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Monday, October 12, 2009

So Now To Day 2

Well, last night's bout with GERUSA continued, as you may have guessed. I knew it would go on. LOL! But as figured, I still kept my cool. I didn't lose it at all. So it became a battle of the wits, and he thinks he won. Typical man!! LOL! Oh he went so far as to threaten me with violence, he said all kinds of wierd-ass things, but I never broke. Well, not totally. At one point I did threaten him, but I immediately took it back because I think it's so stupid to threaten someone on the internet. More about that later on in this post.

Ya know, it's actually a shame GERUSA hates Latin Americans so much. To be honest, I looked back to his earlier posts on that thread, and in some ways he does seem like a nice person. I just think he's a person who was hurt really bad. Someone on the thread said his mama probably married a Mexican man when he was a young boy who beat the shit out of him a lot. It makes sense! Or perhaps something similar to that happened to him. Personally, I've had many bad experiences with many different kinds of people. I remember after 9/11 happened, even I was saying I'm never going to trust middle-easterners again! But I learned that the best revenge is not to hate all of them, but to pity the ones who perpetrated the act and treat the good ones with kindness and respect. I used to have ICQ (I should get it back!) and I had some Islamic buddies on there. One of them I think had the hots for me!!

Anyway, back to the original subject. When we left off last night I had asked GERUSA what it was I had to envy about him. This was his response to me:

The better question would be better stated "what do I not have to envy ?" So if you can't understand proper English... I really have nothing more to say to you. And if you feel sorry for mee... you're fucking stupid. I bet you're just some wetback spic, trying to defend your "honor" and "pride". Fuck off, cunt... you'll never change what I have witnessed from you maggots.

I remembered him saying on his profile how he's a bartender and likes football and stuff. My response went as followed:

Well, in all honesty, if I did care about football and beer guzzling, I *might* envy you. But since I don't, I don't see where I should envy you at all.

" you'll never change what I have witnessed from you maggots."
Where do I say I'm trying to change? But since you brought it up, how about the savagery that your folks have put on others? Yes I do feel sorry for you. Very sorry.

"you're fucking stupid"
That's kinda hysterical, your IQ is 135, and mine is 139. KWYTA! LOL!

For the record "KWYTA" means "Know what you're talking about". Since YouTube only allows 500 characters per post, I have to hold it down to a minimum. I had to add this in another post:

"Fuck off, cunt"
Drawing from words that were previously your own:
"And fuck you... I'll never "Fuck off" until scum like you is cleaned off of the planet."

LOL! Though I'm really too smart and articulate to use most of those words, hehe! I think it well applies in this case.

My whole point in using his words instead of my own, I want to show him that he's the one acting like a jackass. Just in case he tries to throw the "all Mexicans are mean and hateful" argument at me, like he did to someone else earlier in this thread. Or in case he decides to use the "You don't know me" argument again. hehehe!

So now, GERUSA is compiling "facts" that he believes tells him everything there is to know about me. But let me tell you, I'm FAR too complex of a person for him! LOL! But I like to entertain people in his position. But that is what these so-called "clues" of his mean that he has now taken to collecting.

Wow... pulling quotes and elaborating on them : Clue #2 that indicates you being a trashy, wetback spic. Get a life, skank. Clue #3 Never shutting the fuck up. But what more do I expect from a 3rd world cunt ?

So naturally, I decide to correct his way of thinking. I could practically "see" the flecks of foam spewing from his mouth as I once again prove him wrong:

Sorry to disappoint you dude, but I'm American born and bred. I stay out of third-world countries. I hate their mosquitos!! And in case you get any ideas, I do NOT mean the people!!!

You want me to shut the F up? How are you going to make me? You said yourself you're never STFU until all scum is wiped off the face of the Earth, so don't look at me. I'm just following your lead. LOL!

Get ready for a flashback! GERUSA quotes something perhaps from his own childhood in this statement:

Wow... back to the school-yard "make me" tactics. I could care less about making you do anything. You came to me looking for a debate... Clue #4 that you're just a low-life scumbag. What's the matter ? Did I insult your roots. And I doubt your I.Q passes 100. Beaners have an average of 87, which is below the point of stupidity. Keep up the good fib-work, though... just another clue telling me you're nothing more than a spic loser.

As you all know, I'm not an average person! I love being different. If that hasn't been proven by now, it never will be proven. Particularly not to hard-heads like GERUSA. But I filled him in anyway, he might as well know the truth:

I guess I'm not like "average beaners". LOL!! My IQ was measured by an official source, the school I went to, and my job. Each time, the number came up the same. So what was your's measured by? An internet IQ test?

"Wow... back to the school-yard "make me" tactics"
Well, what ARE you going to do about it? This is the internet. My point is a person looks kinda silly telling another to shut up on the internet.

Actually the test my job gave me measured my IQ at 140. But to be on the safe side, I prefer to tell people that my IQ is 139. I don't want to seem overbearing! LOL! I don't always act like it, I know! Because half the time my brain snoozes. I also added this message to anyone reading this debate:

And you all notice, he still hasn't answered my first question! LOL!

The initial question being what has he accomplished being a jerk, which I believe he is still trying to avoid answering. This was his response to that. Notice how he resorts here to threats of violence:

And you all notice, I have no need to answer your first question. You are scum. Trash. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with a worthless moron like you. You're lucky this is Youtube... or I'd smack the fire outta your mouth for eventhinking about talking trash to a superior being. Must have gotten beat on a lot by an ex-boyfriend, and now needs to stand up to a man to get some of your ego back. Laughable. Poor slut.

I really wasn't sure whether to hop a bus to his place, call the cops, or wet myself laughing! I chose to laugh, though without wetting myself! LOL!! Especially funny was the part where he says "I'd smack the fire outta your mouth for even thinking about talking trash to a superior being." And as for the boyfriend beating me up a lot. Nope, never happened. I wouldn't allow myself to be seen with a boy like that. Besides, he'd be too crippled to support me and all my needs. Because the first time he'd strike me, I'd break off his arm so he could never strike anyone again. I wanted to tell GERUSA that, but again, I think threatening anyone on the internet is retarded. Forgive my language there!!! I posted the post, but I deleted it immediately simply because of that. Instead, this was my response to him:

Nope. Never been smacked by any man. Sorry to disappoint you again. I bet you couldn't even take me on.

You might as well answer my question sooner than later. I'll keep bugging you until you do, for as long as you are on this thread.

I had to remove my last comment. To make threats of any kind on the internet is just sooooooooo NOT me!!!!

I thank GOD he didn't see that post where I threatened to flatten him if he had ever touched me! I don't believe he did, because this was his responding post:

Bugging me ? No... you're just strengthening Clue #3. And what could you possibly threaten me with ? Gonna have a thousand of your cousins hop the border to fuck up the U.S economy more than it is ? Report me ? OOOOhhhhh. I'm sooooo scared. Takes me about 3 minutes to make another account.

Like I said, I just don't like making threats over the internet. I really don't like making threats at all. Sometimes warnings are necessary, but I prefer to act rather than speak. I don't want to tell someone what I'm going to do. I prefer the element of suprize!! Anyway, here is how I responded to him:

Yes, I believe I am bugging you. But if you make an opinion like the one you made, you should have no trouble backing it up. I never do. I could go on about clues that make you what I believe you really are, but why bother. It's here in black and white for all to see.

"Takes me about 3 minutes to make another account."
Make 10 more accounts if you want to. It won't hide nothing.

So poor GERUSA drones on about these "clues" once again that he thinks tells him all there is to know about me. But either he is putting it wrong, or he is missing the point in my posts.

Another clue: takes pride in being annoying. Sad.

So I decide to correct him once again (I know I can stop at any time I want to). This was my response to him:

I take pride in who I am, yes. If being honest makes me annoying, then so be it!! If standing up for what I believe is right is annoying, so be it! At least I can do both without sounding like a jerk. Something you should learn someday. :P

So now, let's go back to the post where I dared him to make me shut up. This is the best one of all. This is the one where there is proof he's not smarter than me.

LOL. I never told you to shut up, you trashy bitch. And I too, took my I.Q test from a reliable source. I even took one on the internet afterwards, just for kicks, and it came up 142. And I could care less if 1 convo with another person made me sound like a jerk. I know, and everybody that REALLY knows me will say that I'm not. And what I said about making a new account had nothing to do with you holding back anything... it has to do with mongrels like you how report people. Stupid bitch.

Just for the record, I took an internet IQ test this morning just for kicks. I don't ever count those because IMO they are as useless as internet video games or internet surveys. But even then, my IQ score was higher than his!! LOL!!! Mine was measured at 145!!! And that was with my brain half asleep!! So no matter what, I'll always be proven to be smarter than GERUSA. He can keep calling me stupid until the cows come home, but I prefer to let the numbers speak for themselves. LOL!! It is truly better to sit back and let people think you're an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it. GERUSA really adds truth to that old saying. But then that all really goes without saying because:

1) I have not called him any names throughout this debate.
2) I never had to use cuss words to get my points of views stated. Though I still don't believe they got through. LOL! But that's his problem, not mine! :P
3) I treated him with respect, even though he really does not deserve it.
4) I respected his right to have his own opinion.

This was my response to him:

Well, so far I haven't reported you. Because I don't think you're really that terrible. But I do find it interesting that you automatically think that everyone is going to turn you in to the staff of this site.

Believe me when I say I've seen worse!!! I've been in several debates on Youtube. Never once have I reported anyone. Because I usually believe everyone has a right to their own opinions and no one should be silenced for that. So here's more proof that little mister GERUSA is short-sighted:

And you're not being honest, being you know nothing about me. You just got angry for what I said about your shitty race of inbreeded maggots. I know your kind all too well. You are trash. You're nothing. You will die a miserable beaner. You feel you have something to prove to the world. You maggots born in the USA are so vrainwashed to think that being from mexicaca is an honor, when really it is the armpit of North America.

Wait a minute here! LOL! So he thinks he can go around and judge everyone else on very little basis except his own prejudice, but then he's going to turn around and shit his pants and give me the "you don't know me" speech, when really I haven't even done the same to him. Very sanctimonious of little mister GERUSA. And this is a first, he uses the word "inbreeded" and he's a language teacher???? LOLOL!!! Oh my GOD that is hysterical!!! No wonder his IQ is not as high as mine is!! Maybe he should go back to school and learn the word is "inBRED" and I should be his language teacher! That would be funny!!

This was how I responded to him:

Nope. Again, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not angry at all. I still feel sorry for you. A person who does what you're doing is definitely a sad person. You're angry though that I haven't been broken from your comments. Don't take it personal, but I am a confident person. Have been for ages! It'd take a Hell of a lot better person than you to bring me down. Believe me! :P

And what makes you think I wasn't being honest? Since you yourself admit, you don't know me! LOL!

Well, this was GERUSA's closing statement on that thread:

I know you peasants always have the need for the last word. It makes you feel as if you have accomplished something, when in reality you haven't. So you can send the last comment if you wish... it proves nothing, and you will die a worthless maggot. I am superior just for being a white American. You are rubbish. I have said all that there has been needed, and I am not going to waste more time nitpicking with 3rd world garbage. So chinga tu reputisima madre y a la verga con mexiCACA !!!!!

This should give him clues to me never having been to Mexico, I don't even know what he said! The only word I recognize is "caca". LOL!! I never studied the language. Funny eh? You'd think I'd know the Spanish language very well, seeings my father is Spanish. But no. All he ever said in Spanish was cuss words. But if you ever need someone who can translate Mexican cuss words, I'm your woman!! LOL!!

Well, this was my closing statement to him:

"It makes you feel as if you have accomplished something"
So this is what your game is!! LOL! Well, to put the conclusion in your own words, in reality you haven't!

"and you will die a worthless maggot."
I'll be worth more than you. Sorry to say.

"I am superior just for being a white American."
I am superior because I treat all people with respect. Including those who aren't worthy like you. And I'm better because I don't open my mouth unless I have a reason for my opinions.

Well, I say let him wallow in his non-existent tub of his own self-worth. It looks like that's all he has. I will always be a smarter and much better person than him. And yes, I do feel a sense of accomplishment. But not in a manner he is thinking. I kept my cool! It was the goal I've been striving for all year!!


Anna said...

DUH!!!!Just because he's white he's superior over other races? Come on! He's an asshole. He needs to refer to his history class lessons. The whites are the intruders. Us Mexicans came to this country to explore, we built missions and "helped" the Indians. We were never at war with them. Tell him to read California history, it says it all. Whites, they came to this country to take away the land from the Indians, all for greed. Indians had a right to fight back, this was their land in the first place. Hurray for the Indians!

Tell him to go back to Europe where he belongs.

Damn blasted 20 year olds.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

No one would have any reason to doubt you, you're the one studying California and writing the book.