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Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's The World Coming To?

Remember when we had 3 celebs all dying in the same week? BIG name celebs too! Not one of these little one-hit wonders. Well, this past week we've had 3 major disasters that took many lives. First the earthquake that happened in American Samoa, and the tsunami that followed that struck the Hawaiian Islands. Now, a typhoon in Indonesia that has also taken many lives. What is this World coming to? I don't know. It seems our World is getting more and more violent by the year. No wonder today's people are getting worse in attitude. Of course that could be because we have the internet and now no one has to look at anyone in the face anymore and say what they have to say. That could be one reason, but the events that went on in the past decade are terrifying.

I remember when I dug out my old diary from the year 2000. I was never into this Y2K hype that went on that year, but in one journal entry I was talking about my step-grandmother dying, and several other people that I knew who passed that year or had children that year. Well, at the end of that entry, I said "I don't know what, but something big is coming!" Looks like I was right! There have been several World-shattering events. Look at 9-11. Look at the war in Iraq. Look at Hurricane Katrina. Look at the 2004 tsunami in SE Asia. I could go on and on and on, including the death of my own grandma, whom I was very close to!! And now, all this is happening. It is scary! I keep thinking what's going to be next! Sooner or later something major is bound to happen in this country as well. Maybe even in this state. Obama is one of the fastest-acting presidents we've ever had in this country, but I don't really like the way he's spending the country's money. He's blowing it left and right! That can't be good for this country's welfare. And so far he hasn't done much to get us over this recession. It's gotten worse! But no matter what he says, even he cannot do the impossible.

I noticed gas prices did go down for a while, but now they are back up. Thank GOD though they didn't go back up to over $3/gallon for long. I heard some people say that we are running out of oil, and having to bring it in from other countries, and then I hear others say we are NOT running out of oil at all. I'm not sure who to believe!! If we aren't running out of oil then why the hefty gas prices??? I sometimes wish I could trade my car in for an electric!! Or one that runs completely without gas that are coming out now. There is a device that you can get now that converts water to fuel, right inside your car's engine! I want that device!!! I don't know how well it works, but they do have a website where they're selling this little gadget in! I have the site bookmarked somewhere. But it can convert ANY car into a car that uses water for fuel. It's COOL!!!! And according to the site, it's easy to install.

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