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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weeeellllll!! Look Who's Back!!!

It's booobooo2010!!! I never thought I would see that one again. LOL! I got a little bit sidetracked and started watching some videos about baboons, a very tough monkey!! Ugly, but tough as shit! On this particular thread, on a video about a baboon taunting a leopard, someone commented that baboons cannot defeat the panthers. I said oh Hell yeah they can! A big male baboon is TOUGH! I've seen leopards get killed by male baboons all the time. The males are tough for sure, and they have canines equally as long as that of a leopard's. Females definitely could become leopard food, but not the males! It would be tough for a leopard to get through a male baboon's defenses.

Well anyway, booobooo2010 chimed in after I haven't seen him in about 3 days now! This is what he had to say in response to my post:

LOL? Baboons are tough but big cats are killing machines, stronger, bigger, bigger canines etc etc. No Baboon or dog for that matter can survive an attack from one of the big cats except the cheetah

This was my response to him:

Well I wondered what happened to you! :P
"No Baboon can survive an attack from one of the big cats except the cheetah"
A big male baboon can give any leopard a Hell of a run for it's money!!

I'm not sure where the dog reference came from, as this video has nothing to do with dogs, but it tells me that he still has the Caucasian Mountain Dog vs. Cougar deal still stuck in his craw!! He's got some serious issues!!! FTR, CMDs are very tough dogs, and brave! They too can stand well up to a cougar. They can stand up to a bear! There is no doubt on my mind they can stand up to a cougar too! But this dude is trying to make me believe his way, and I told him days ago it's not going to work. Shoot! He can argue, harass, stalk, whatever he wants to do all over YouTube all he wants to, I don't care! It still won't work! But let him try! I want to see how far he'll go. He kinda reminds me of an angry husband whose wife walked out on him and no matter how much he begs, she won't go back to him, so he resorts to stalking her. Though I don't especially refer to this as "stalking", I mean, this is YouTube. A person always takes a chance of running into loonies when they go into a site like that. But let's see what happens. I do think he has some serious issues though. But that's just my opinion. LOL!

Apparently, he has reading issues as well. Nothing was said about baboons surviving a leopard attack. Sure, a leopard sneaking behind a baboon, if it can get it's jaws in a well-placed grip can get it. But the initial comment I responded to was about baboons defeating a panther. And I said oh yes they can! Ask any zoologist, yes they can defeat a leopard!

Speaking of funny happenings, check out this video!

"It made it the crack spider's bitch" LOL!!! Too funny!!! I'm still laughing about that one! Hours after first viewing this video!! That is too funny!!!

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