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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Kanye West

Is it true? Naaaaaaaah! People like Kanye West never die!! They always live to be 100 years old, reining terror on those who make it big in the music awards with his own views about who should win and who shouldn't!! Nevermind that the person he thinks shouldn't win is a good singer! No. The world has to turn Kanye's way, or no way at all. Stupid jackass!! But I did see on the internet what I think was a spoof article that Kanye was involved in a car accident with another luxury car in LA. But I don't think it's true! Though Kanye has plenty of reason to want to kill himself I'm sure. He really displayed a big chunk of his stupidity to the World when he stole the mic from Taylor Swift on her moment of triumph, because Kanye thought Beyonce should have been given the award. I'll tell you that act is still being talked about a lot. Even by MC Hammer on Twitter, one of the few people I am following! I'll tell you if I were Kanye, I'd want to kill myself right now!!

It's sort of ironic that people like that go on to live forever! That's why the World is going to Hell! It's always the best people who die first. The shitty people are the ones still going on. Before you know it, the whole World is going to be nothing but shitty. But this article apparently is leading to a surge of tweets about this subject. I did hear Kanye went into hiding, but I don't believe he is dead. I don't blame him a bit for going into hiding! It's what he deserves. He should have sat down and kept his mouth SHUT and let the awards show go on the way it was supposed to!! But I know how this feels. I went through the same thing when I had that bout at the AcmePet site! I felt bad because I somehow felt I had to lie just to get a bunch of losers, who didn't matter to me anyway, to like me again! It was the worst feeling in the World!! It wasn't until I said a little prayer and apology to GOD that that feeling was finally lifted! And I swore I would never allow myself to go through that again! No matter how bad the opposing side gets!

Of course I believe Kanye has a right to his own opinion, but he has no right whatsoever to steal the mic out of someone else's hands and get up on stage and announce to the World who he thinks should have won! Especially when nobody asked him!!! That's the difference between my situation and Kanye's situation. I was ASKED for my opinion on AcmePet. Those people may not have liked it, but I was indeed asked for my opinion! No one asked Kanye for his opinion!! He just did it to be rude!! Or who knows? Perhaps he wasn't thinking. No one really knows but Kanye. But I do know one thing, his music will never fill my halls, especially after that act he pulled that night!!


Anna said...

Oh boy! Kanye's heading for the gutter. Sure he's entitled to an opinion, but that act could cost him his popularity. The same thing happened with Chris Brown when he was caught fighting with Rihanna. These young people, they need to cool down.

How did you get this story? There must be more like it somewhere.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

"These young people, they need to cool down."

I blame it all on this damn rap music! It drives people quietly in sane!!!

"How did you get this story? There must be more like it somewhere."

Check Twitter.