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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Falling Teeth

This is outrageous!! Last night, I had the dreaded "falling teeth" dream. Usually, this kind of a dream portends trouble of one sort or another. In my dream interpretation book, to dream of your teeth falling out means that there will be death, famine or an accident of some kind in the family. When I woke up, knowing what those kind of dreams mean, I was terrified!! It being Saturday, my ma and stepfather like to spend the day out together. My dream had taken over my mind! It was hours before I could really compose myself enough to turn on my computer!!

I remember the last time I dreamt my teeth were falling out, it was the day before I received word that my grandma had died. Well, I came awfully close to calling my ma and stepfather and telling them not to go out today!! I wish I had! Because I'd now just got a call from my ma and she said she was in an accident!! Some elderly man had rear-ended her on the road. My heart sank when I heard that news! I feel worse now because I didn't tell them to stay home. The only reason I didn't was because I was afraid they wouldn't take me seriously. John gets so angry sometimes too. I was also afraid he would get angry at ma for staying home on little more than my say-so. I'm not too sure if John knows how powerful dreams really are.

Well, ma and John will be OK. Thank GOD!! But I don't know if I will recover, knowing I should have told them to stay home and didn't! I hope their car isn't too banged up!

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