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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nooooo Anna You Missed My Point!!!

So I go to one of my subscriber's blogs, Anna, my sis. I notice her trouble on Facebook with some 20-year olds. I know Anna hates teenagers and 20 year olds, but I think she missed my point in my last post. I told her that the most fun I've had on the internet to date is the argument between myself and GERUSA. I am very proud of myself that I did not lose my head and start calling him names or cuss at him or generally get all irrational. I put that all on his shoulders!! Remember what I said about opening your mouth and looking like an idiot? It's better that they do it, not me!! I was hoping Anna would have learned something from it!

Despite the fact that some years ago, I would have cyber-bitch-slapped GERUSA for his remarks, last night I was able to stay calm and civilized. It makes me feel good to know that now. I feel like a better person for it too! I'm still a long way from being able to join any forums or anything. I want to make sure I can keep up that coolness and calmness without ever losing my tenacity. I have a great deal of training ahead of me! But last night with GERUSA, it was very good practice. It gave me the confidence I need in case I meet up with someone like that again.

I heard from yankovic1234 again. He's really lost it!! LOL! Anyway he told me that he is 12 years old. I threw some of his own words back at him just to show him again what a jackass he sounded like. That's my M.O, hit them with their own words!! And it's FUN!! It's kinda like making them feel what the reciever of their comment feels, and nothing more. He didn't like it! Just as I had suspected!! LOL! It is totally amazing to watch how people react to their own words when it is thrown right back in their faces. Especially teenagers! I told him today after he called me every name in the book, that this "fat, retarded" person is the kind of person he only wishes he was. I told him I can go on with this argument as long as he wants to and never flinch an inch. I saw one of his videos and I'd like to tell you, well, I'm not going to say anything until I hear from him again. I'm giving him a chance now to back-off. I'll keep you all posted in how it goes. Either he'll back off silently, or he'll give me more rope to hang him with.


Anna said...

I heard you before, and I think blocking them from getting into my posts, message boards, and my Facebook wall is the better idea. Its one way to get rid of unwanted people that you dont want to deal with. So I have already lowered the boom on them.
I can assure you they wont try to make anymore rude comments about someones appearance anymore. I have already filed a report with Facebook as them being verbally abusive towards fat women, and making inappropriate comments about stuff thats none of their business, especially that dude Anthony. I am hoping that Facebook kicks him out. If he does this to me he will do it to others.
Normally I dont mind the fat jokes or the comments they make, but there is such a thing as going too far. He kept going after I told him "look you are not worth my time, I'm too old to fight with you and I am ending this right now," and I went on my way to talking to my REAL friends. But he kept on with his harrassment and then I said "OK, thats it." And then I blocked him.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I didn't see Anthony. He must have been suspended. Did he leave comments like that on your wall? Jerks like that, I sure would love to sit on them!! Show them what could happen if they shit on fat people!!!