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Monday, October 15, 2018

Only In Commiefornia

This was a video I saw the other day. Leave it to California! They are now so unamericanized, they went and put an ILLEGAL immigrant in one of their governing offices. What a state full of dumbasses. Though not all of them are dumbasses really. There's some parts of California I heard about that do not agree with making it a sanctuary state. But I cannot believe their government even allowed someone, who is not native to this country, to become head of a governing office! That kind of shit pisses me off!

The worst thing about it is this illegal alien took the American flag out of his office. That's not right! They stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance to a stupid wall!!! They looked so dumb doing it too! It's funny, but it is also sad too. This is what happens when you allow a dumb democrat to run in office! Over the past year, I've seen California do some of the most insane things I've ever seen any state do in the same amount of time. First, they make a law against not using someone's "proper pronouns". Then they allow homeless people to shit and piss on the streets and throw hypodermic needles on the streets while simultaneously making using plastic straws illegal. Now this, allowing an illegal immigrant to run in a government office! I'll never understand California!

Unfortunately, our country is only going to get worse. Not better. Somehow, I think the WBC was right. I hate more than anything to say that, but I think they were right. Since gay marriage has become legal and acceptable, this country has started to go downhill fast! I have nothing against gays getting married, but now transsexuals want acceptance, and pedophiles want acceptance, those of us who are [slightly] mentally stable are the ones who get in trouble for not accepting. I only accept trannies who are legit. Not those who are just doing it because it's now acceptable to do so and it's a new trend. And I won't accept pedophiles at all!! I refuse! A grown man having sex with a baby girl is totally unacceptable to me! And I refuse to call a man a woman and a woman a man! And I will NOT start using the 1000 or so silly pronouns these people are trying to force us to use! To me, there always were, and always will be, only 2 genders; male and female. Everything else is a mental disorder.

We also have to accept different races coming into this country, even illegally. Sorry, but there are some people I just don't want in this country! Like radical islams. I won't accept them! I don't care if I am labeled an islamophobe. Those people have killed more innocent Americans than any other nationality, aside from the whites. But at least whites stopped about 50 years ago! Islams are still killing innocent people.

Oh! And 9/11, I was right about that too. Now, we are not allowed to remember those people who died in the 9/11 attacks on any college or university campus. The faculty is afraid it'd make muslims feel uncomfortable. OMG!!! Who cares if the muslims feel uncomfortable?? They didn't care how the people on the airplanes they invaded would feel. They didn't think how their families and friends would feel. They didn't think about the people inside the WTC. How do they think those people felt being trapped in there? What about those peoples' loved ones? How do those dumb muslims think the families of those people feel? Some had children they would never meet. What do those muslims think the wives or husbands of those people are now feeling, never able to caress their loved one again? I say fuck the muslim's feelings!! They can be offended for one day, I don't care! It's not going to hurt them! I'm going to continue to remember those who were killed in 9/11 and no dumb muslim is going to stop me!

Here's a rule of thumb; DO NOT go to college or to university!!! They are teaching kids about the wrong values!! Gender studies have now taken over reading and math. I love how Ben Shapiro always refers to gender studies professors as "professional useless people"! LMAO!!! That's basically what they are! Now, gay history has taken over American history. UGH!! Ya know, I say if a school wants to teach useless subjects now, like gender studies and gay history, then go for it! But don't force me to take them! I am not interested! I already lived through most of gay history. And I don't give a shit about gender studies!!

One of my favorite lines Ben Shapiro always spews is "facts don't care about your feelings". Unfortunately, we have become a nation that cares more about feelings than facts. And it's not just us, all over the world it's happening. People prefer being lied to than to hear facts. But like I always say, I'd rather be honest and be hated for it than to lie and be loved for it. You do no one any favors by lying to them! I found that out the hard way!

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