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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Official Now

JD has been fired from INXS. INXS got angry at JD apparently because of his outburst on ET Canada, posted a few posts down. I hope it wasn't because he was saddened by the loss of his friend!! I cannot imagine the men of INXS firing JD over him being saddened by something like that when they themselves should understand how that would feel. They lost Michael much the same way. But I cannot imagine INXS being angry at JD over that. It must have been something else he said. And a lot of people thought that it was because of JD's drug use. Apparently it wasn't.

Now, I have no idea what INXS are going to do. But whatever it is, I will stand by them. I love JD, but Tim was always my most favorite. So no matter what happens to INXS, my Timmy-fanhood stands strong. If INXS just goes out of business I don't know what to do! Just not go to concerts anymore I guess. I've been a loyal fan of INXS since 1990, I've favored them for so long, I don't even have a reserve band for a favorite. The only one that even comes remotely close is Roxette. And well, I haven't heard anything from them either for years! And frankly, I am not as attracted to Per Gessle as I am to Tim Farriss. I'm not saying Gessle is ugly, I'm just saying he is not as attractive in my eyes as Tim has always been.

I don't like any of these new bands run by a bunch of young sprigs. I HATE Brittney Spears with the biggest burning passion!!!! And it seems every other young band is following in her footsteps. Though I heard Spears actually was the one who ripped off Christina Aguilera, or however you spell her name. But anyway I don't care about those two. I just want to know what INXS will be doing next. Will they do another series of Rockstar episodes? I kinda hope so, then I can go to more tapings! I dunno though, the one I did go to, I felt like a tiny little squirrel among a redwood forest! I was the shortest damn viewer there! But at least I got to see my favorite guys. I was one of the ones that stood right by their panel. LOL! One guy standing in front of me said he was there just to see Dave Navarro. Funny, but I hardly even noticed him there! LOL! Well, maybe it's not so funny, I don't care for Dave Navarro in any way, shape or form! I only cared to see Tim. He was the best-looking guy on the panel!!!
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