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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Looser" Americans

Did you know Americans are "loosers"? LOL! They are according to a guy from Australia on YouTube who calls himself spkenn36 (I call him "Kenny"). Well, he's not the first Australian person I've ever seen to hate all Americans. Seems a lot of them do. Thank GOD not the ones I call friends. But then again, I don't make friends with ignorant people. What got this one all hot and bothered is on a video, the person who uploaded the video called a European golden eagle an "American eagle", and called chamois, which is a European goat-like antelope, a "mountain goat". So, strictly as a favor to the uploader of this video, and those watching it who might be misled, I corrected him. Spkenn36, BTW, was NOT the uploader of this video. But he decided he was going to chime in anyway with a full-frontal attack on all Americans. I guess he was embarrassed, and maybe a little bit jealous, because I know more about animals than he does. I don't really know, but judge for yourself. This was his initial comment to me:

Yep typical Americans attempting to appropriate something to try to prove how superior they are...

American fools...we all you are loosers...

Usually, I don't even bother with people who can barely write, but I wanted to know exactly what he meant. LOL! Of course I was just pulling his chain! This was my response to him:

"we all you are loosers... "

What?? LOL! I can't understand you dude.

Of course most American folks don't like it if you attack Americans. Someone came in and cleared my head about what Kenn was trying to say:

Yep typical douchebag attempting to be a douchebag to try to prove how big of a douchebag he is.

By the way, don't call someone a loser if A) You can't spell the word loser and B) YOU FUCKING LEAVE OUT A WORD IN YOUR DAMN SENTENCE

So now what Kenn was trying to say to me became more clear. LOL! Well, this was Kenn's response to this heroic poster:

By the way A) dont call someone a douchebag if you are one yourself and B) expect perfect grammar on youtube...


His blind attacks had begun to get on my nerves. Usually, this is good practice for me. I need it. But in my defense, it's been a long week! And I was tired yesterday, exactly the kind of thing I need to work on. This is why I haven't been on any forums yet, even though I *think* I am ready, I still need some work. This was my comment to him when I read his last post:

Goodness, you're a jerk! And a lot of other things I won't say at this time. Thank GOD not all Australians are like you. :P

Besides being a jerk, I can see he is ignorant, shallow and petty. But I don't think it's all his fault. A lot of people have been misled about Americans, so I play along because personally, I'm not out to change anyone's opinions about anything. If he hates Americans, then he hates Americans. Why is his own business, not mine. And it's not my problem. Well anyway, this was his response to me:

Goodness what a naive stupid american.

Unfortunately all Americans are like you.


Well, you all know how I am! LOL! I took his own words and threw them back in his face, minus the attacks on Australians themselves:

Goodness what a naive, stupid man. I would take to saying "Australian", but seeing I have Australian friends, I wouldn't insult them by stooping to your level. :P

Believe me, Kenn is NOT going to sway my attitude toward my Aussie friends!! Don't worry about that! I was brought up better than that. Besides I love all my friends. I got to know them and they got to know me, and they all like me for who I am. Anyway, at this point I figured him out, and I started to calculate his next move. Sure enough, this morning I found out I was right!

How gracious of you...mind if I stoop to your level though?

LOL! He thinks he's "stooping" to my level, probably one of his own ego-boosters because he's still got it stuck in his craw that I know more about animals than he does. But notice the portrait he did of himself in that paragraph: (_*_), I think it's a rather good likeness of him! LOL!! But seriously, he's NOT that bad!!! He's just ignorant. If he were bad, I'd think I could sense it. For the most part, I find him funny. But then ignorance is always funny.

Anyway, this was my response to him this morning, complementing him on his self-portrait:

Nice image you made of yourself there Kenny. :P

But hey, seriously! I forgive you.

Well, to clarify, I told that forum when I told Kenny that was a good portrait of himself, I meant this one (_*_) hehehehe!!

Well, I know he'll be back, because he feels he has something to prove. I'll keep you all posted about what happens next. But rest assured, I'm having fun! Personally though, I think Kenny should heed his own advice: Don't call someone a loser if he's a loser himself. He's making that increasingly obvious! Yesterday was the day after a very tough day for me, but today I'm in much better spirits. I promise to all my supporters I will keep my cool.

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