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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

INXS vs. Duran Duran vs. U2

Why is INXS my favorite band, and I totally ignore similar bands like Duran Duran and U2? Well, one reason only: No other band has Tim Farriss!! Timmy is, without a question in my mind, the most handsome man ever in rock n roll history!! IMO, sexual charisma is all half of what makes a band successful, and Tim is in no ways lacking in that department! So that is why I remain an INXS fan to this day, despite the fact that INXS may or may not do another tour again!

What brings this up is I was looking around YouTube (got sidetracked again) for more INXS vids, specifically profiling Tim Farriss. I happened to stumble upon a video that profiled Jon Farriss and Simon LeBon (of Duran Duran). Jon is a very handsome man, in fact I think he's almost as gorgeous as his big brother!! Simon LeBon on the other hand, not at all as handsome as Jon! In fact, I think he's downright HOMELY compared to Jon!!! But then I am not a Duran Duran fan at all!! I only like 2 of Duran's songs, and both of those are from an album from 1993. Shoot! I like more songs from Michael Jackson than I do from Duran Duran!!! So in no way am I a Duran fan! A lot of people think I should be a Duran fan, but no. I just do NOT like them!! I won't say I hate them (the 2 songs of their's I do like saves them from that fate) but for me to spend money to see a Duran concert, or to purchase one of their albums, it'll NEVER happen!!! Not unless I go deaf and blind or am seriously desperate to attend a concert (or unless I really have to attend, like my arms are tied behind my back and someone puts a gun to my head). hehehe! I don't think I'll ever be that desperate though! I don't think that level of desperation even exists at all!

Then there is U2. A nice group. I like some of their songs, mostly from the 80s, not really anything from the 90s. I've never been to a concert of their's but I have seen some live performances on TV and YouTube. They aren't bad. But to compare Bono to Timmy, I dunno. Compared to Tim Farriss, Bono looks more to me like he should be barking behind the bars in a dog pound!! I know that sounds cruel! I've actually chatted with the man before in a chat room, and he seems very nice. But he's just not as good-looking as Tim is!! I remember there was this guy named Nick who used to get into the old INXS Web chat room, and it used to drive him CRAZY that I was not as big a fan of U2 as I am of INXS. He was always comparing U2 to INXS, saying how U2 had recently put out a top 20 album at that time. I said "Well, I wouldn't use that as a comparison!" I never cared what the rest of the public thinks as far as top 10 bands goes! I only care what I think and what I listen to as far as that goes. I've heard good songs from bands I wouldn't normally touch! And I've heard some songs from INXS that I wouldn't touch at all. For example, I think I'm the only INXS fan on the planet that does not like the song "Never Tear Us Apart". I love INXS to pieces, but I HATE that song!!!! It's far too slow for me! But then INXS are entitled to have a slip-up now and then. But I don't let that sway my interest in INXS. Because for every bad song they've come out with, there are literally dozens more that I truly LOVE!!!!! I think there's like 3 songs that I can put my finger on right now from INXS that I can honestly say I do not like at all!! I barely like Need U Tonight! The main reason I love that song is because of Timmy's riffs!! That and the fact that whenever they play that song live, I love how Tim nods and then shakes his head!! LOL!! That always brings a smile to my face!! Though I haven't seen him do that since Michael died, which leads me to believe Tim has still not recovered most of his spark and fire. I miss that! But I still love the man to death!!!

I also looked on some other threads and there is a person, who is a fan of Air Supply, saying that Air Supply attracted more fans than INXS did at a concert in Australia! Hey! Woopie for them! I don't care for Air Supply myself (they did an album how long ago? And how many top 10 hits?) but again, I could never compare Air Supply with INXS. Air Supply does not have Tim!! And have you even seen the men of Air Supply?

I'd swear that's Lorne Greene on dope sitting there on the right!! LOL! Neither one looks as handsome as Tim Farriss! You think I would pay money to see them? Nooooooooo!!!!
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