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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Hate Animal Abuse!!!

I'm surprised at this though, I never heard of a cat defending it's loved ones. Usually I've only known of cats saving their own selves rather than risk their lives for their owners. But there is this story of a cat named Oreo, who defended it's owner, a 9-year old girl, against her father who was sexually abusing her. Both animal and child abuse pisses me off, which is why this kind of a story caught my attention in a big way. This cat not only tried to defend the little girl from her maniacal father, it even reported that what the girl was saying about her father was true. And in a fantastic way. You have to read the story to believe it. Here's the link:

I'll tell you that even surprised me! This is one of the pages on Facebook that I subscribe to. Though I rarely comment there. Why people like that are even allowed to have kids, I don't know. But it makes me realize that I didn't miss out on anything by not having kids. When I was a kid, that was all I thought about. As an adult, I heard if you don't reproduce, you're a zero in the evolutionary sense. Though I think the Age of Man is coming to an end so it doesn't matter really. But the truth is ANYONE can have kids! Even people like this guy who are worthless! So I guess having children is no real big deal. Good people these days are hard to find anyway.

I've been having fun on YouTube learning all I can about different kinds of snakes, lizards and frogs. So far, my favorite channels are SnakeBytesTV and another guy who calls himself ViperKeeper. SnakeBytesTV is good enough to appear on Animal Planet! ViperKeeper is kindof a smart ass, but I like how his vipers seem almost tame. Though no snake is really tame, venomous snakes even less so, but this guy's vipers just seem to know and recognize him really well. I'm not going to get into venomous snakes myself, though it'd be interesting for a far future project. I haven't experience enough to get into that now. I have to get in good with the non-venomous species.

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