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Thursday, October 8, 2009

On The Radio

I think I've figured out another great idea. There is a man who owns a radio station out here, and he has people come in once in a while on a volunteer basis. Ma said if you ever want to hear something funny, listen to this guy. She gave me a sample of what he does. I was thinking of going to his station and seeing if he would allow me some time on the radio. I wonder how many people in this town even listen to his station? If it's enough, they might enjoy me. I'm a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. I could discuss with him on there pretty much what I talk about on here. People LOVE that!! My "Cute Bums" post seems to be the most popular on here so I could discuss it in further detail on there. I could call it "The Timmyfan Show". hehehe!

Hey! It never hurts to try!! That's one of my mottos. Even if I get on and everyone hates my guts, it's still a response!! Plus I could get a little bit of advertising for the UMG site. The only problem I might face is that I am losing my voice. On the radio, they like you to have a clear, crisp voice. But I could get on and do a self-styled talk show, strictly for entertainment. I could create a different subject for every weekday, and get on and just talk and have fun. Might add some life to this dude's network. Ma said that John could also get him a good following of sponsors, so if I get this opportunity, we could really do wonders for this guy's radio station. I could even get Anna involved if she wants. I only wish I could get Katrina on there, she'd be a hoot!!! She has a good personality. That's why I like her so much.

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