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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is a phobia that used to be more common than it is now. This is the fear of cats. People of the ancient cultures used to fear cats because they were seen as creatures of demonic forces. Cats have always been associated with bad luck, nightmares and hanging around shady people, including witches. Black cats especially have taken a lot of the slack from people with these beliefs. People often have fears of nocturnal creatures, and cats are very silent as they creep around the house. Black cats also almost always have yellow eyes that seem to see right through your soul. These could be contributing factors to people who have this phobia.

This phobia actually has several names and spellings. Another is "Galeophobia". But the word "Galeo" actually means "weasel", not "cat". People suffering from Ailurophobia may feel anxiety either by seeing, or physically contacting the cat, or seeing someone else being injured by a cat. Like in all phobias, a person may experience hyperventilating, sweating, and physical shaking. Though today, more people seem to be afraid of dogs than they are of cats. In general, cats are gentle animals that would rather run from a person than stand and fight. If you suffer from Ailurophobia, you are not alone though. In my research, I've found several World-renouned people have suffered from this ailment as well. Napoleon Bonaparte was believed to be one of them. So was Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and LaToya Jackson. Personally, I don't care for cats, but I have no fear of them. I've met some very nice cats.

Some cats are actually quite equal to dogs in temperament. My favorite breed is the Siamese. As you can see, they are beautiful cats. Unfortunately you have to get them from the right person. Though that's not to say the "classic" siamese is not a good animal.

This is the modern, show-style Siamese.

This is the old-fashioned type, known as "applehead" Siamese.

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