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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mr. Field Mouse

This morning when I got up, I went to put some of our watched Netflix movies in the mailbox and on the ground right in front of our garbage cans, I found a baby wood mouse just sitting there. It looked like it's mama had abandoned it, it was cold and shivering. I felt bad for the little guy, he didn't look well, so I decided to help it out. I came inside and got a box and put the little baby inside the box. I then went to take it to an expert who could really help the animal out. He said the baby wood mouse was not a baby, and it was a field mouse. It must have been sick because it did not even try to get away from me. Even when I tried to put it in the box. Wild animals generally do not like being touched, but this little guy offered no resistance. The guy said I could keep it as a pet, but then there is the problem of it possibly having lice (which we found it didn't). But lice or no, I didn't want to keep it as a pet. I'm a firm believer in Nature stays with Nature. I won't even get wild-caught herps in my collection. I would prefer captive-bred.

So I took care of the mouse until it looked better, and sent it on it's way. I hope it does well. It seemed happy to go home!

Well, I had a bit of an adventure as well today. There is a lot of construction going on here! And I mean a LOT!!! These assholes blocked off my favorite routes in this town, all because they want to put in some dumb round-abouts!!!! I was detoured from coming up this one street I normally came through, and had gone through just a couple hours before. So I had to take my own detour. I went by way of the ocean! Well, silly me, I got caught in some deep, soft sand and could not get out. Thankfully this kind gentleman was driving by in a big pickup and he helped us out. Poor man had a terrible time though trying to hook our car up to his. I should have got his name, I owe him a LOT!! One of the first things he said was "Who's idea was this?" I answered that it was mine. It was just plain and simple bad judgment.

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