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Thursday, February 19, 2009

And Then I Saw This

Woa! Just as I had finished typing my last article and posted it up with the link to JD's interview on Canadian radio, I came across this and now I am not even sure what to think! It had me breaking out in cold sweats! This is an article about INXS maybe about to call it quits. Oh NO!! I cannot see that!! What about the 80-something songs Andrew spent the last 10 years working on? Won't they ever be released? And here I was looking foreward to at least another 10 years with INXS.

Well, here's the article. They will be making their announcement in a couple of weeks. Notice there is mention of JD saying INXS ditched him because of his cocaine use.


INXS considering to call it quits on the bad after 22 years

February 20, 2009 12:00am

AFTER 22 years, 11 albums, numerous hits and thousands of shows, the five original members of legendary Aussie rock group INXS are considering their future and could well be poised to call it a day.

Following news the band has dumped its latest lead singer JD Fortune, The Daily Telegraph can reveal a major announcement about INXS's future will made in the next few weeks.

I was on drugs, admits FortuneINXS singer sacked, living in car

Band members Jon Farriss, Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Andrew Farriss and Garry Beers have already extended a 12-month break by two months and seem reluctant to regroup.

"The members are scattered all around the globe at the moment,'' long-time band spokeswoman Chrissy Camp said yesterday.

"But I have tracked one of them down and he's told me they will be putting out a statement about their future in the next couple of weeks.''

Camp would not comment on whether this meant that the band would seek a new singer - the fourth frontman since the November 1997 death of Michael Hutchence - or part ways for good.

The band kept secret last year's dumping of Fortune - not even Camp knew.

The Canadian joined in 2005 after winning the Rockstar: INXS US reality series.

Fortune broke the news on Canadian television on Wednesday, saying he was left flat broke and living in a car after spending all his earnings on an unreleased solo album.

He also said he abused cocaine while on a two-year tour with INXS.

He said although he had given it up, it partly motivated the band to sack him.

Fortune is, however, still listed as the singer on the INXS website.
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