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Friday, October 16, 2009

Scary to Become Famous

I was reading this morning about Leona Lewis's brush with an angry "fan" in the UK. Some dude who lost the X-Factor competition to her, after all these years is still angry because she won and he didn't! So what does he do? He goes to her book signing and waits in line for an unbelievable amount of time (for a pissed off fan) and approaches her and punches her in the face in front of all her real fans!! What an asshole!!! As if she really had something to do with his losing the competition. It's nothing more than sour grapes! But Leona was so shook up that she stopped the booksigning and also cancelled a gig that was scheduled to go on that night. Well, I read up more about Leona, and the fact that she is a PETA supporter made me say "oh well, screw her then!!" But still this is still scary!!

In some ways I am glad not to be famous yet (I'm still planning a promotional tour for UMG Productions) because you face a lot of flack from angry or jealous people when you become famous. Believe me, I have a lot of people on here who are pissed off at me. Some may be just a little bit jealous, but many I know probably would attack me if they saw me! LOL! But if I do become famous, it'll be due to hard work and determination. Not because I pussyfoot around on the internet or any of that gibble-gabble. Then when we go on this tour, I'll just have to hire a shit load of bodyguards! When you become famous, surely you're going to have fans, some will be good and some will be bad. You have to thank the Lord for the good ones and pray you never meet the bad ones!

Now, I love Tim Farriss. He's my favorite celeb of all time. The only one who comes close is Harpo Marx! hehehe! Some people say I'm delusional, I've even been accused of being "scary" because of it. But I have no problem admitting that Timmy is my most favorite celebrity! If to some people that seems "scary", then so be it! Let's change the whole meaning of the word "scary". But one of the things I would never do to Timmy is anything that would hurt him! I've been to an album signing, and it was FUN!! I didn't even touch Tim until he held out his hand to me and said hello. Then I just shook his hand. I didn't punch him in the face, nor would I ever do that to him or any of the guys! Besides Tim is so tough, he'd probably punch me first. LOL! Just kidding there!

I saw another recent pic of Timmy and I think he still looks very handsome!!!! I don't say much when I meet new people, including someone I like as much as Tim. After I say hello, I'm all cliches. That's just how I am.

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