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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spkenn36, The Sequel

Well, he's back! I knew he would be!! LOL! But I'm having loads of fun!! Oh not only is he back, but he's getting desperate! I'm serious! You always can tell when a person is getting desperate when they resort to childish-style name-calling! Well, this evening Kenny reached that point. I actually figured sooner or later he'd retort with a fat-joke. The only thing is, I never expected it to be this soon! LOL!! I actually thought he was smarter than that! Guess I was wrong. Every once in a while I am proven wrong about someone. I kinda knew when I said to him "I forgive you" that it was going to drive him CRA-ZY!!!

Well, when last we left off, I had complemented Kenny on his self-portrait, this self-portrait: (_*_) So this was his response to my post to him:

Good one Timbo! You have really entertained me with your stupidity and arrogance. But hey being a typical American we cant expect anything less from a dumbass yank!

Shame the eagle wasnt in the US...would be great to see a big mofo eagle drag a couple of stupid americans of the cliff. Hang on though...they are all too fat to drag of the edge!

(_*_) to you kid!

LOL! I see he's rewarding me with another one of his self-portraits! LOL! Dare I tell him that the "Timbo" in my name actually refers to Tim Farriss of INXS, which just happens to be a band from his own country?? Nah!! Maybe not! Let him figure it out for himself since he obviously thinks he is smarter than me! LOL!! Notice the level of name-calling he's using, not just at me, but at all Americans. But I kept my cool today!! Like I said earlier, I am in MUCH better spirits today than I was yesterday. I'm keeping up with forgiving him. This was my post in response to his:

I forgive you :) GOD loves you and so do I.

I hate preaching the sermon to anyone! But this dude obviously needs to feel someone out there loves him. But another poster, who called himself Krazimuffin got offended by Kenny. Not that I blame him. But he called Kenny another brainless sheep that jumped on the Anti-American bandwagon. This was my response to krazimuffin, and it's a classic:

Well heck! At least he entertained me for a few days. ;) But later on the atmosphere will suffer from the amount of methane Kenny spewed with each word. But eh! It's his business which end of his body he talks out of. hehehe!

I may be a "stupid, arrogant, dumbass yank", but even the most critical comedian has to agree that was a classic statement! Sorry for tooting my own horn so loud. I fully expect Kenny will be back! And I know what he's going to say. I can practically see the name-calling from him getting much more intense after this. But I promise to keep my cool and keep forgiving him. This is actually very good practice for me now. I needed to work on forgiving those who offend me. And nothing offends me more than racists like Kenny!!! That is, if you can call his kind of hatred being "racist"? Maybe it's called "Continental Supremacy"? Or maybe he's just a male-chauvinist pig who likes to pick fights with women!! Some men feel the need to do that because it makes them feel more 'manly'. I don't know about Kenny though. I'll just sit back and wait to see what he will do next. But no matter what, I'll keep on forgiving him. I'll keep you all posted. Watch how it drives him nuts! hehehe!

**************************EDIT TO ADD*******************************************

Oh GOD!! Is Kenny ever DUMB!!! And he calls all Americans dumb!! LOL! I insulted him and he didn't even get it!! Remember when I said "later on the atmosphere will suffer from the amount of methane Kenny spewed with each word"? Basically, I was telling krazimuffin that Kenny just talks out his ass. This was his response to me just now:

Its carbon dioxide that people exhale actually...but being a dumbass american its easy to get basic consepts confused.

I forgive you Timmy...not sure that god does though...

Dont stop now kid, Im enjoying responding to your stupidity!

Notice the first sentence! My remark went WAY over his head and he didn't even see it!!! LOL!! He's an embarrassment to all Australians, and I know Australians can be very smart!! But not Kenny! This was my response to him:

I forgive you dude. :) Though I didn't exactly figure you were exhaling from the end you're thinking of. hehehe!

I'll keep you posted of more.

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