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Monday, October 5, 2009

Kidding Around

This is just a random post about anything. I've been playing with the people on YouTube. Actually, I've been getting in there to learn more about the different kinds of exotic animals I want to get into. I've seen some very interesting videos about many different kinds of animals. I've seen enough to get myself some encouragement. I'm not saying I am ready right now to go out and get some little critters, but I know enough now which species are good to begin with. And that is very encouraging.

I've also been playing around with the cat-people. One time, I saw a person who viewed a video of a dog eating a cat. It was all fake!!! But this person took it so seriously and got pissed off at the dog, and said when she got older she was going to get one of those big snakes and feed it small dogs. So now, when I see a snake-feeding video, or a cat video, I tell all those people that from now on, I'm going to feed my supervisor's pet python these stray cats around here! Of course I'm kidding!! I would never really do that!! Though she feeds it rabbits (already dead of course). I never really understood this "Safari Syndrome" I see in some people! There is a video on YouTube of a flowerhorn cichlid eating a leopard gecko. It looked like an albino too. That's a plenty expensive meal to give a fish!!! Normal colored leopard geckos cost about $75, approximately. Add much more to that for an albino morph, and you're literally flushing $200 down the fish hole! I'm the first one to say Nature is Nature. I used to watch Nature programs so I know a lot of animals kill for a living. That doesn't bother me. But let's face it, in Nature a cichlid would not be feeding on a leopard gecko!! I think some people do things like that just to see some animals die. I've been calling it "the Safari Syndrome". Lately, I've been getting a lot of angry posts from the cat people on YouTube. But I am having fun!! I always end my posts with this little figure: ":P" that usually indicates that I'm kidding!! LOL! That's a sure sign I am. But I don't tell them that. I got one person saying I'm crazy, and I'm like "Cool! I still got it!" hehehe! Anyway, I think it's funny that these cat people take me so damn seriously!!! That's why I choose to have my fun with them.

Well, speaking of crazy happenings, Garry Beers did not accept my friendship request on Facebook! LOL! Oh well! No big deal! hehehe! It's not like I expected him to accept. And I still love the guy anyway. Now, I am just waiting for Tim to turn me down too, and I am SHOCKED!!!! He hasn't responded to my request in any way, shape or form, and I asked him LONG before I asked Garry!!! But I fully expect him to turn me down too, and it's OK. I will always be a Timmy-fan no matter what.

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