good bye to her, and to this day, I still feel bad about that. But at least I got to spend some time with Minnie before she passed, and I got a chance today to say good bye to her before the vet gave her her final shot.

Well, I was out with some friends when my sis called and told me she was going to put Minnie down. It was her decision, since it was her dog, I left the final word up to her. But Minnie was, at one time, my dog. I let her go live with my sis after Odessa died and my sis was feeling lonely. It was a tough decision, but I did it because I wanted my sis to have some company. I know how it feels to lose a pet and feel so alone. And I could not physically be there with my sis, so I sent Minnie to her place to keep her company. And Minnie knew my sis and liked her, so there was no adjustment period between those two.

Well, Minnie has been on heart medications for quite some time. But when she was visiting here, the thing that bothered me so much was that she was so skinny! We joked about it, calling her “Skinny Minnie”. But I was really worried. She had absolutely NO meat on her bones! I told my sis she should start giving Minnie puppy food. Well, I thought it was just because she was eating and running around too much. But when my sis took her to the vet, the vet said her kidneys were not functioning like normal. That’s why she was so skinny.

Well, the other day started like normal. My sis went to work, Minnie and Vegas (her 2 dogs) were fine, playing together, eating, taking meds, etc. But suddenly that night, Minnie collapsed. My sis called and told me what happened, and said Minnie was very lethargic. It just came on all of a sudden. One minute she was eating some cheese, the next minute she was down and not getting back up. So, I told my sis maybe she’s just tired. But she said she was going to take Minnie to the vet the following morning if she didn’t improve that night. Well, she didn’t improve, and that’s when my sis took Minnie to the local vet.

Well, the vet diagnosed it as being a liver problem. So the vet wanted to keep Minnie there overnight. Minnie was kept alive on IV fluids, hoping she would be OK by the next morning. Well, this morning, my sis got a call from the vet who said Minnie was not improving. She didn’t respond to the medication. So, my sis called me so we could make that big decision together. I told my sis that I wanted to leave it entirely up to her, but my advice was to not let Minnie suffer for too long. It’s hard to let go, but as sad as it is, sometimes it’s necessary to let them go. I struggled with this when my Groucho died in 2006. But it’s better to end it than to let them go on suffering. It’s selfish to let them suffer in pain.

Well, I had an appointment this morning to go out with some friends and get some things done, in fact, we were on the road back to my place when my sis called me and told me she’s decided to put Minnie down. She was completely unresponsive today. I’d told her before I left that I wanted to say goodbye to Minnie if she decided to do that. So, she called me and allowed me to say one final farewell over the phone to Minnie before the vet gave her her final shot. So, I did. I said goodbye to her and told her I love her. The friends I was out with told me this was the reason they don’t have pets anymore. I told them I have no option to not have pets, since I have no kids. Pets are my only kids. But the sad thing about that is, pets never last as long as kids. Minnie was 13 years old this year. Imagine losing a child who is 13. Even though we’ve got to account for dog years I know. But still!! That’s 13 years of our life spent with that dog, caring for it, loving it, getting to know it. And then suddenly, they’re gone.

Well, I’m going to miss her. As of this hour, I am still in shock. Though I did tear up a little. I have yet to really cry out loud. I opted to have Minnie’s ashes sent here. Damn! What the hell am I going to do with them? I need an urn. I want to keep the ashes of all my pets from now on that pass. When I am able to move into my own home, a home I can keep and live in forever, and not have to pay rent anymore, I want to spread the ashes of my beloved pets in a special garden I intend to have, with real flowers. And every time I visit the garden, in a sense, I’ll be visiting my pets.

RIP Minnie
(8/16/05 ~ 10/18/18)

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